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Pic needed Stillen V2 Tensioner Bracket

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Pic needed Stillen V2 Tensioner Bracket

As most already know the Stillen S/C kit is no longer produced and so are the misc parts to install.

Im looking for a V2 tensioner bracket and pulley for a V2 S/C Kit. Its like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

So I'm hoping I can maybe modify the OEM tensioner but I need a pic of the Stillen tensioner bracket to get a idea of how it would look.

Only pics I found online was from the actual V2 S/C installation instructions but it was installed on the motor.

If anyone has a V2 kit not installed and could snap a few pics of the bracket itself with out the adjust rod, washer, spacer and pulley that would be awesome.


OEM Tensioner Bracket
V2 Plate, V2 Tensioner Bracket and Custom metal pulleys.
Pic from original Stillen V2 install instructions.


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PM stillenmaxima, he had some copies made of my bracket, and I believe he was selling them. But I don't know if he has any left.
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Not sure what youre looking to do but I bought Stillen Maximas V1 SC using a V2 plate which I never used since I had already bought Mattys V1 plate and starter kit, used that instead.

The stock tensioner stays the same from what I can remember and it doesnt need to be modified if Im not mistaken.
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