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Rpm gauge question, plz help

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Rpm gauge question, plz help

2010 maxima v6. So on the way home tonight I noticed my rpm Guage never surpassed 2 or 2k rpms(x1000,correct?). The car seemed to be running fine other than a blown strut that will be fixed over the weekend. It didn't matter if I was quickly accelerated or anything. Didn't pass 2. THEre was no indication of rpms risings until there was a gear shift and then dropping. It seemed almost steady. At a complete stop I was nervous it might die bc the rpms were so low. I'm going to include pictures so youAccelerating
At complete stop
can see for yourself. Any ideas would be appreciated and if I can provide more info plz ask. Thank you!
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Not exactly getting what you are saying. Are your in a limp mode with the engine not revving above 2k RPMs? Or is your engine revving and shifting fine, but the tacho hand not moving?
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