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Caliper guide pin stuck

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Caliper guide pin stuck

I was trying to replace my front brake pads on my 95 max last night and got stuck:

I was able to replace the old pads, but I can't see to remove the lower caliper guide pin. This is the one that your supposed to put high temperture grease on. The guide pin does not move....its stuck. Any tips on how to remove it, so I can put the high temp. grease on and swing the caliper assembly back on?
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Remove the caliper completely. You`ll have to settle for bleeding the brakes. Grab the caliper pin in a bench vise. Twist the whole caliper around the grabbed pin. The pin has got to give in. If you dont have a vise, visit your friendly neighborhood mechanic.
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I had the same problem on my rear brakes. After replacing the rotors and barely getting the pads in i realized that it was so seized up that the rotors werent turning with the pads in.
Instead of removing the caliper completely, get a torch and a wrench. Remove the rubber boot with a wire and a flat screwdriver. Heat the caliper where the pin enters and turn the pin back and forth until it starts to move freely. When it can rotate, clamp a vise-grip on the pin and while turning the pin hit the vise-grip with a hammer until the pin comes out.
Drop the pin in some water, clean off with a wire brush and lubricate it and put the boot on and youre good to go.

you dont need to remove the caliper which saves you the job of bleeding the brakes.
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Thanks guys. Both very good ideas. It looks like I'm going to pick up a caliper mounting bracket from the local junk yard and use that instead. I'm not sure which way will bring me less heartache...
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