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Slight slipping in transmission

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Slight slipping in transmission

My '99 Maxima GLE 3.0 V6 with 180k has been a great car but lately I've noticed when taking off from a stop the tranny seems to slip a little bit, then grabs. Nothing really bad but definitely noticeable. Fluid doesn't look too dark or smell burnt but it's never been changed. Would a fluid/filter change (no flush) @ 180k be a good move or would it be detrimental. Thoughts and opinions, please.
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I know it might not help much but this was my experience -

On my previous car(not Nissan), a shop recommended I change my transmission fluid after they noticed slipping on a test drive following unrelated work. Mind you, this was a sealed transmission with no dipstick or any way to assess the fluid condition/level.

That's the only advice I can offer, unfortunately. I generally trust that shop and their opinions but never noticed slipping myself so maybe they were out for a quick buck. I declined the fluid change but the transmission went on to suffer sudden catastrophic failure a couple of months later. I am not convinced that fresh fluid would have prevented that failure.

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I feel for you.

Take a look at the following article about changing fluid, they make some very good points to consider.

Several years ago I purchased a used I30 with well over 200,000 miles. The transmission fluid was almost black like old motor oil. It was some of the worst that I've ever seen. I don't recall any slipping but the transmission was shifting in a crazy manner.

I was able to carefully change transmission fluid by just draining and refilling the pan over 200+ mile intervals to keep from shocking the transmission with too much new fluid. I definitely would not have a transmission flush on an old transmission.

That worked and the transmission clutches didn't disintegrate.

Unfortunately, I had another case on a Nissan RWD where the transmission fluid had not been changed in approximately 115,000 miles. After changing the fluid and filter in that car, a few weeks the transmission came apart.

ChrisFix provides an interesting video on changing transmission fluid where he takes apart a Maxima transmission.

Note his comment in the video where he states "it is what it is" so if the transmission has damage and does not properly function, you cannot reverse it without an overhaul. Note there could be other components like electronic solenoids and resistors that cause a transmission to shift irregularly.

I've been lucky using this fluid in Maxima transmissions with over 200,000 miles. The filter is a wire mesh screen. I have not seen many Maxima owners change the screen. Personally I have not changed the filter on any 4th gen to date.

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nissan matic d for my max only.
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Add a transmission cooler.
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