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How to get ECU to complete cycle...

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How to get ECU to complete cycle...

I remember reading somewhere the procedure whereby a recently reset ECU can go through all its checks. Something like driving at certain speeds, turning car on, off, etc.

Anyone know what I am talking about and where to find it?
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you'll need to drive about 200 miles.

A long way I know. Had to do this when getting emission after I fixed coolant sensor and changed thermo.
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I drove a bit over 100 miles, stopping the car four or five times and restarting (just in case) and all the cycles except two reset (just enough to pass the CA smog test). The EVAP and CATALYTIC tests did not self-complete. Who cares now, I have my license!
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Yeah I dont know certainley how to do it but my check engine lights been on for months and no one including Nissan could figure it out and my smog was up, I took it to a local smog shop they said they reset the light drove it ten miles and did something else with the computer and was able to put enough information on the computer to pass my car for smog..So I know you dont have to drive a bunch of miles to reset the info on your comp.
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Resetting the ECU only clears stored error codes.

It does not in any way effect engine operating paramters.
Your ECU is constantly learing as you drive, making adjustments to the engine operating parameters to achieve optimal performance and keep your emissions level correct. There is nothing you can do to change that.

That information can be found in the factory service manual or the Haynes service manual.

A complete cycle is a start and run up to normal operating temperature allowing the ECU to go into closed loop mode. (reading your o2 sensors and making adjustments to the A/F mixture) It takes quite a few clean runs, ~30 with no errors detected to clear a stored error code automatically. Your check engine light can clear itself.
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