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UGH Tensioner Bolt snapped!

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UGH Tensioner Bolt snapped!

I was working on my car to change the belts, since it has 75k on the odo, first time I ever had my belt changed. I was turning idler pulley tensioner bolt, and the whole nut snapped off, I was like ugh, now I have to replace it. Had anyone had any issues with it, as far as replacing the whole new Idler pulley with the bracket?
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That same thing happened to me on my old 4th gen and I was pissed. You can get an iddler pulley kit straight from a Nissan dealer with the pulley and bolt assembly, that's your best bet.
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Happened to me also last year, off to Nissan I went and ditched out $75 for the complete assy.
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Was this with or without overnight PB Blaster or Kroil soaking?
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hope you were not turing it the wrong way? jkjkjk.still
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Happened to me on my old 5.5 gen. 4th gen tensioner pulleys use the same bolt. You can get one at a junkyard for next to nothing and about 10 minutes worth of work (tops).
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