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1978 datsun 810 wagon

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1978 datsun 810 wagon

Hi! i thought i might share my project . In late november last year i got a tip about the car from an elderly couple who had the car since new, it had been sitting in the garage since 2003 or 2004 with a blown head gasket and they didnt have the time or effort to fix the car, but they felt it was wrong to just junk it. So i said i would gladly take the car since its probaly the only one in norway since this is the us model , the couple bought it new in the states and brought it over here.

Once i got it home and in the garage i pulled the head off and quickly found that the cylinder wall in cylinder no.3 was very badly corroded . So i had to either bore the block or find a replacement . In january i found a replcement engine from a C31 laurel this was a carburetted engine , but i was just going to use the block so it didnt matter.

I have just one pic from before i picked up , this was the state of the engine when i first saw it. Partly dissasembeled with all the parts in the trunk.

Luckily for me they had bought a lot of new parts over the years . A lot of new sensors and bearings and such all OEM parts .

some pictures of the car when i got it in november

Name:  IMG_20151208_151805.jpg
Views: 641
Size:  260.0 KB

after i pulled the head off and cleaned the cylinders, enigne bay still a mess ..
Name:  IMG_20151208_151742.jpg
Views: 110
Size:  317.2 KB

When i got the used engine i bought i started pulling it apart , it had been sitting for many years, but inside a barn luckily.

Name:  IMG_20160117_151335.jpg
Views: 123
Size:  341.7 KB

The engine was stripped down to the block and then the block and oil pan were painted.

Name:  IMG_20160202_195724.jpg
Views: 114
Size:  314.1 KB

i sanded down and polished the valve cover and the cylinder head has been refurbished.

Name:  IMG_20160218_151559.jpg
Views: 128
Size:  315.7 KB

The valve cover is just loose on top to protect the camshaft and such , as the chain was not installed at this point.

Name:  IMG_20160218_151625.jpg
Views: 89
Size:  298.8 KB

This is the car right before a quick hose down.

Name:  IMG_20160301_113851.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  265.9 KB

In the workshop , hood removed for easy access during swap. Still needs a good polish and detail .

Name:  IMG_20160301_133830.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  342.7 KB

Changed the shifter boot as it just arrived in the mail.

Name:  IMG_20160301_134100.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  302.3 KB
Name:  IMG_20160301_142959.jpg
Views: 92
Size:  339.6 KB

Engine close to ready for the swap. New plugs , wires etc still needs the alternator and oilfilter elbow from the engine in the car.
Name:  IMG_20160301_133926.jpg
Views: 103
Size:  310.5 KB

As you can see the car needs a good clean up and detail , outside and inside. Other than that its a complete car and it does not have too much rust.

forgot to take pictures of the swap , but here are some pictures from after the engine was in and the first start up . Its alive and that L6 purrs like a kitten , well alomst , some fine tuning and adjustments to the timing has to be done ,but all in all its good. Temp gauge is not working , but it probably a loose connection somewhere.

Next up is a good interior clean and polish.

Name:  IMG_20160309_184723.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  323.7 KB
Name:  IMG_20160309_184440.jpg
Views: 92
Size:  317.0 KB
I will keep updatig the thread as i progress . Thanks for looking

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WOW that is a sweet ride!! Gotta love old station wagons!
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Originally Posted by DFry97 View Post
WOW that is a sweet ride!! Gotta love old station wagons!
Thanks , its sweet to work on too

Have done more since the last update :

Polished it

Name:  2016-03-14_18.00.33.jpg
Views: 103
Size:  389.8 KB

Name:  IMG_20160314_123623.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  220.9 KB

My initial plan was to document the process step by step , but it got to carried away and disnt take enough pictures. So the pictures are a little bit random.

So first after having thorugly cleaned the outside and started testing on the hood to see how hard the paint was and thus how coarse the rubbing compund needed to be and if it would leave a nice hologram free finsih with super fine.

The paint was good to work with and pretty hard so didnt have any troble with holograms. And i love the color, it really pops out , the pictures dont to it justice!

hood polished( what looks like swirls is actually the roof reflected in the paint) , fender untouched :
Name:  IMG_20160314_123605.jpg
Views: 91
Size:  215.7 KB

Continued with the left fender,as you can see it shows its age and the paint on the rest of the car was in mostly the same condition. There were quite few deep scraches that didnt go away , but i reduced them to a point were you have to look for them to find them . I was a little worried about the thickness of the paint so thats why i didnt push on harder,
Name:  IMG_20160314_123631_1.jpg
Views: 98
Size:  256.7 KB
Name:  IMG_20160314_125240.jpg
Views: 112
Size:  255.3 KB

Side by side after a few passes with rubbing compound.
Name:  IMG_20160314_130558_1.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  199.2 KB

Left fender finished
Name:  IMG_20160314_141006_1.jpg
Views: 117
Size:  274.1 KB
Name:  IMG_20160314_143953.jpg
Views: 91
Size:  307.6 KB

This is the point where the picures get a little less connected and farther apart process wise unfortunatly..

Condtition of left rear door
Name:  IMG_20160314_160818.jpg
Views: 105
Size:  242.3 KB

Condition of the left rear quarter.
Name:  IMG_20160314_162933.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  253.2 KB

Left rear quarter finished.
Name:  IMG_20160314_165908.jpg
Views: 91
Size:  237.2 KB

Some scratches still visible next to the badge , buffed these by hand after this pic.
Name:  IMG_20160314_165918_1.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  264.2 KB

Left side finished.
Name:  IMG_20160314_174156_1.jpg
Views: 95
Size:  321.4 KB

Right front door Side by side.
Name:  IMG_20160315_100148.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  181.3 KB

Right front doorhandle detail after finishing step.
Name:  IMG_20160315_102501.jpg
Views: 89
Size:  247.4 KB

Condidion of the right rear door .
Name:  IMG_20160315_105110.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  225.9 KB

And that it for the pictures during the polishing process.. forgot quite few pictures , didnt get a single one of the roof or tailgate..

Put on a layer off Swissvax shield wax so that it could cure while i started on the interior.
Name:  IMG_20160315_123522.jpg
Views: 99
Size:  285.5 KB

Interior condition.
Name:  IMG_20160315_123619.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  355.3 KB
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Started by taking out the front seats to clean the with a wet vac. they werent too bad really , but gave it a whirl anyway.

Before i started :
Name:  IMG_20160315_130057.jpg
Views: 97
Size:  384.2 KB

Bolster to the right cleaned.
Name:  IMG_20160315_131448.jpg
Views: 93
Size:  504.9 KB

Driver seat done , the darker areas are just wet from water.
Name:  IMG_20160315_132250.jpg
Views: 111
Size:  419.6 KB

Passenger seat was a repat process. Removed the center console for better access, quite alot of dirt and grime in the carpet ,by the way if anyone knows where i can get a new handbrake handle let me know .
Name:  IMG_20160315_134857.jpg
Views: 113
Size:  367.5 KB

After dry vacuuming .
Name:  IMG_20160315_143245.jpg
Views: 92
Size:  384.9 KB

Pass. footwell done .
Name:  IMG_20160315_150504.jpg
Views: 93
Size:  402.7 KB

Rear footwell done, as you can see the carpet is still a bit discolored in places , i suspect the sun is the culprit here ..
Name:  IMG_20160315_150544.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  418.0 KB

By the way getting all the sand out from such a long haired carpet is a nightmare

Forgot taking pictures again.. so the next one is after cleaning and applying a vinly conditioner on the door panels.

Same on the dash.
Name:  IMG_20160315_165330.jpg
Views: 103
Size:  279.9 KB

Here comes two more big gaps , the chrome sorround on the headlights still had the protective material from the factory on them and let me tell you after so many years , getting it off was no small feat.

before (unfocused , sorry)
Name:  IMG_20160315_172534.jpg
Views: 120
Size:  299.1 KB


Name:  IMG_20160316_173251.jpg
Views: 105
Size:  409.4 KB

Name:  IMG_20160316_150731.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  303.4 KB

Name:  IMG_20160316_173326.jpg
Views: 116
Size:  282.6 KB
Name:  IMG_20160315_174152.jpg
Views: 95
Size:  320.5 KB
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Some bulbs were burnt in the instrument panel + the one bulb in the heater control panel ,so i decided to swap the all out for some bright white LEDs..

This is a before pic of the instrument light. There are green caps over the bulb so the light has a green tint. l left the caps in place .

Name:  IMG_20160318_150220.jpg
Views: 89
Size:  231.3 KB

Intstrument panel came off after removing 6 screws and the wheel , gotta love old cars for their simplicity.
Name:  IMG_20160318_152939.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  286.2 KB

The housing on the gauges were quite dirty and scratched so i cleaned them up and polished the glass.

Name:  IMG_20160318_154731.jpg
Views: 116
Size:  232.3 KB
Name:  IMG_20160318_161858.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  378.7 KB

Name:  IMG_20160318_160639.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  406.4 KB

I forgot a pic of the tach and speedo when done , but results were the same.

And evereything is backk together , the light is much whiter and with a green tint to it i real life , but my phone could'nt seem to pick up the color correctly.

Name:  IMG_20160318_192916.jpg
Views: 98
Size:  510.1 KB

A little clip with the gopro , its mostly wind noise tho...

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This thing is MINT!

Awesome restoration and great work.
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Quite the gem you've got there! Your work is paying off. Looks great!
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That thing is in amazing condition. I respect all the work you are doing to it trying to keep it original.
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reminds me of my buddys old b210
Name:  1976-Datsun-B210-02_zpsqsha0pjg.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  50.9 KB

love the red, car is sold when you decide to sell to me at org discount!!
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Amazing work, man! I applaud your work!
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Thanks guys Well max ride 41 you'll have to ship it from norway then

Here are some pics from yesterday .

Saving up for wheels and "dynamat" now

Name:  IMG_20160528_135504.jpg
Views: 97
Size:  334.7 KB

Name:  IMG_20160528_135518.jpg
Views: 98
Size:  329.9 KB
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You put a lot of love into the car and it shows. The car is beautiful.

I had several Datsun 510 wagons back in the 70's and I loved them. The were solid, reliable cars.
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No words to describe your car, hands down.

Hi, you have a piece of history and your car is one of a kind, great job!
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Originally Posted by jordez1 View Post
Hi, you have a piece of history and your car is one of a kind, great job!
Originally Posted by DennisMik View Post
You put a lot of love into the car and it shows. The car is beautiful.

I had several Datsun 510 wagons back in the 70's and I loved them. The were solid, reliable cars.
Thanks guys :-)

The car is in winter storage for now so it will be a long winter..

Come spring im buying some Konig rewind 16x7 et0

Like theese , but 1" bigger

And im also getting some pacesetter headers http://www.ebay.com/itm/282227875691
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I love this! Very nice work
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