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Something nice to say...

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Something nice to say...

For the Atlanta (more specifically Gwinnett area) owners,

This past month I've been through a repair process from a collision on 3/26.

United Collision Atlanta and State Farm both took care of the repair and payment of the repair with no stress or inconvenience to me. I was always kept informed and provided with prompt compensation and a job well done.

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State Farm has been my insurance co. of choice since I got my first car. Always professional and you can't beat their prices, especially if you also have Homeowner's and multi-car discounts. Each time I cross-check pricing SF is waay lower.
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I've been with State Farm since 1958. I had Safeco before 1958. There were times in the past that I had as many as four vehicles insured with them at one time. They don't always have the lowest prices, but they have always treated me very well. I also have them for my Homeowner's Insurance and for an Umbrella Policy (that was critical when we had horses in our west meadow). When a hailstorm damaged our roof in 2010, they sent a nice fellow out to check the roof, then paid the $18,000 cost to replace it on our home, outbuilding and large dog house with no questions asked.

I get discounts for no accidents, no tickets, high credit rating, low mileage, multiple policies and multiple vehicles insured. I can get another discount if I agree to let State Farm install a recorder/transmitter in my car to monitor my driving. I may not bite on that one. I plan to keep State Farm until I pass from this Earth.
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The trick now is to negotiate Diminished Value.

SF will go with 17C calculation. We'll see...
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Well that's good to hear! I feel like the only things I ever hear about SF are horror stories... Not just SF alone, but a lot of those insurance companies who frequently advertise on TV.
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