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2014Maxima 03-01-2016 12:56 PM

Part numbers for front bumper air dam
Can anyone tell me the part numbers for the black plastic push pins that hold the plastic air dam to the front bumper? I looked on courtesy nissan's site, and I could not locate them. Also, I need the part number for the push pins that hold in the front wheel well liners. Could anyone help me with these?

fullauto 04-23-2016 04:57 PM

I find all of my part numbers on the diagrams on these websites:, & Once I find the parts # I then shop around for the best price. Its almost always ebay. Or you can just go on ebay and type in 2012 maxima push retainers. There is a whole selection of them. They usually tell you what they are for (wheel well,fender etc). It would be good to know the width and length. But shouldnt be essential. Hope you find them.

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