Dealership and Vendor Experiences Let other Maxima owners, or potential Maxima owners, which dealerships and shops you've had good or bad luck with.

Bad Dealership Experiences

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Bad Dealership Experiences

Posted in here.
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Without a doubt, worst experience ever - PLEASE READ!

The last four times I went to my local Stealership (State Line Nissan) have been pretty poor:

1) The first time I went to get the fuel cut, wind noise, and brake rotor TSB fixed. The girl who checked me in was slow as hell - she can't type to save her life and it took her forever to get my info in correctly. Then she called and said she couldn't duplicate the fuel cut problem. I had to tell her about the TSB for her to fix it. When I picked it up, she asked me not to mention it when I got surveyed so that she wouldn't get in trouble.

2) Took my girlfriend's Xterra in the next week for some warranty work - the bump stop must be missing because it makes noise when she makes tight turns. There were a few other issues as well - windshield wiper fluid wasn't comming out and some other minor stuff I can't remember. Different guy this time, but he still took a while (not as bad as the first girl) to check her in. They had to order some parts to fix her windshield wiper dispenser, but they fixed the bump stop. Well actually they SAID they fixed the bump stop but they it still made noise.

3) Went back the next weekend when the parts came in. The original girl was there again and she took FOREVER to type in her info. Then she put the wrong stuff on the work order. We told her the car was still making noise so she said she'd fix it. Never happened.

4) My center console broke - it won't stay up any more. I called on a Friday to make an appointment. Came in the next day and they had no record of my appointment. They said they didn't want to do that kind of work on a Saturday - they'd rather do maintence stuff. I told them I didn't care what they wanted to do or what their record of the appointment was - they told me to bring it in, and I was here to have it fixed. They looked at it and said they'd have to order the part. I called a week later because they hadn't called me - turns out the part had been there for a while. Asked to come in that Saturday to have it put on. The guy said no, he wasn't working that Saturday and he wasn't going to have to make another service advisor deal with it. I was going to have to come in the next Sat he was working, a few weeks from then. I was ****ed, but said fine. I then called O'neil Nissan who said they could get me in much faster.

Well, I pretty much decided that Xmas came twice this year because what did I find in the mail right afterwards? A customer service survey! So I filled it out - and admittedly I was probably too harsh. I said that I bought my second Maxima because I think Nissan delivers great value. For under $30K one can have 222HP in a semi luxury sporty sedan. When my girlfriend wanted a small SUV I told her to buy the Xterra instead of an Escape or a RAV4. I went on to say that I must have made a bad purchase because they obviously can't take care of the customer. I described how they didn't know about the TSB, how they were slow as hell while they were typing, and how rude they were to my girlfriend. I then said "this is the worst STEALERship I have ever been to and I will never come back. When its time to buy a new car I'll get an Acura TLS because maybe they will treat me a little better". I probably should have left that sentance out.

Then yesterday, I get a message from my service advisor. He said that per the owner of the dealership they are cancelling my appointment and that I should go somewhere else for service for now on. I called back to find out why - I didn't know if they found out I was going to ONeil to get it fixed and that ****ed them off or if they got the survey. Well, they got the survey. He said that since I'm so unhappy that that they suck so bad they are doing me a favor.

I cannot believe they would call me and tell me never to come back. I'm going to have to do some research, but I will find somebody important with Nissan and tell them all about this. THIS IS NOT OVER!!!!!!
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Sheehy Nissan in Manassas, VA

Horrible experience from both sales staff and service. When I tried to buy my Max and trade in my Taurus, I asked for a reasonable deal. $4,200 for my car and a price for my Max. Without even filling out any paperwork, the finance manager said, "Mr. Bunner, we are unable to do this. Mayber you should look at a Sentra. It is more in the range that you can afford". Remember, they have no idea how much my wife and I make, which is in the mid 100,000's.

Service: I took my car in for a TSB on the driver seat not going forward and backward and the TSB for wind noise coming from the back doors. I got a nasty voice message from the service manager stating that I've voided my entire warranty on my car because of my mods and they won't fix the TSB's. They said that my Amsoil oil filter voided the warranty as well and that I have to use Nissan brand filters. Needless to say I was ****ed and visited the dealership to pick my car up with the Magnussen Moss act. The dealer said that Nissan oil filters have a patent on the check valve and no other filter manufacturer is allowed to make one. My wife is a patent examiner at the US Patent and Trademark office and I promptly called her in front of them to inform them of misinformation on patents and how they work. They took pics of my car and said that they were going to call Nissan and cancel my warranty!
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Nissan of Route 22 in Hillside

these people suck more than monica lewinsky. Out of my busy schedule i decide to roll by their to get a oil change before i went too much over 3,000 miles and they tell me its gonna take a half hour wait since 2 cars are on the lifts already. They said the oil change would take half an hour maximum and that i would be out of there in an hour. Otherwise i would have moved on or kept it for another day. So although i feel dissappointed that what everyone publicizes to be the quickest thing done to a car at a dealer is gonna take so long, so many shops say 10 minutes oil change but i like to stick with nissan, give them my pennies and in return stay serviced wit the company. so i wait, patiently. An hour passes, no one gives me a receipt or key....15 more minutes, nothing. After waiting one hour and 45 minutes, i finally decide to get up and tell the f*cker off. He's being told off by another customer so i peak at the bay area to see my car on the ground already finished and some a-hole is inside of it blasting my music and revving my car like a maniac. I politely tell them to chill and ask for my bill from another sales person. He says he cant help me cause its not his customer and tells me the bill will be sent to me after car is parked. I say ok, shouldnt take more than 5 minutes....i have now waited 2 hours and 15 minutes and i'm ready to walk out without paying, the guy who i talked to last sees' how long i have been waiting and takes the bill personally to the cashier and i angrily pay 24 dollars + tax for my oil change. They are not the cheapest nor do they give the best service. My whole schedule today was shattered and i am truly dissappointed in what i had to go through for one of the quickest modifications done to the car at a dealership.

Something that u would think would take 25 minutes was told to take 1 hour and ended up over 2...****ed me off, they wont get my service any longer.
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ya one time i set up an appointment to get an oil change @ 7 o'clok in the morning. the first one right!!???. it shouldnt be that busy. well i dropped the car off and waited, waited, and waited some more. the dude on the phone said it would take only 45 minutes cuz i would be the first to be serviced when i setuped the appointment. well i waited some more an ahour passes, so i talked to the dumb F**king ASp and he said.." will be done soon". i waited a total of 1hour 45 minutes when it got done!!!

i gave his a piece of my mind..i could have done it in less that 20 minutes myself!!!!

they will get the a horrible Feed back ever!!!..just cant wait to say it go again!!

Nissan dealerships = Monkey ****
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Currier Nissan of Goram, NH

A few years ago, I had my 99 Sentra in for warranteed service, something with the O2 sensor. The dealership was almost 3 hours from my home. They said they would have to keep the car a few days. The refused me a loaner car, so I ended up calling a taxi and paid $148 for the ride. Called them the next day, and they said it would be ready by 2:00, I take a taxi and get up there at 5:00 and it was still sitting where I left it. The mechanic said it would probably be a few days before they could get the part it. Once again, refused a loaner car. Take another taxi home, call the better business bureau and filed a complaint. 3 days later, I call and they say the car is ready, so I go pick it up. It is ready, when I asked for the faulty O2 sensor, they could not produce one. Then I get a bill for $800 for labor, part and vehicle storage. They said the O2 sensor went bad because of something I did. The car was not modded or anything, only had it for about 3 weeks, put on about 2000 miles. Long story a little less long, I ended up paying over 2k for taxi rides and service. Call customer service, and it was like talking to a wall. Have a lawyer write a letter, and I get a check in the mail 2 days later for the amount paid for taxi and at the shop.

You can't trust these rednecks up here (in NH) they will try to rip anyone off. I ended up writing an article in the local newspaper about this.

Currier Nissan of Goram, NH has the worst customer service I have seen in my life. I enjoy the dentist far more than dealing with these people.

Recently I went there to get copper spark plugs for my car. The service guy REFUSED to sell them to me when I told him I had a 97 Max. “Your car will not run with copper plugs” he said. These people aren’t the brightest, I told him all spark plugs are copper, the platinum is just a coating. Got his toothless manager over, and they would still not sell me the plugs. So, I called the better business bureau on them again.

Ok, I feel better now.

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Robbins Nissan in Houston, TX is terrible

Don't go to Robbins Nissan in Houston, TX. They use ****ty quality parts and won't honor their warranty when those parts fail. They also like to create bogus charges when you do bring your car in for warranty. Their "service" department is terrible and just doesn't care about you.
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Five Towns Nissan LI New York
Iam not going to get into a long story about them but trust me when i tell you they are probaly one of the worst if not the worst dealer in the country!
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Hey I used to work sales at a Nissan dealership. Service department people are the worse. I was an employee and they were giving me bad experiances. Reality is they all want only the best customer service surveys. I was making all my quotas but the manager would take over my sales and give the customer the bad taste in their mouths. So of course I had to be let go. And I was the only one driving two nissans a pathfinder and maxima with over 210k miles each. I know my nissans.
Occasionally they will have a good mechanic, the master mechanic but most times it's just some kid out of high school or someone you wouldn't pick up on the road hitchhiking working on your car. I took my pathfinder to nissan service before I worked sales and they charged me 50 bucks said I needed a new air conditioner. Well I found the problem a wire and ac worked fine.
I would work for nissan again not because of the money. Believe me 100 bucks a new xterra was just plain nuts to me. The state was taking in thousands of dollars in sales tax and I am getting 100 bucks doing all the work and kissing ****. But I love nissans and I like teaching people about them. That was worth it to me. I wouldn't buy a new car or go to a dealership for anything but parts though.
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Suggestion for selecting a dealer for service:

1. Go to under "Buying" => "Dealer Locator" and then just enter your home state.

2. For example FL has 57 dealers, select those only with the logo of "2003 Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence".
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Stamford Motors Nissan - Stamford, CT:

Parts dept. bends you over on prices and won't give out part #'s.
The dealership just won Nissans "Customers 1st award."
Oh...and they just raised their hourly labor rate to $84.
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Dealership to AVOID in Connecticut

Mario D'addario Nissan/Buick, in Shelton CT.

They're a bunch of rip off artists, especially when you need servicing for a problem that you're unsure of.

And don't even think about buying a car there either--the sales people are brainless smurfs. Bad enough for the courtesy shuttle drivers to make fun of them behind their backs.
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good to know, thanks for the headsup
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No problem.

I had an issue with my car, strange engine related noise. After 3 days, they still weren't sure of the problem. Claimed Nissan HQ Tech advised them to take my engine apart, est. labor $1500. They were certainly willing to do it, and then cautioned a "cheaper" route of having the water pump replaced for $400 labor plus parts. I went to Miller Nissan in Fairfield, and in 30 mins they discovered it was the power steering pump. Just so happens that when D'addario did my 90k service, they neglected to change the PS fluid. The heavily burnt fluid caused premature wear to the PS pump. So, THEY introduced the problem and then MISDIAGNOSED it!!
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Performance Nissan Monrovia Ca, continues...

The problem: blinking airbag light.

Trip 1
Me: I have a blinking airbag light.
Them (after leaving the car for a day): It's an air bag module. We have to order the part.

Trip 2
Me: I understand my airbag module part has arrived.
Them: Yes it has. (After leaving the car for a day), It's fixed, happy motoring.

Trip 3
Me: I picked up this car yesterday, but the airbag light is blinking again.
Them: Oh, the guy must have forgot to reset it. (I wait 20 minutes for them to reset it).

Trip 4
Me: My airbag light is blinking AGAIN.
Them: (After leaving the car for a day) It's the module for the other side. We have to order the part.

Trip 5
Me: Hey, it's been two weeks. I haven't heard anything from you guys.
Them: Let me check. Your part is on back order. We'll call you Monday with the status.

Trip 6
Me: OK, it's been several weeks now. Nice to know you finally got the part. Here's my car.
Them: (After having the car for a day) OK, we've got it fixed now!

Trip 7
Me: Damn it. Within one mile of leaving your dealership the light was blinking again. Are you guys clueless? Not only that, now there is a distinct clicking noise in the steering column.
Them: Sorry. We'll give you a rental car. (Checks with rental agency.) The wait for a rental car is an hour or so. Want to wait?
Me: No.

Trip 8
Me: OK. I understood if I brought it in today there won't be a wait for the rental car.
Them: (Checks with agency) Yes, they have one. (I get a dirty Buick to drive around)
Them: (later same day) Uh, we haven't figured it out yet. Want to keep your rental another day?

That's the story so far...
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Bad Experiences - Bales Nissan - Jeffersonville, IN

I have purchased numerous vehicles at Bales and absolutely loved their sales and service until appx 3 years ago. Since then, it has gone to hell.

1. No Service Advisors to "take care of the customer"

2. Snotty shop managers and supervisors

3. They will argue about every warranty repair. Heck, they tried to convice me that engine noise on the factory radio was caused by an external CD player w/cassette adapter. This was followed by them stating "this is normal"

4. I have actually had the wrong parts put on. I mean, come on, how difficult is it to realize the hazed headlight they put on is different than the clear one that came with the vehicle? Pretty obvious it did not match the other side.

5. Sales staff doesn't know crap. I actually had a salesman tell me the Max engine and Z engines are completely different with the Z engine being bigger!!

6. I ordered Majestic Blue touch up paint last October and they still tell me its on back order.

7. Sales Manager refused to allow me a test drive of a Z that had at least 500+ demo miles on it already. Why? Because people who buy Z's don't like to buy them if anyone else had driven it prior to them. So, what he was really telling me is that he figured I was not gonna trade my '02 Max in on it so why waste their time? Hell, I guess Opra was on since I was the only "customer" on the lot at the time...

Anyway, I would not suggest using them at all. I will definately be taking my biz elsewhere....
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Marlboro Nissan

Stay away from Marlboro Nissan in MA . They have bad service and they cheat .
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hahah thanks bro....check out Bancroft in worcester, thats the only dealership i really trust
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I completely agree, they told me i needed new brakes and tires when i went for an oil change (i had a free coupon)...Checked em and they were A.OK! Havn't had any actual experience with the new Quirk in Quincy, but extremely helpful over the phone.
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Originally Posted by arathitr
Stay away from Marlboro Nissan in MA . They have bad service and they cheat .

Glick Nissan in Westboro, MA is where I bought mine. Good sales experience.
Fireside Nissan in Attleboro, MA is where I go for service.
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Stay away from Amityville NY Nissan

In 11/01 I took my car in to be repaired ,for symptons relating to an Air flow meter, but the dealer thought it was the timing belt instead. So they changed the timing belt but the problem remained. After I vented my frustations to the dealer and posted my experience to this site, I purchased an air flow meter off and it took care of the problem.
So this dealer recommended changing the belt but not the water pump, odd wouldn't you say? 2 years later I take my car to MY mechanic and change the water pump.
He tells me the timing belt needs to be changed as well. Whoever installed it earlier never adjusted it properly. It was sagging and skipping after 15k miles of use.
Stay away from these guys. I have gotten more help from this site than any dealer could provide. Keep up the go work everybody.
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What is up with the pricing of parts at the nissan stealerships or any dealerships in general? I went to a dealer back home to get some clips for the spoiler but they said they don't carry them. Funny. So, I'm at school and I went to the dealership here in Dartmouth, Ma to get some clips. I was told $3.95. All was cool until he said "EACH." What the F? I was kinda ****y but I needed them. I paid almost $12 for 3 clips that should really cost
50 cents.

My hood won't stay open so I would need new hood arms or whatever you call them. No way in hell am I going to pay $100 each. Just not worth it!

Sorry just venting out my anger
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Nissan on Northern Blvd & 74th St.

Around the end of summer i took mine to get that all around "special" $80-90 bucks... It included oil change, checking all oil levels and filling them, cooling system, brakes, tire rotation, etc, etc... pretty much like an inspection. however, i ran out of coolant (less than minumum) by the beginning of this year. If i was that low in the summer, they couldnt have hooked me up with a little bit more or something??
then the rep is going to tell me, (and the put it on paper) that my timing belt could use replacemnt.. Now, is it me, or am i wrong when i say that max's dont have belts, but chains, (maybe im confused)
anyway, u figure they would give me some real useful info on whats REALLY about to go and what is not...
i had my pipe that goes from the cat to the muffler rusted like a MFer, the pieces holding the pipe had actually broken and fallen off and im riding with this clankity sound that i thought i had a pepsi can stuck somewhere in my car. so , i took it to another shop, which pretty much SHOWED ME what it was and had it replaced.
i guess my biggess issue with this particular shop is how the hell do i know they even doing something if i don't see it for myselft?
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Ramsey Nissan - Ramsey, Nj

I purchased my 02 Maxima in Feb 04 from here and I would not have had another dealership had this vehicle with all the options and color I wanted.

I saw the car on the internet and called them up to inquiry about it. After talking for a bit I agreed to put a deposit on the car as I am from Binghamton, NY (central ny) and the dealership is located in NJ, 3 Hour drive. After running carfax and getting a loan from my local credit union I contact them to tell them i will be coming down to check it out further. All the while my salesman tells me that they can give me a better finance rate then my credit union. I intially was just going to stay with my CU as they have been good to me, but if i could save some bucks a month, why not... So the salesman transfers me to the finance officer and he asks my permission to run my credit and I agree. He then calls me back and tells me he can beat my CU rate, I say by how much, he says just come down and we will talk about it.

I get down there a little late, just before closing and my salesman tells me they will keep the place open as they know i am comming from far away. I get there about 10 min before closing and due to some missing paperwork I had to comeback the next day to finalize the deal. The finance officer was completely rude, taking phone calls in the middle of talking with me without saying excuse, you know that kind of stuff. I again was told that I needed additional paperwork so I had to comeback down a 3rd time on this 3 hr trip. This time the finance officer doesn't even come out to greet me, they just take my check and try to hand me my keys. I say what about the lower rate loan you promised me, they say, "Oh, we will call you later about it..." I thought this is crazy, why could they not do while I was there. I do not want to put race into it but I am a young college educated black man and I felt as soon as they saw I was black, they wanted me to give them my money and leave. My bankers check was like 28 cents short and he tells me I owe them 28 cents, I am like i came down here 3 times and you cannot waive 28 cents!!! Well all I have is dollar bills on me and they take it and tell me they will mail me a check with the change....insane. After getting totalled pi$$ed off at this moment I ask the salesman to give me my keys and let me get out of here. He does and I leave.

When i get back up to Binghamton and detail the car to my liking I realize that there are no pedals covers on the clutch and brake pedals, and no gas pedal at all, just a stem. I cannot believe they sold me this car without any pedals. At this point I am so bothered by the whole experience I contact Nissan USA. After conversations with them Ramsey says that I must drive back down there for them to rectify the situation. I go back down there about 1 week later and the saleman has me waiting like 15 min after they know I am coming down there. He then hands me the drilled medal pedals in my hand and tells me they are easy to install!!! Are you kidding me, they made me drive all the way down when they could have a. had my local dealer do it, or b. sent me the pedals in the mail.

I will never go to this place or refer anyone else in good conscious.
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Thats totally f'ed up... I am Indian (East not Native). I had similar experience from a local honda dealership... I cannot even begin to type how they treated me... but in my case I was able to just get up and walk away... thats when I found my local Nissan dealer... you can read about my postive experiences with them in the "GOOD Dealership Experience". There are some real stupid *** people out there... its their loss...
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Beaverton Nissan

Avoid Beaverton Nissan at all costs. Sales team are like a bunch of used car salesman. Just looking to sell a car. They don't care if it makes the customer happy or not. Also their service dept. is horrible too. I had the problem with the driver side front speaker cutting out when playing CD's. So I brought it in when it was still under warranty and they told me "Well we can't reproduce the problem, so we can order you a new speaker. It will cost you $450 not including labor." I just walked out in disgust and have not been back and will never go back. I then took my car to Gresham Nissan and they said "Oh yeah we can fix the speaker no problem. You're still covered under warranty." WTF is it with some dealers??!! So just to recap...

Beaverton Nissan=
Gresham Nissan Service Dept.=
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Tyson Corner Infiniti SUCKS A**!!! In Tysons Corner Virginia (Vienna) I bought my 96 Infiniti I30 from them and it was the worst experience I have ever had at any establishment of any kind. they are rude, cheating, liars!!!

I am too tired to go into it, but just trust me and don't ever buy from them ever!!!!!!
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HELP!!!!! Dalworth Car Electronics in Dallas

Horrible experience with Dalworth. They don't know anything about amps and the service sucks. The worse part is that I put a down payment on an Alpine and I came back from vacation to find out they have been evicted. They left no new address or phone number to reach them. The place is locked up and I found out from a guy walking around. I have looked everywhere for them or an affiliated store but have found nothing the stopre is located in Dallas Texas on Preston near LBJ anyone who knows where they went please tell me. I have tried their number but it no longer recieves messages.
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Petro Motors of Hattiesburg MS. Took car in to get rear taillight not working. This is under warranty and it cost me like 280bux and they said we cant fix it. They did replace the bulb which lasted about half a day. Car got hit and had to get bumper replaced. The paint matched on it unlike the gas cap they repainted but it is out of line. When the trunk closes it scratches the bumper. Air conditioner was making a noise so take it to get checked. We can't find anything. Couple weeks later stops working so take it in. I forgot how much they charged but it was not covered under warranty becuase they said they found cd paper up somerwhere but they did not have the paper (air still makes noise today)

another problem with a different vechile was the back l3rd light was leaking. Took it to get fixed did not. Took it again they said they fixed it. leaving the dealership and go down a hill and water is running up towards the front.

update: 6 months later.

A while back took car in for pinging, they just charged me for fuel injection cleaning which worked for about 1 tank of gas. So i just was living with the pinging till 4 days ago. Car started bucking and SES light came on. Got code checked and cylinder 5 misfire. Famous coil problem, so I took it back in to the dealer and told them of the problem and told them about the slipping AT trasmission. (Car is still under warranty) Called a couple days ago and said they had to order a new MAF and the fluid in the transmission was dark and was going to start by replacing that. I can't believe they are actually trying to do something. Supposed to be ready today. Will update later

Update 2 days later

Driving car and the transmission is still slipping and it is still knocking. From what I am reading this is the ignition coils that I told them was probably bad. They did not fix the transmission or fix the knocking, the two problems it went in for. So 200 bucks less and the same problems. I was looking at the receipt and they changed the air filter. Had a K&N in it so I was getting pretty angry. Opened the trunk and it was laying in there. Still angry because I did not need a new air filter. Car will be going back, will update then.

Update 4 1/2 weeks later

Took the maxima in Feb. 13, got it back today, March 16. They still did not do anything for the pinging, did not hear it on the way back but if they did not do anything it will come back. I think that the transmission is fixed. I got charged another deductible even though it wasn't fixed the first time. They said it was because I had to lines of things and they fixed one, that they did not fix last time. This is the gold coverage with 50 deductible. Something that really ticked me off is when I got in the car the radio was turned all the way up. The subwoofer stopped working a while back and now I think it was because of what it went through with warranty work.

Update 2-3 weeks later

The maxima is now having different problems. Sometimes the car will not start unless I put it in neutral, or drive then park. Also the drivers side speaker was cutting out the other day. Which is probably because when I picked it up the speakers were about as loud as they can get. Nissan of America says they don't see how the service techicians having the radio turned all the way up and the speaker being blown are releated. I just said okay. Nissan can root as long as I care. I will never buy another nissan.

Update 5 months later

I can't believe it, the maxima with another problem. Car started smelling of gas, then the ses light came on. Took it to PETRO MOTORS again, the said it was the gas cap. It cost $80, even though I still have a warranty. Two days later the car still smelled of gas and the light came back on. Took it back and they said something else was wrong. This is $450 and warranty does not cover. I don't know what it is right now, but I will update later.

Update about the air noise when the car was new. I found a TSB on it

Update 3 days later

The hose going to the EVAP was not connected. Saved me $450 bucks by discovering this. I can't believe these are certified nissan mechaincs.
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i bought my max at john elway/north of denver, these ppl suck. The guy at service is a total fu**en redneck. He has a mustache & wears glasses. From what i see when i'm there, he treats everybody w/utmost respect. Even ppl w/old sentras of ladies w/a van. But whenever he see's me its like who the fuc* is this chinese guy. Obviously ppl can sense racism & this fuc* thinks he's a wizard. To the ppl in Denver don't buy a car from north john elway, there salesppl didn't even bother servicing me or my dad when he wanted a truck, So we just bought it elsewhere. When Nisssans sales were down a fews years back, service was great. Now Nisssans r selling, these fuc*s r picky about who to serve. Any if ur white ur right at john elway north
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Bought my Max at Harte Nissan(Hartford,CT). It's an 02 SE 6Speed and I also bought the 6 year 100,000 mile warranty with it for like $1600. Anyway a month later my Bose starts cuttin out when I play Cd's. I go to Harte and explain this to them and tell them I have the warranty please fix my CD player. I get an appointment for a week later and rush there right after school and told them again the problem and I have the warranty please fix it. No problem please go sit in the waiting room. Well after an hour and a half of waiting and checking out the 350z's and Armada's I am wondering whats going on. 15 Minutes late the girl comes out and calls me to the desk and proceeds to tell me that they can't touch my car because it is 12 miles over the warranty. I kindly tell her that I bought the extended warr. and immediately she tells me again that sorry your car is 12 miles over and we can't touch it. WTF? Then the service guy chimes in with "that ain't covered anyway" After 1 and a half hours of waiting and they never even looked at my car , then they don't understand me when I am telling them I have the extended warranty.

I demanded my keys, got in my car, threw the paper mat they left out the window at them and went over to the used car building where I bought my Max. Talked with the salesman and told him if they are ****ing with me like this....give me my money back and cancel this ****ty warranty. He actually got right on the phone and was yelling at someone...about me being there for so long and them not doing anything. He told me to go back and talk to the manager. So...I go back and talk to him and he says"oh you should have said you had the extended warranty" . I just bit my lip and said ok just please can we fix the problem.

So now he is looking up to see if it's covered...The salesman gave me a pre-owned preffered pamphlet when he sold me the car but I only have the silver preffered warranty. I was like WTF? That is why I got the warranty because of all the parts covered in the pamphlet the salesman showed me. So he ****ed up too. Well as it turns out the head unit was covered and they said it's on order, should take a week.

Well it's been a week and still nothing. I will give the salesman credit for helping me but the guy either lied to me on the warranty or mistakenly mixed up the pamphlets. Anyway I don't ever want to go back to them for anything again. Where is a good place to go in CT.


Finally brought back my car to replace the pos bose headunit. I got there and everyone was helpful and everything was going well. They told me on the phone it could be 2 to 3 hours wait. To my amazement it only took about 45 minutes! I played cd's on the way home and the new unit worked perfectly. This dealership exceeded my expectations (which were very low) and in a large part redeemed themselves. 1 for 2 now in good experiences, batting .500. I just hope this new bose doesn't crap out like the last one.
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Originally Posted by Max51
Anyway I don't ever want to go back to them for anything again. Where is a good place to go in CT. Anyone been to Decormier Nissan, I am going to them next.......I don't think they can do any worse
I've been to Middletown Nissan and i did not trust the salesman. he acted way to desperate when we told him we were looking at another maxima. he kept putting down the other dealer and saying it was too risky to buy from them. Also i did not like Crowely nissan in bristol. i had to go inside and find a salesman (they were all shooting the breeze in the lobby in the middle of july) to help me. i ended up buying my maxima from stephens automall. crowely again made me mad over the summer when my drivers seat motor broke and it took them a week to fix it. the part they ordered broke and they had the nerve to charge me for overnight shipping after they broke it. i had to talk to the manager who gave me a free oil change to offset the difference. i think there is a nissan place in simsbury. try there next.
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Superior Nissan in Lexington(Nicholasville) Kentucky.

Where I live there are 2 Nissan dealerships, Superior Nissan and Glenn Nissan. Glenn Nissan has long been known as a stealership with their costs. So one day while installing a replacement aftermarket moon roof we got our wires mixed up and car threw CEL and it couldnt be resolved.

Go to Superior first visit.
60 Dollar diagnostic fee.

1) ECU is bad, you need it rebuilt or buy a new one. So what do I do? Spend 2 weeks having ECU rebuilt by a crappy company named "ECU DIRECT" but guess what they send it back saying "ECU IS FINE" This cost me hours of cell phone time, Also cost me countless headaches dealing with the company and 200 dollars which finally got refunded..

2) (Another 60 bucks)
Second Visit, EGI harness has bad ground wire. 400 dollars! Customer Service rep was a good guy. "Oh ill take care of ya man, just leave it blah blah blah" So he was a good guy it was his mechanic who sucked and tried to bend me over. Cause we all know they get a percentage on their work here.

Finally EGI harness has ground wire replaced and all is well. So I think.. I m driving home and my radio lights are dim and clock wont go off EVER, wipers stay on while car is running, and alarm wont work. WTF??????

So I call make appt to go back and they say "Hey dont worry we will fix it, NO PROBLEM!!"

Fine, I go back but guess what Mechanic is no call no show that day. 2 hours of waiting and nothing. "Please come back sir We are sorry". (Yes only 1 mechanic there can work on Nissans)

Week later.
Bring Car in, Car is acting really funny having trouble starting. Problems with LEDs still remains, radio has to be manually turned off and on, Nothing will turn off when car does.

Plus the mechanic says "Somehow your KS harness got broken, and you need a new KS and harness 200 plus install" (I smelled BS so I told him, I was too busy and we should only worry about the other stuff first.)

So they say I have a bad egnition switch and it just happened to go bad while it was in the shop. They want 400 dollars to replace ignition switch, Lock Cylinder and for new key. "I tell them screw you" I go to the next dealer and he says "125 to install the ignition switch and thats it"
Boom done!

What have I learned? Sometimes its worth it to pay the extra money and you get what you pay for.

good luck

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Courtesy Nissan Service Dept

Richardson TX
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Watch Out!!

Kelly Nissan-Lynnfield Mass.

I went in for a "free" quote/estimate on work (about a yr or two ago)..they give me a list of required work with what seemed like inflated prices (and push for a date to perform/complete the job). I go back at a later date to have the work done but don't mention the estimate. They end up charging me about half the price for all three/four services provided. They clearly inflated the prices, tried to hard sell and pressure me into requiring the work. I have the estimate and final cost of the repairs in, I know I'm not imagining this. In addition to that, they also tried to sell me work that wasn't required!!...Watch out!
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Power Nissan in Irvine, CA....SUCKS

They are without a doubt the worst dealership I have ever dealt with for parts or service I went there a month ago for TSB info and possible service, what a mistake. The service dept said TSB are only used for general info only, and don't really mean anything!!!! WTF OK, fine, so I say thank you for nothing and go to my car, only to discover that they have locked my keys in my car!! WTF. So, after 20 min they finally make a key (that they try to get me to pay for !!!) and I am out of there.
Next. I called today to ask about prices/parts for my upcoming Illumina shock/H&R spring replacement, items such as dust boots, spring seats, etc. The parts dept guy was extremely rude, treating me like I was a complete idiot. He told me that aftermarket parts never fit properly, will be impossible to adapt OEM parts to . This is not the first time that I have gone in for parts, and been treated like a nuisance. Gee, I'm sorry to bother them with questions and parts requests, after all, it is THEIR FU<KING JOB !!
I will never call, visit, or even drive by their dealership ever again!! They SUCK
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crown nissan in hoover, al

crown nissan in hoover alabama is "rip-off central" i bought a 2001 maxima for $17,900 in june of 2004. they told me the car had not been in any wrecks.well in the mean time i am attending VC technical school for automotive collision technology. ive learned alot.but anyway ive noticed(because of my recently gained knowlege)that the hood, both fenders and front doors have been replaced, and while installing a stereo, i noticed support beam inside the dash has even been welded. does anyone else think this car has been wrecked? BBB here i come, and 2005 maxima, here i come.
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