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How many miles does your max have now

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04 with 218k still running strong
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Bought my '04 with 32000 miles on it the summer of 06. Now have 256000 miles on it. Most significant issue was ABS problem caused by rear passenger wheel. Was able to minimize it with ABS control module bought off wrecked car. Rust starting to show up around rear wheels and automatic transmission getting clunky. Timing Chain and guide is a big concern for me now. Had to repair rusty floor pan passenger side with AngelHair at about 150k.

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04 v6 maxima had it for 3 years, it has163,000 miles i got it at 120,000 miles from my dad who bought it like new. I put new starter on it yesterday, left me stranded, not the first time and I guess wont be the last. It has been properly serviced all its life. My tires go flat all the time. So I bought all new tires. They still lose air, I have to keep air pump works off lighter in my car to keep tires aired up. Terrible noises come from engine bay from time to time. I just did timing chain kit because failed on me. Motor Mounts, AC compressor, valve cover gaskets, new shocks & struts because others decided to quit working, I have had to replace senors, fuses, batterieS, filters, braking system completely, down to ABS failure. Grounding issue that was causing car to stall in turns was fixed. Now when I am driving, it goes out of gear on its on then slams its self back into drive... at times I pull out at redlight, my maxima revs up while in drive... wont move forward must wait for it to decide to go into gear, slipping terrible. I baby it in hopes it will last until tax time. Its by far been worse money pit I have owned. I have nearly replaced entire car. Next I am ordering headlights because mine are so far gone driving at night sucks... headlights are wornout so are seals on majority of the car. Some rust issues I have to address tax time as well. I cant afford another car, I bought my wife new SUV, maxima is my work car but half time I am riding hers to work because maxima needs a day off for repairs. I dont hate the car but dang no joke... came here to read stuff on tranny issues probably only post I make, seemed fitting for thread.
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I am sorry to say DMAC88 but that seems the norm for the 04 Maxima. It is the worse year for Nissan Maximas that I have ever seen. Check out I have an 04 Maxima and an 08 BMW Z4 (Fun but repairs are a b***h!!). I may go Subaru next time.
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