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jlee247 11-21-2017 10:03 PM

XXR 530 for 4th gen?
hello, will XXR 530 18x8.75 offset 33 with 245-40-18 fit 4th gen maxima with Eibach Pro? i think the rear would fit with no rolling but the front may stick out too much and need major rolling. im debating whether to get 17x8.25 offset 35 for front and offset 25 for rear with 245-45-17. should fit flush to fender without rolling. or to get the 18's for the thankgiving sale. any suggestions? thanks.

ChrisMan287 11-22-2017 07:54 AM

You should be fine with a smaller tire size (depends on the brand).

I'm running Advan RS' 18x9 +29 with 225/40 Federal 595s (which fit more like a 235/40). I have the rear spaced 10mm with extended studs. The car is sitting on Tokico Blues with Tein S-Tech springs. Slight poke.

I had the rears rolled because I plan to go lower once I install my BC coilovers (might do bag over coil). I did not rub before the roll.

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