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DIY Mechanic, New Nissan Fan! '99 A32, Waterloo, IN

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DIY Mechanic, New Nissan Fan! '99 A32, Waterloo, IN

Hi, guys and gals!

My name's Adam, a.k.a. Bubba Tyre (tie-ree). I bought my '99 Maxima GLE pre-owned a couple years ago. She's been absolutely great to me. Before buying this beauty, I only kinda liked Nissan because of their being a trustworthy make. Then one day, I had to buy a part (rotors, I think it was). The store was asking which automatic transmission it had - whether the code ended in K, or V, or something like that. In trying to look up such an elusive detail, I came across so much info about my car, and Nissan as a whole. Everything I read made me more and more intrested in Nissan, and MY Nissan! I'm a Nissan guy, now!

In the time I've had it, she's taken a bit of damage, and had a few repairs. She has 250k miles on her, and it's showing in a few places. She still needs a new timing chain, windshield, and exhaust system, as well as a couple doors, some body work, and some suspension work.

I almost gave up on her, with all this needing to be done. I love this car, and had big modification plans for her. Sending her to the junk yard was the last thing I wanted to do. Fortunately, the engine work to keep her running looks to be a lot less than I assumed. That, coupled with realizing how physically and financially doable all the repairs are, helped restore my hope in her lasting, and eventually turning into a nitrous-breathing sleeper.

I'm twenty-seven years young, and have been a YouTube/DIY mechanic for some time, now. Between my own vehicles and friends', I've done a ton of small jobs (pads/rotors, sensors, stereo, lamp housing, etc.) and quite a few bigger jobs (cooling system, trans filter, brake system, valve cover, intake manifold, suspension, etc.). I'm no pro yet, but aspire to become a master at my craft, help as many people as I can, and have as much fun as I can in the automotive industry.

I've been on this forum somewhat in the last couple years, but think I'll finally be here frequently to give updates, ask for help, and give help where I can. I'm excited to add more years to my Maxima. I'm even more excited to learn from you all, and from this whole process! Any and all tips/pieces of advice/bits of wisdom are TOTALLY welcome!

Be blessed, y'all!
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