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Second Call for 2nd Generation Maxima parts

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If one of them have a good dash I will be very interested. I also need drivers power window switches, the rear view mirror mounting bracket that attaches to the headliner/roof, front passenger door panel light, center console storage compartment lid and the fuse/relay box lid/cover located in front of the battery.
The zip code where I need it shipped is 92284.
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Originally Posted by Starks2010 View Post
Are any of those 2nd gens manual transmission? I misplaced my mounting brackets where the transmission mounts mount to so I need the mounting brackets that bolt to the body. I converted my 88' from automatic to manual and I had/have the mounting brackets from my 87' Maxima parts car somewhere. Thanks!
I think they were A/T...I have a buddy that ordered a M/T from online and I helped install the trans...
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