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&$^*# coolant leak

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&$^*# coolant leak

A few weeks ago, the Max overheated on my wife. I tested the thermostat, and it wouldn't open, so I replaced it and also the lower hose for good measure. All was good until today, when she saw fluid leaking. Turns out it was coolant. I found the leak--a pinhole leak in the hose that runs from a connector on the bottom of the throttle body to a connection towards the front. I could see it jetting out. It made a nice green lake in Knock Sensor Valley.

The hose is only about 5" long, and I circled part of it in red here: http://tinyurl.com/kpxz6el
So I replaced that hose and took it for a test drive, but it's still leaking. I can't really tell where the leak is coming from. It's dripping on the tranny housing, about where the red circle is in this picture: http://tinyurl.com/ltyvxly It seems to coming down just about where the red X is in the first picture.

I'm going to have to pull the air box and air intake to see under there, but I won't be able to run the engine while I'm looking. It looks like there is a formed cast iron (or aluminum, or whatever) piece that runs back from where the upper radiator hose connects, but there are too many hoses in the way to really see. Is there a usual suspect for leaking in that area?

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I don't think there is a usual suspect in the area. Take out everything to the throttle body and then start the car. Look around and see where the leak comes from. Fix the leak and put the intake back on. Then delete the MAF and air intake temperature sensor codes. Done
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You may just have residual coolant leaking from where the leaky hose sprayed. I would drive it as normal but make sure you keep an eye on the coolant level.
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There are 2 hoses that connect to the backside of the Upper Intake Manifold that are known to leak. You can feel those hoses if you run your hand along the backside of it. If you have a mirror you can take a look at those 2 hoses with the car running. You may have to remove the UIM to replace those as it is a very tight place. One of them closest to the drivers side you can probably do without removing the UIM if you remov. Those hoses if leaking would be dripping on the tranny like you mentioned.
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Turns out it was a crummy hose clamp. When I did it the first time, I didn't have any screw clamps that were small enough, so I put on one of the pinch type. I didn't run it to look for the leak tonight, but when I got the intake stuff off I could tell there wasn't anything under there to leak, so I assumed it was leaking from the original spot. I put a good hose clamp on and it appears to be fine now.
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