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Do not overfill brake resevoir!!!

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Do not overfill brake resevoir!!!

So I finally went around to replacing my brake pads and rotors (PBR Ultimates). And when I got around to compressing the caliper on the FL wheel, Some brake fluid started dripping on the control arm. I was "oh ****, wtf did i pop?" I have read articles about how if you don't open the bleed screw, you may damage some ABS component but I've done this before and nothing ever went wrong. Then I realized the location was right at the reservoir and that my uncle, who likes to play it safe, always tops off fluids. Sure enough, when I opened the hood, the reservoir was overflowing. So I sucked the juice out with a syringe and wiped the dot3 off with alcohol and later rinsed the darn thing with water.

Moral of story - leave the fluids alone.
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Actually, there is nothing wrong with topping off fluid levels. A better moral to your story would be to make sure there is enough room in the brake fluid master cylinder reservoir before compressing any caliper piston.

This is a common mistake - usually made once (at least) by those of us who have done many brake jobs over the years. After a while, you just learn to check the fluid level first before pushing those caliper pistons back in.
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i has college
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Yup. My brake fluid level was about a centimeter below the MAX line before I changed my front pads, and at the point of compressing the 2nd piston (1st pad already installed = thicker pad = more fluid in reservoir), the fluid level was almost overflowing. Had to siphon some out afterwards.

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Yeah, unless you have an actual leak the brake fluid will never really get low, it will show lower on the resoivour because more fluid is required to push the piston out further as the pad wears down. Same goes when you upgrade to a bigger caliper such as the Z32. I think you will run out of fluid in the resoivour before the pistons are all the way out lol.

Ive seen that happening a lot though. People see the resoivour down think the fluid just got low, so they top it off, when they go to press the pistons back in while doing the brakes they start to notice a leak and pop there hood and find brake fluid spewing out everwhere lol.
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Originally Posted by 96i30azn View Post
Moral of story - leave the fluids alone.
Nooo just do it right, if you leave the fluids alone your car will implode !!!

its recommended to remove the cap from the resevoir when turning the pistons back or compressing them, but yeah, never top up the brake fluid. but you may top other all the other fluids if you notice they are low
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Originally Posted by andrei3333 View Post
its recommended to remove the cap from the resevoir when turning the pistons back or compressing them
thats the first thing I do and put a towel around the reservoir so if any does spill over it doesnt go anywhere
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haha laughed my *** off when i saw your sig thing or whatever it is chrusher lol....good ish
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brake fluid = Best paint remover in the world

(JK!, don't use brake fluid to remove paint, but if you get a drip somplace on a painted surface, it'll take it down to bare metal in 10 min.! )

Just before your pads wear out completely, the brake warning light will often come on due to low fluid. People tend to top off the reservoir, forget it, then replace the pads 5K later and squoosh brake fluid all over the place. As mentioined earlier, best to remove a little before compressing the piston back into the caliper...
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that or not give a **** when it over flows. once you pump the brake pedal after you're done its at the right level if you let it over flow alittle bit. brake fluid brakes down with water so its no big deal as long as you dont get it on a painted surface.
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whenever I do my brakes, first thing I do is take the cap off the brake fluid res, then change pads, once u are done pump your brake pedal until it becomes firm, put cap back on res, and u r done!
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next time you push the piston back in the caliper crack open the bleed screw. that's the RIGHT way to do it. your brake fluid will never overflow.

if you don't all you're doing is pushing all the crap and crud that settled in the caliper back into the system.
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