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Today 09:01 AM

Okay I appreciate everyoneís input thus far, itís been very helpful! I have replaced the sensor by the pulleys, by removing the front passenger tire. And the sensor on the fly wheel. Very easy on my...
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Today 07:29 AM

Yep.. There was an initial post where I couldn't get the images to display and didn't finish it. So I just deleted it and included the TW link.
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Today 05:45 AM

Whatís up everyone. Need help here. Check out the rattle in this video. Itís low rpm around 30 mph but I can also hear at speeds. Dealership checked it out and said itís normal but it wasnít this...
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Today 05:32 AM

If you haven't gotten one yet, buy a 6th gen bracket. They are beefier than a 5th gen.
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Today 04:56 AM

I have a engine for 500 bucks that would slide right under the hood
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By: Miaboy
Today 04:01 AM

Where is that vent located? And I was trying to google where the blend door is on my 2010 Maxima.
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Today 03:46 AM

What’s that pink stuff? ... it looks yummy.
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Today 03:22 AM

Is it different with the non-bose?
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Today 03:17 AM

https://cimg8.ibsrv.net/gimg/maxima.org-vbulletin/1080x1920/8d15b370_0e40_4d26_a 82e_b0b18984a224_0bf 2401e949a76b173eed1b 7d8c755eacd0f1e10.jp eg Getting done.
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Today 12:42 AM

gotcha! Well update! So far so good after the tranny fluid change, the car has been driving alot better and has not had the same incident as before. I did have to replace the radiator last weekend,...
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Yesterday 11:01 PM

Damn,that grand Cherokee is nice. Last year I leased a Jeep Compass for my wife. She loves iit. Once the lease is up,definitely gonna get a grand Cherokee or Durango where in ny are you?
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Yesterday 09:18 PM

50 weight! Seriously? I put in some 0w40 Mobil1, and it seems to have helped a little. Still rattles randomly on light throttle but no where near as bad as 5w30. I've never used anything higher than...
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Yesterday 09:14 PM

A lot of things have been updated on this car. I donít want to let it go but itís time for a new car. It has 181,000. Iím asking 2,500 for it. Willing to negotiate. If you have any questions about...
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By: User1
Yesterday 08:47 PM

Sooooo, that brings the question, for which I have been unable to find an answer in the FSM or anywhere else, what DOES the '02/'03 system use to cut the compressor? Or does it just run continuously...
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By: User1
Yesterday 08:06 PM

Nah man, I'm under my hood staring at things almost daily myself. It's man stuff. It's just what we do :)
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Yesterday 08:02 PM

The pulling to the right when accelerating may be a bad lower control arm bushing. When the power steering hose leaks (and it does on 99.9% of all Nissan cars) it drips on the lca bushing and rots it...
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Yesterday 07:49 PM

No. It is grounded by the mounting brackets for the head unit.
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Yesterday 07:32 PM

Look on the edge of the left radiator (the battery side). About half way down, you will see a round canister with wire harness plug on it
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Yesterday 07:19 PM

Hope you enjoy the car.
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Yesterday 06:27 PM

3 weeks in the car, hope he didn't pay for it
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