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nlgntr 07-01-2018 09:56 AM

Pics Added 7/5...1996 Maxima in north Florida for less than cost of brand new parts
My Maxima is titled in Florida now but grew up in central Alabama, is a base model, 6 cylinder 3 liter, auto tranny and has 178,000 miles. I'm selling for below the cost of the new parts recently installed. The car is beige with gray cloth interior. The interior is good without tears. The dash is good without any cracks and the car has been well cared for. The exterior has the normal minor damage you would expect on a car of its age. It's free of rust, but has a minor ping on drivers side front fender, a scratch on the roof and a scrape on the passenger side through the topcoat only, Primer is in-place. It looked pretty good where I compounded it recently, but will look it's best with a paint job. Glass is all good. New parts with less than 200 miles since installed include: Enkie Performance M52 wheels Hyper Black (not really black)17x 7.5 with Michelin Premier A/S 235 / R15 new tires, Tein High Tech springs front and rear, Koni Orange front struts and KYB rear struts, all new strut boots, spring seats, bearings and misc parts as needed fro install struts, Weapon R intake, CV axles both sides, brake rotors and pads all the way around, tie rod ends both sides, Had the tranny serviced and synthetic oil for motor. I have an O2 sensor and a knock sensor both uninstalled to go with the car and the original wheels and tires if wanted. There is some oil on the valve cover, but doesn't appear to be leaking now. It may have been repaired before I got the car, it's an unknown.
The parts cost over $3100 total and I will sell the car for $2800 which is more than a 10% discount for the parts with nothing for the rest of the car or labor for installing parts. Many of you would buy and install the parts anyway so it can be quite a savings and you get the car with a really good start on a rebuild or custom job. The only issue with the car is Memory Steer. When I had the front struts installed it developed a steering problem. Google Memory steer to understand it. It will need stock or equal front upper strut mounts to cure the problem. I'm confident about the fix because it never had the problem before the change and I've read where some aftermarket mounts have caused the same problem.
Payment by certified check, money order or cash only. Pictures coming. Email me at [email protected]. I will not ship the car myself, but will cooperate with any shipper and ensure it's loaded and on the way once I receive payment. $2800

max ride 41 07-27-2018 12:44 AM

did you align the wheels after the strut&springs install? that will cause an issue because your unbolting the whole front end and rear for the new suspension. i aligned my wheels after my suspension upgrade and i used stock suspension mounts as i was told the aftermarket didn't hold up as well. no issues 9 years later.

nlgntr 07-27-2018 10:05 AM

I did get it aligned. I'm pretty certain it needs the stock strut mounts installed to solve the problem. There's nothing else that makes any sense and it was perfect before changing the suspension parts including aftermarket strut mounts. Everything I read points to the mounts. I've only driven it less than 50 miles after the change, just driving my other vehicles right now. besides that it's in very good condition.

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