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96mm VQ35DE build...

Old 11-06-2016, 07:21 AM
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96mm VQ35DE build...

Hey guys, long time VQ builder/raced but new to the forums here. Started back in 05 with a 95 SE and have since went on to own half a dozen various VQ builds both turbo and NA. My current project is a fairly built 3.5 in a B15 Sentra Spec V chassis. Initially I put the engine in 100% stock and made 256/248 HP/TQ and was able to go 13.85 on 17" Conti ProContacts. The mods started shortly thereafter with a custom 3.5" x 25" intake, Megan Racing mid-length Altima headers, a custom fabricated catless Y pipe and single 3" Mandrel exhaust back to a Vibrant street muffler. After these changes and still on stock 03 Maxima ECU map it made 271/258 and was running rich. (High 11's-low12's AFR @ WOT). At this point I finally got around to tuning the car (UpRev) and with no hard part changes picked up a solid 14HP and 9TQ at the wheels as well as a noticeable mpg increase during cruising. I then took it upon myself to do some DIY porting and smoothing of my stock intake manifold while adding a spacer kit. Basically I just removed any casting marks and smoothed the runners while removing just a little bit of material at the port entries so as to create a sort of bell-mouth design. It was at this time that I got a great deal on some internal parts and decided to tear into the block. In went a set of JWT S2 cams, JWT valve springs/retainers, new OEM full timing set, 96mm 11:1 pistons, all new OEM seals, gaskets and bearings throughout the block and a set of custom head gaskets for the new bore size at around .2mm thinner than stock thickness. After all machine work and re-assembly the engine was lowered back in the bay, with a new Fidanza FW and Comp stage 2 clutch kit. The engine was then broken in on our dyno and spun the rollers to the tune of 334/291 HP/TQ but we could only safely spin to 6700 RPM before starting to run out of fuel. I now have a set of 550s on the way along with an AEM 340 pump, all new SS fuel lines and an Aeromotive regulator on the way to my shop. I should have the fuel system sorted out by the middle of this week and get her back on the dyno for some final numbers. Based on what it's already doing, I expect a solid 350 HP and 305-310 TQ at the wheels with power made clean to ~7600 RPM. (All numbers are from our DynoJet 248H with SAE CF and our DA at the shop is right at 300ft)
When I get the final tune done I will post graphs and pics, but I wanted to start a quick dyno thread showing some of my gains from various parts. So far the curve is AMAZING and on the street there is ample power everywhere above 2500; with the engine really coming alive from 3800 on up. It's not quite the power my boosted Z makes, but for a fairly simple NA build it does very well, especially in a 2700# chassis. Hoping for 11.50s or better on a drag radial next spring. Any/all comments or questions are welcome; that's why I decided to join the forum after all.

Cliff Notes- 96mm 11.4:1 VQ35DE/JWT S2 cams/bolt ons/Osiris tuned-334whp at 6750 RPM leaning out above that. Shooting for 350+ at around 7500 with more fuel next week.
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Sounds awesome, any updates?
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Old 12-23-2016, 04:42 PM
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Not too much has happened lately. I ditched the stock 315cc injectors in favor of some ID850s, added an AEM fuel pump and re-routed lines for the fuel system. Got the car making Power all the way to ~7700 right now. Experimenting with some port, runner and bowl work on an extra set of DE heads I have laying around so I'm going to give those a try when they're done. Right now she's making 336/321 on E85. Pulls AMAZING with this cold air we've had here lately. Took it out for some quick street pulls and got to say this thing is almost as quick as my boosted Z. At the track it actually will be faster from a dig than my Z this year, I'm pretty sure of it. I'm also doing some more chassis work too trying to get the weight as low as possible while still maintaining good launch characteristics. Right now it's around 2490lbs but I would really love to see it down around 2350-2400 so I'm looking at a few ways of dropping more weight. As it stands now weight loss is going to be the biggest factor in making the car faster for a while. I may be able to dial in the tune some more and will try those new ported heads down the road to squeeze a little more power out, but parts wise the engine/drivetrain is going to stay as it sits for a while, so what she's making now is what she's gonna be making for a while . Was thinking about throwing some nitrous at her but I really want to see how far I can push it NA. I learned from my old Honda builds how much of a factor weight can be, so getting the car down another 100-150lbs is the best way I can think of to increase acceleration, handling, and braking performance all at once.
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Some of the things just stuck out, maybe you have address them already just didnt post it however:

Why did you not go with a more aggressive set of JWT C2 cams with the level build you have it would have been more beneficial, more lift however the duration is to the point where you would not make power in the low end.

What headgasket did you use? HR headgaskets would really help with heat transfer. Since your car is actually being taken to the track and repeatedly driven hard it would benefit from it.

Oil pump is it still the stock unit? Or did you throw a Rev-up pump in the motor, they stand up to abuse better than the stock ones especially at High RPM?

Valve springs? If your still on stockers well i wouldn't be revving past 7500rpm lol

Other than that sounds strong, with the little wieght you are lugging around it will be quite the surprise running around. A guy locally had a bolt swapped 3.5 in his SpecV and the cars he ended up beating in it was just hilarious.
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Old 01-18-2017, 07:48 AM
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Nice build. In for more results.
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