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selected SV Sport Package + Tech plus carpeted floor mats and trunk mat. $37,380. Seems rather pricey, but we all know Nissan's never fetch MSRP and like I stated before in a year or two you'll be able to get one for $20-25k with a few thousand miles on it going by Nissan's resale value in the past. But I think maybe for everything you get that $37K isn't a horrendous deal. I'm sure with the G (which I haven't priced out in a while) would get north of $40K if you wanted everything that Maxima comes standard with. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Well one thing I've noticed so far which I don't like after playing around with the different packages. Why can't sport package get the dual sunroof? Ya maybe the sport package is more "hardcore" but still maybe some people want the stiffer suspension as well as the dual roof, I think it's kind of neat and wouldn't mind having it with the sport package model. Also why aren't the 19s optional in the accessories? IMO the 19s really make this car look a ton better.

Maybe the 2010 model will have a slightly different package arrangements. But IMO you should be able to get everything that is standard in sport package, and if you want cooled seats, or moonroof, you should be able to add those. Nissan's packaging has ALWAYS been goofy too me.

Never the less the dealer about 5 minutes from me looks to have 3 in stock may have to go by and see one in person.

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4DRSpeed - Nissan announced last month that the weighty double panel roof added too much weight at too high a point on the car to be put on the Sport version of the Maxima. It would defeat the very nice handling Nissan worked so hard to achieve with this new carefully tweaked sports package suspension. They are correct that excessive high weight takes all the 'sport' out of the sports version of any vehicle.

Yes, if you added the things listed (especially the tech package) to a G35, you are north of $40K. For the G37, you are north of $43K. And yes, I have always found my Nissan dealer will come off MSRP more than my Infiniti dealer. Ignoring the FWD/RWD/CVT preferences, I think the '09 Maxima is a better all-around vehicle than the G35 or G37. I KNOW it is a more affordable one.

As to the 19" wheels, they are a feature part of the 'Sport' package you selected. Nissan said that, since there are no longer any identifying marks on the trunk letting us know what kind of Maxima we are looking at, the 19" wheels are THE means of identifying the very special nature of the 'Sports' package equipped Maxima. It wouldn't be fair to those opting for the Sports package to have people ordering those wheels on a base 'S'.

As for the options-ordering issue, the problem Nissan faces is that they offer so many options/features on the Maxima it is difficult to stock dealer lots with even one of each of the possible combinations. When we add in the fact there are eight exterior colors and three interior colors, the result is that someone who is very particular about what he wants often has to special-order his Maxima, then wait several months. That is definitely not good.

On a car which Nissan plans on selling 250,000 copies, and which the dealer usually has dozens, if not hundreds on hand (read Altima), it is profitable to have lots of available option setups. But on a car which Nissan plans to sell 70,000 copies, and which dealers keep only a third as many on hand as the Altima (read Maxima), adding lots of variations to the options package quickly becomes problematic, both stocking-wise and profit-wise.
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Monotaur and lightonthehill,

Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate it. I always be sure to check all the invoice price amounts on the net when pricing a car, but I really didn't think you'd be able to get the holdback amount on the net also. That good old internet!
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I just priced out a G35S. And it actually came in just under $40k. Premium Package and Nav, rear spoiler, and carpeted trunk mat w/splash guards. $39,275. Tech package on the G is a bunch of garbage for $1100. Intelligent cruise I have always read is not very good in any car that offers it. I can live without swivle headlamps. Doesn't seem the Maxima is quite a steal as before. A G37 does get above the $40K mark easily, but a Maxima isn't a 2 door.

19" Wheels should still be offered optional, and I think they will be down the line. It's not about being fair to sport package people it's about making a few extra $$$ at the end of the day and I think Nissan will either add it as an option or have dealers offer it through their Nismo/Parts Accessories bs.

I understand the glass roof on the sport model, but why does the G35S get a traditional moonroof? No wonder the G always falls short to the 3-series if they put as much effort and thought into handling and weight distribution as they did the Maxima maybe the G would trump the 3 series more often.

Like stated before Nissan's packaging has always been goofy and doesn't make really any sense. They do it with Infiniti too. If I want 4 wheel steering I can't get a rear spoiler??? If I want illuminated kick plates I can't get splash guards, but if I want a carpeted trunk mat I have to get splash guards? Like I said idiotic packaging.

I do praise Nissan for basically offering everything standard equipment on the Maxima. Problem is though add premium package to a G and you get the same stuff for basically the same price. And I think a lot of people for $38K will look at Lexus, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Acura, as well before settling on a lowly "Maxima". But it seems Nissan has made great strides with the 7th Gen so even at $38K maybe they have done enough to be taken seriously with the big dogs.

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Originally Posted by lightonthehill View Post
MAXIMAK99 - So I am a 'seasoned vet'? I think that may be a very polite way of saying 'chronologically experienced'.

These things have to be handled on a case-by-case basis. So many factors can enter into the equation. Little things like a dealer may be trying to sell enough vehicles to win a trip to Hawaii, or a salesperson may be trying to sell enough vehicles to win 'salesman of the month/year', or the dealer may be at a point where, for whatever reason (expansion? gambling debts? divorce?), he needs to convert a bunch of cars to cash quickly, even at the cost of making very little profit on them.

We could list dozens of possibilities such as this, but, for most situations, we will simply be trying to haggle the price down toward invoice, and most of the time, the salesperson will be dragging their feet all the way down.

In the case of the '09 Maxima, we will have several factors working. A new generation is not the same as a new model year of the same generation. When the '05 or '06 Maximas arrived, they sold below MSRP from day two, because they looked exactly like the '04. Within a month or two, they were being negotiated from invoice.

But a new generation is a different animal. The '09 is a radically new and exciting design with many improvements, and the dealers know this. They will sell this beast at or fairly near MSRP for as long as they can find buyers. That might continue for several months.

Another factor is the economy. Many folks are not in a financial situation that would allow them to consider buying a Maxima at this time. Others, who have the money available, are being very careful where they spend it. Many folks are looking at very high MPG vehicles, even though they would not normally be considered 'econobox' type of people. But this situation will very definitely affect Maxima (and all car) sales.

Of course this cuts two ways; I know of two local real estate agents who sold behemoths (a Lincoln Navigator and a Ford expedition) and bought Maximas last month. The Maxima gets much better gas mileage, and is popular here because there is a very large Nissan dealer close by.

But back to your question. Assuming Nissan continues to get a decent supply of '09s to the dealers, I suspect prices will gradually begin coming down from MSRP within two or three weeks. Of course you have to bargain with the sales people; they won't quote their best price early-on. By mid-September, the price should be halfway down to invoice (with some astute and determined folks maybe doing even better). This would save you a couple thousand. By mid-November, it may be possible for a 'regular person' to get the price three-fourths of the way down to invoice. By the cold, dark weekday evenings of January and February, when the car lots are almost deserted, a good bargainer should be able to be at or very near invoice. Depending on the level of options, etc, this could be over four thousand dollars below MSRP. When the '10s arrive next summer, we should be dealing strictly below invoice on leftover '09s, and quickly be well below MSRP on the '10s, which will look just like the '09s. The exception will be the diesels, which will be treated by salespersons as a redesign because of the major power plant change.

But then my 'seasoning' has taken place over a 59 year period, and things change. The above diatribe is my best guess, but there are a hundred little factors that vary by dealer and region, and the economy is huge at this point.

Thanks for asking, and best luck with whatever you decide.
Lightonthehill, thanks so much for that valueable insight. I will most definately wait until until January or at the latest February to purchase my Maxima. I never took into account dealing with the online manager, or dealer holdback. Those tools will come in handy to hopefully get to invoice price or as close to it as possible. Again thanks for the info to you and others who also contributed about their car buying tips.
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