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New 2016 Maxima Platinum Issues w/ 40k miles

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Post New 2016 Maxima Platinum Issues w/ 40k miles

So i just got my 2016 Maxima Platinum last Monday. So far had a few issues that I fixed myself.

1. Moon roof visor was off motor and the dealer ship was going to charge me to fix it. I figured it out myself that it just came off the tracks so I had to pull the visor manually forward and re-attached to the track clips. (Easy) Saved maybe $300 in service charges.

2. They sold me the car with in-operable key FOB's. When I got the car home the next day I noticed that both key's didn't' pop the trunk open and no the truck pop function wasn't disabled via the glove box. I checked. Brought it in the next day and they threw out one key and re-programmed one key. They gave me two new working keys. Wonderful.

3. When they showed me the car I didn't notice this but when I got home and showed the car to my wife she almost gagged. To her the car reaked of smoke. I didn't smell. I'm a non-smoker but to me I thought that was just the smell of the leather. Since a few days have gone by I think the smell has gotten worse and I'm trying everything now to get rid of the smell. I took out the floor mats and I sprinkled the carpet de-deodorizer onto them. I'm leaving them over night and will vacuum in the morning. I also ordered a Ozone (O3) generator as I watched video's saying you leave it running in your car for 2 hours with circulate on and it should really help. I'll try it out once it arrives. I'll post my results after I give this a shot. Anyone else have smoke related issues. If so what did you do to fix or try to resolve?

4. While cleaning the car I pulled the in-cabin micro filter and noticed it was still the original one. What cheap f* the dealer ship was. It was basically black with all tree seeds in it. I then checked the air filter in the engine and amazingly that was 'new'. So I bought a new in cabin one and before I install it I have to try to vacuum out the old crap that was in the slot where this filter goes. I made the mistake of turning on the car and the fan was on and I heard all the crap that was dropped as I pulled the old one out going thru the vents, it actually hit me in the face. I quickly turned off the fan and just left it off as I'll clean it up in the morning.

5. The Navigation System. I have no ideal how or where these menu items are. I downloaded the Map Update Tool onto my computer. installed it and when it run it says to insert the USB stick that was prepared from the car's navigation system. As per this page it says to plug in a 16/32GB stick into the cars USB ports (There are only 2 of them as far as I can tell) and then from this page: https://apps.nissan.navshop.com/en_u...#mapupdatetool says to do the following from w/in the NAVI menu:


Note: This procedure must be done before you can use the Map Update Tool application.
  1. Insert the USB stick in your vehicle's Navigation System.
  2. Select Info on the bottom menu bar of the Navigation System.
  3. Select System Information from the Info menu.
  4. Select Map Update from the System Information menu.
  5. Select Update by USB device from the Map Update menu.
  6. Select Save Map Information to USB from the Update by USB device menu.
  7. When prompted, select Start
    Note: When all the map information has been saved to the USB stick, you will see the message Map Information is saved to USB. You can now remove the USB stick.
  8. Select OK and remove the USB stick.

There is no menu options in the NAVI screen that say anything like this. For step 1 they mean to plug any USB stick into one of the 2 USB ports right next to the shifter? I did that and there is no Info > System Info > Map Update > Update by USB. I even tried popping out the SD Card and then attaching to my computer and loading up the Map Update Tool but it still didn't like that or recognize its from the car. Anyone have any luck with saving the map info to a USB stick?

I mean I don't need to do this as I just use Google Maps when driving anyway but was just curious if this was the right way to do this?

Anyway TIA...
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Well, I would absolutely take it back where you got it and demand they solve these issues. I don't care where you got it, a dealer shouldn't let you take delivery of a car in that condition. There has to be a 60 day lemon warranty on it
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I agree but the lemon law only applies to something that isn't repairable in 6 tries in < 30 days. This car isn't a lemon. I actually addressed all the issues today mostly.
So the overnight carpet cleaner/deodorizer I think worked really well. I went over it with a vacuum that has the spinning head to loosen up all the dirt in the carpets and it did smell better but I'll see later in the week if the smell comes back.

In Cabin Micro Filter:
> I re vacuumed the whole car over again and also used vinyl and leather cleaner. Also installed the new in-cabin micro-filter. That was a PITA.

Rear Window side Trim:
I also hot glued the rear bottom trim that everyone says gets loose and breaks b/c the cheap red clips break very easily. I pulled the piece up and used clear hot glue in two of the clip spots. Just poured a bunch of it and then held it down for 30s. Then used electrical tape to hold it down and hit it with a hose to really cure the hot glue. So far seems very solid now.

Rear side trim

Driver's seat bottom cover thing. (I have no idea how to describe this cover flap thing)
So one other thing I noticed was behind the driver seat there was this flap of something just laying there. I guess the service center ignored or just said screw it, and left it for the new owner (me). This POS flap took me like 1hr trying to figure out how the *** it snaps back onto what ever magical thing its supposed to strap onto. This is what it looks like:

bottom drivers seat cover

Well after about 45m to an hour in 95 degree heat I think I got it. There is a fair large wire cable that seemed to fit perfectly in the curved plastic part of this flap thing. It wasn't a perfect fit but its holding. You have to sorta clip it on from under then from the back of the clip curve it over the top of the wire bundle. Really messed up.
Also another tip for you Maxima owners. My seats have the air blower option. I noticed while I was trying to figure out the stupid clip thing above I saw this:

bottom of drivers seat air flow filter
Its a round filter for the air fan. Make sure this is clean as mine wasn't. I rubbed off a good layer of dust from both the drivers and passengers seat. This should help the air flow for your seats if you have this option. Also the cover thing above has a big hole in it which goes around this air filter vent. Make sure if yours comes off that the whole is open so air can flow.

Hopefully this helps others out there and makes dealing with this car less of a hassle.
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I heard that changing the cabin filter is really difficult for the Maxima...I have changed it in other cars and it has been a breeze. my seats have the cooling and heating air feature never thought they also had a filter..... In reference to the Rear Side trim if they get loose again once my warranty is over I will follow your tip..So far I'm very happy with the car, I bought new in January 2018 it was a 2017 model so I got a great deal. So far the only issues have been the rear window trim and the front radar obstruction message which they fixed under warranty by the way I saw the warranty charges for the last one and it was $1,300...to replace the sensor...If that happens after the warranty is over it is going to stay that way...
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Don't forget, regular baking soda worked into the carpet and later swept up is about the the best thing you can do to moderate any oders. Once that is done get 4 boxes of baking soda and place them opened at the top of each small box in the footwells while the car is not being used. Do this for at leat a week. Better if you can put the boxes under the front seats and forget about them for awhile. Replace the baking soda boxes and continue the process for another cylce to get the best results.
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