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Power Door Lock and Power Windows intermittent problem

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Power Door Lock and Power Windows intermittent problem

I have an 04 Maxima SE and just today when I went to unlock my car using the fob, it wouldn't open. Luckily the alarm would disable and enable if using the fob just not the power door lock. When I started up the car I noticed the power windows didn't work either. I tried all doors and both windows and door locks didn't work.
Checked the fuse and the only fuse I found was under the hood near the battery and it was a fusible link with 2 more fuses attached. No split in the fuse so should be good.
Got back in the car and checked the switch again. It worked. So I kept hitting the power door lock to lock and unlock and after a few times I heard it slowly dragging and barely being able to turn the lock. After that it stopped again. I also kept hearing a clicking noise coming from the bottom of steering wheel. So I looked here in the forums and read that it could be the BCM.
Before I end up going that route I have a few questions if anyone else had this problem.
1. If I purchase a BCM does it have to be programmed? I can easily re program my remotes using the Nissan instructions but does anything else need programming that only Nissan can do?
2. Could there be any other fuses or relays or switches that can cause all the power switch and windows to deactivate?
3. Is there a way to check the BCM?

I also have the Nissan service manual for this year and it doesn't really tell me much on it. It does tell me to check a few fuses but if it was a fuse it wouldn't be intermittent.
If anyone wants the service manual feel free to ask and ill gladly send it.


Could the master switch on the door panel cause all the other switches to not work?

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Well I went ahead and ordered the master switch.
Will update if it works so if anyone else has this problem it could help.
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