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06 Maxima transmission troubles

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06 Maxima transmission troubles

Can anyone tell me if replacing my valvebody with a level ten rebuilt valve body will fix my trans?
Car shifts great but the car will only drive for about 15 minutes and then it makes some noises clunk then the car will not move engine revs no movement. When the car cools down it drives and shifts great .I called yesterday and asked level ten about this and they said it should correct the problem , reason being a bad trans never works good. .........Price is 695 + 500 core charge +39 shipping . A 734 dollar gamble any thoughts ?
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Did you pull codes?
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#1 Park car in abandoned area #2 pour gasoline in the cabin, #3 throw lighted match inside, #4 problem solved.
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my buddy and I have 06 SE's. I had my shop replace the vb w/ one from Valve Body Express about 3 years ago. His finally started acting up at 130k miles so he bought a vb from Rockauto and installed himself. He said it runs perfectly now. Back when mine went out, you couldn't get new or rebuilt vb's at the usual parts stores, but now you can. He saved $300+ from what I paid.
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Thanks ,when I pulled the cover I found metal shavings int the transmission, so I looked and found a low mileage transmission for 6 bills .I pulled engine and trans our thru the top with a cherry picker . I found 3 of the 4 mounts broken. The only good one was the rear. I had the engine rattle on start up,so pulled the timing cover off and found left tensioner guide plastic broken off and laying by crank. I just ordered parts ,waiting and cleaning up engine bay and parts.
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