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New Here & Considering Infiniti I35

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New Here & Considering Infiniti I35

Hello, I stumbled across this forum doing research on the 2004 I35. I have a chance to buy a very nice low mileage unit and was wondering if it is worth it to buy one? What I mean in that is are these good cars or should I just avoid them. From what I have searched and the same gen Maxima is that the reliability can be iffy.

However, some of the source rate cars like the 2004 Honda Accord or Acura TL higher than these cars considering the biggest "supposed" complaint with them is automatic transmission issues.

That being said let me see if I can get some clarification, the biggest issues with these cars is the coil packs, MAF, valve cover gaskets, and catalytic converter issues? Also, is the transmission a problem? Anything else I need to be looking for? The unit I'm looking at has only around 40k miles and one owner. The car is from the south so no rust.

If everything checks out would you spend 5k-6k for one a clean one owner 2004 I35? Just looking for feedback before I just that type of coin for a car. I've been looking at other cars but, my now deceased Aunt has a 99 Altima with 260k miles on it that still runs and is tired.
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Wow 50 views on this thread and no one has said a word. No wonder this forum isn't worth a **** anymore.

I think the i35 is a great car and I've owned 165K '03 for over a year now. I've needed to replace the cam shaft position sensors and the battery. The stereo's can be flaky and after some time will will become inoperable. The transmission is starting to become clunky when I shift from park to drive. when this one dies I'll probably look for another with lower miles.
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Dudes, the I forum is a little slow, probably should have tried the main 5th gen forum for more responses. In addition, I've found that the members of this forum usually chime in when help is needed, but are less inclined to provide purchase advice as it's ultimately the buyers decision.

+1, on the fact that the I35 is a great car. An '04 with that few miles is probably worth between $5K -$6K as per KBB, but probably not worth that on the street depending on where you live. If it were me, I'd pay around $5K for something that sweet with low miles, but only because I'm an enthusiast and love these cars.

I have an '02 GLE with 107K on the clock, and it runs well. I've done a fair amount of work (tires, brakes, all suspension, cvs, entire exhaust, radiator, plugs, coils, gaskets, water pipes, and entertainment system), but only due to age and preference, not failure. I've actually only had two parts fail on me, and that was the Radiator and muffler. The transmissions in these cars are bullet proof if you take care of them and change the fluid religiously. I change mine every 12 months, but that's just me; the manual recommends 24 months I think.

Ultimately, if you decide to buy, I think you'll be pleased. You should however be prepared for the fact that you are still dealing with a 13 year old car that may need work due to age. Just remember, that if things do go wrong, the forum is here to help. We do it for the love of the game!
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I'm new here and recently acquired an 01 I30t with 68k miles on it. These cars are pretty solid except what was mentioned above. Not many choices out there for a 5k car. You found a score with the low mileage. This is my back up car and will eventually be used for my daughter to learn how to drive and then it's hers. Write the check and buy it. Throw a couple of bucks into it and enjoy the ride!
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Hello and thank you all for the replies. I missed out on this one but, still looking and now considering a Maxima as well. Sorry for my late reply but, been busy with life and got sidetracked.
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