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5th Gen Forum Rules and Regulations (December 2007)

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5th Gen Forum Rules and Regulations (December 2007)

5th Gen Forum Rules and Regulations - Revision December 2007. These rules are in effect forum-wide.

* Before asking a question either by posting a new thread or an existing thread, please review any applicable stickied threads (threads that have been "stuck" at the top of the page) and use the search function.

* Please keep posts generally positive and polite. We do not censor opinions or ideas but we do take action against posts or topics that go beyond a civil disagreement or have the potential to cause unrest in the community. We do not tolerate personal attacks, flaming or moderator bashing.

* Do not post Not Work Safe (NWS) material. If you see an inappropriate thread or post, please use the "report post" button and a moderator will review it.

* Do not post profanity. We have word filters in place for the most vulgar terms. Circumventing the word filters will result in punitive action.

* Street-racing, kills, and reckless driving threads are NOT allowed. This is an automatic 1-month BAN for basic posts on the subject. Penalties may be more severe depending on the severity of illegal and/or dangerous actions posted about.

* Do not cop-bash or post threads complaining about tickets, etc.

* You may not advertise or promote companies or products unless you are a site sponsor. This includes advertising in signatures. You may post personal For Sale/Want-To-Buy threads in the appropriate classified section.

* Do not register multiple user accounts. If you are banned, serve it out. If you re-register under a new username both accounts and your IP will be permanently banned.

* Avatars and signatures, read these rules: http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?t=382640

* If you have an issue concerning our policies or staff, please contact a staff member by private message.

* Users may not argue a moderators decision publicly. Complaints directed at a moderator must first address the moderator via Private Message. If you are unable to resolve the problem with the moderator you may appeal to a forum administrator. Decisions by the forum administrator are final.

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SIG PIC GUIDELINES: READ before posting sig pics!

Since people seem to have FORGOTTEN the rules...

Having pictures in our signatures is a privilege and not a right. Because of this, certain guidelines must be followed to ensure that all org members can have an enjoyable browsing experience. Signatures in violation are subject to measures by the moderating staff, including removal of signature and/or punitive measures against the member - depeding on how egregious the violation is.

Here is the relevant information:

"By clicking the Agree button, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owners of Maxima.org Forums have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

Basically, this says no sexually-oriented content anywhere, including signatures. What is sexually-oriented content? Well, we have had numerous discussions on the org, and while many people have differing opinions, it is the OUR interpretation that counts. To make viewing easier (and safer) for children and people at work, it has been determined that any image that is even REMOTELY offensive is not allowed. This includes women in bathing suits laying on cars, models in skimpy or revealing clothes, images of breasts or butts, and basically all imagery related to anything other than Maximas (or other vehicles). As you may have noticed, this does NOT allow for off-topic signature pics such as sports teams or vendor websites. We will evaluate each of these on a case-by-case basis, but we have a tendency to ALLOW most signatures of this nature. In the end, what we say goes.

We DO understand that this standard is VERY subjective and that it may be hard to understand at first. The general thinking is that if you have to ASK if it is permitted, it PROBABLY is NOT. You can always PM or email any moderator to ask if your proposed sig is allowed. We will let you know if it is allowed or not. We may suggest changes. If you disagree with what we have to say, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Remember, there are teens, even kids, who are on this forum. There are also people at work. We need to keep their interests in mind, and that is our goal with this.

As a courtesy to others, please avoid extra wide signatures. They are annoying to others. When your sig is so wide that it makes other users scroll to read the whole thread it is annoying and time-consuming. A good guide is 650 pixels wide at the widest. Also, please avoid extremely long signatures as well. 325 pixels will be considered the limit of signature height. Extremely wide signatures will be edited; extremely long signatures will be responded to as we see fit. Also, NO LARGE FILE SIZES OR ANIMATED SIGS. These will simply be deleted. Remember: Dead space is a waste. If you have a pic that has a lot of dead space around the subject, CROP IT. If we see dead space, we will edit your sig, even if it is within the size limits above.

Additionally, there will be no "listing" of mods in a vertical fashion. What does that mean? No "bulleting" of mod lists that run down the page. You may list them horizontally, but please don't list every piddly modification that you have.

In ALL instances where I personally see a violation, I will try to post, email, or PM a message to the violator asking that the content or format be changed within 24 hours. If this does not happen, I will edit your signature myself. Org rules allow me to do so. If you continue to post "illegal" sig pics, you will be banned for a length of time that I deem to be appropriate!

With all of that said, if anyone sees a violation, please feel free to email or PM Kirk or me with a link to the violator and/or their post. We will not report who told us about the violation.

You can email us through the org or at patrickhenry @ gmail.com (Patrick) or bags142 @ yahoo.com (Kirk). Additionally, ANY moderator or administrator has the power to change a signature.

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Before writing your first question, go to the NOOB thread as the topic may have been covered there.

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