Dealership and Vendor Experiences Let other Maxima owners, or potential Maxima owners, which dealerships and shops you've had good or bad luck with.

Good dealership Experiences

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Casselman Nissan in Sarnia. Haven't had any service done, but Gus the Part's guy has been awesome.
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Good - Germain Nissan in Columbus, Ohio

Luckily for me, Germain Nissan on Morse Road in Columbus, Ohio is only 3 miles away and after taking my car there a few times for misc issues; wind noise TSB, crank sensor TSB, hesitation TSB, rotors resurfaced, and latest was slipping tranny. All repairs have been done without question and have not cost me $.01

Having a dealership that actually believes you when you say your car is having problems; priceless
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Liberty Auto Plaza in Libertyville Illinois

Not only the best Nissan dealer I have found but the best dealership I have found in my life.

Bought a Murano, this is our 2nd vehicle purchase from Liberty in 12 months.
Once again Jeff Bogdala is a great guy to work with knowledge of Nissans and cars in general 2nd to none.
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I've had good experiences with Conicelli Nissan in Conshocken, PA.

I've got my car serviced there and they recommended a few things (which were true) but they weren't at all pushy in selling them to me. I declined all their suggestions and that was it.

I'll probably look at them for my next car.

EDIT: about a year later and went back for inspection and emissions. VERY BAD experience. It seems that because they have so many different mechanics it depends on who you get. This guy Jermaine put together a $3500 bill, INSANE! Doesn't know anything about Ghost codes. Would NOT recommend them at all.
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Good Shop in Toronto Canada

Great shop in Toronto (Scarborough.)

He's pays so much attention to every detail and he's so experienced, you'll never have to come in for the second or third time. Best mechanic ever. Professional work.

Total Auto Zone


45 Munham Gate,
Scarborough, ON
M1P 2B3
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The Luther Nissan dealership in Inver Grove Heights (Minneapolis suburb) was very nice, prices are fair, I came away satisfied.
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I bought my Maxima from GREGORIS NISSAN in Valley Stream, NY. This dealership is AWESOME! Richard DeGregoris the owner, took care of me personally and was unbelieveable. Anyone in the NY area looking to buy a Maxima should go see him and tell him Nick sent ya!
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Jim Coleman Infiniti. In Maryland

Here is the scoop. I bought a new G35 6MT coupe that needed the final touches from the sale (car wash, full tank, etc, etc) So I give it to them for the day and return. Mind you the car has less than 300 miles on it. I return and the service guy says Mr. B... I noticed that your car has a dent on the rear driver side fender. I looked at it and sure enough, someone had opened a door and creased the panel about 2 inches, real bad looking. They offered to fix it, but I told them there was no way I was taking a $38k car with 300 miles on that has to be repaired and repainted. The sales Manager Nick, I believe, came out and I told them I wanted a new car. Now this package is not all the easy to find 6MT, Nav, etc, etc. So he agreed to have one shipped up from Southern Virgina (flat bed) and let me drive the other car until it showed up. Took about a week and bam, I got a new car with 6 miles on it. They even gave me a nice inifiniti pull-over just for the good survey. I love these guys.

How in the hell can you beat service like that! I have taken it back for oil changes and what not and have been lucky no more problems. Sales staff I would give an A+... Service the verdict is still out.
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Old 12-13-2004, 08:32 AM
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Went to Nissan in Schamburg Illinois and went to the parts dept. asked for 5 oil plug copper crush washers, waited and the guy came back with 5 washers and a new drain plug. told me that i could have them. A++++++++ saved $10
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Superior Nissan/Puente Hills gave me an excellent price and service on fixing a deep bumper scratch on my new 04 SL. Unfortunately, I was there a month earlier and their Sales manager wouldn't budge on the over sticker price during negotiations on the 04 SL. Then I went to Power Nissan El Monte and purchased a brand spanking fully loaded new SL (Navi, Moonroof, leather, heated steering and seats, etc.) at invoice $30,750.
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Above and Beyond at Browns Sterling Nissan

I recently had an excellent buying experience at Browns Sterling Nissan. I purchased an 05 Maxima SL and several days afterward I noticed a loud hollow bottle sound resonating from the wheels/tires/frame that was particularly annoying when commuting in to work every day. I reported the problem to my dealer. He arranged to have the Service manager take a ride with me to hear the noise. During this particular test drive the noise wasn't evident. After I left the dealership I heard the noise loudly and clearly and called the sales manager. He assured me that they would work to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. A couple of days later I brought the car back to the dealership and had several people ride with me. Each of them heard the noise this time. The service manager even commented on the fact that the noise would drive him crazy if he had to listen to it all of the time. Unforturnately though, they had no fix for the noise. The sales manager offerred to let me drive other cars on the lot to see if I could find one without the noise. I was able to find one, an SE. They allowed me to take the car home over night to assure myself this car did not make the same noise. I returned the car the next day and told the sales manager that this car didn't make the noise. He offerred to allow me to opt for one of the SEs. I was pleasantly surprised especially given that about 2 weeks had passed and I had put over 400 miles on the SL. There was an adjustment in price to buy the SE but only the difference in cost to the dealership. During this episode I made many trips back to the dealership and found that the entire staff was extremely accommodating. I would definitely recommend this dealership. I also found the service manager to be particularly helpful and accommodating.
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Browns Sterling Nissan

Excellent buying experience at Browns Sterling Nissan. Dealership went out of their way to be sure that I was a satisfied customer. Allowed me to change my car without penalty after putting over 500 miles on my 2005 Maxima. The SL I bought made a loud hollow bottle sound when driving at highway speeds. Unable to identify the source of the noise, dealership agreed to allow me to drive other vehicle on the lot to find one that didn't make the noise. As a result I found an SE that didn't exhibit the same noise, at least not at the same volume and not as consistently. Browns offerred to let me make the swap for the difference in invoice only. During the whole process each and every person I dealt with (quite a few actually) at the dealership treated me exceptionally well including both the sales staff and service department staff. This is without a doubt the best buying experienc I've had.
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Miller Nissan in St. Cloud - great service department.

I have bought many AE and other parts at good prices from the parts guy, and they've always fixed all of my problems without any questions or a hassle. Always a good experience.
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Good Dealership in Atlanta

Hello All, this is my first post I was wanting to know which Nissan dealership in the Atlanta area was good to visit. I wanting to get 05 Maxima SE with leather,sunroof and bose system.

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the north vancouver nissan dealership is full of great people
awesome service and most important of all
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Brenner PA

Brenner Nissan Mechanicsburg/Harrisburg PA.
Great experience buying there 1 year ago. Great service continued. So far had an interior panel replaced, both struts replaced (new design, one failed), tailpipe finisher raised, slight squeak removed, new grille replaced, new lumbar support ordered.

Mostly minor warranty work, but some have been denied at other dealers for exact same work. Lumbar problem was not detected, but they ordered it for me anyway since I said it feels different than one on the lot.
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Old 06-06-2005, 10:17 AM
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Arch Abraham Nissan
Center Ridge Road, Elyria, Ohio

I made an appointment to get my glass etched, and they offered to get me in 15 mins before hours; I showed up 15 mins late and they had no problem with it. Even so they had me out the door and on my way to work in no time.
Cool guys that are very courteous & efficient...they seem to like what they do.
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Old 09-07-2005, 08:39 AM
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Al West Nissan in Rolla MO took good care of me.
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Mission Hills Nissan

I'm a new member to the forum, and from Nor. Cal. Also agree with first poster...Superior Nissan in Mission Hills (in the Valley of So. Cal).
Purchased a 2002 Maxima SE from Craigslist with 29,000. I still own my original 1989 Maxima SE with 180,000.
Owner would NOT do the 30,000 maintenance. Called all dealers in San Jose area and was getting outrageous quotes for over $600.
My Dad lives in Northridge and I phoned Mission Hills Nissan and got a SUPER quote for around $350 for the full service, no scrimping. They could NOT BELIEVE I was going to drive 300+ miles down from San Jose for my service, but I did (and got in a visit with my Dad and step mom). The service was great, nothing to complain about, and the price ROCKED! Totally worth the gas, hotel and food to avoid the high prices here in San Jose on dealer service. Car now has 42,000 and I'm happy as a clam.
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Peoria Nissan FTW! I just got my first service with my new max over there, and let me say they are very fast and efficent. I was very pleased with the service, they diag'ed my SES light and cleared it. I didnt have to pay a dime. I had them switch me over to Mobil one and got a new cabin air filter. If you live in Peoria AZ go see Travis at Peoria Nissan!
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I'd have to say, for those of you in the Dallas area Trophy Nissan and Courtesy is a joke. Head over to Urban Nissan and they'll take care of you. Trust me they took care of me...see>>>>

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Mossy Nissan in El Cajon (San Diego) Cali hooked me up. They own a few Nissan dealerships in the San Diego area, and have their inventory linked on computer. Ask for a specific car, if it's not on the lot you're at, its probably on one of their other locations and they will happily bring the car to you in a few minutes. No hassle / no haggle buying made my purchase very pleasant and friendly in a no pressure atmosphere and I know I got a good deal and felt like I was treated like a king. Picking out my car, signing papers and driving away took a quick 45 minutes. A++
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I live in Washington state. We just bought a new '05 Max SE here but we shopped around first. Originally we thought we would buy a 06 Alt SE-R but I had reservations bc it'll be outdated in 9 months when the new 07s come out. We got a killer offer to buy an 06 SE-R for 26,999 with TCS and SAb. We also got a competing offer from another dealership just $500 over that. We ended up with the max because it was only $25,900--the orginal second sticker was $33,155! Not bad. Plus they were super easy to work with, we called them up and asked them to beat the SE-R price and they did by $1000. So we just drive up there signed the papers and were in and out in 45 minutes. If you live in WA, go to King Nissan in Bellingham. It's worth your drive.
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I purchased my 06 Maxima Se on Jan 21, 2006 from Daytona Nissan, in Daytona, Florida. It was the best car buying experience I have ever had.

I found the car I wanted in their inventory, emailed them with an offer and they responded with an acceptance of the offer. I walked into the dealership on sat the the 21st and bought the car. No haggle once I arrived at the dealership, the price emailed to me as the out the door price remained the out the door price. Since I went alone to the dealership and did not trade in my truck they delivered the car to my office on Monday morning.

Again, it was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I will be visiting them in 2 months to buy a 350 z.
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Took my car to Mark Arbuckle Nissan in Indiana, PA to have them look into a SES code. They looked at my car for a half hour and cleared the code out for no charge. Also had my 300ZX serviced there as well and was very happy. My parents bought their Altima there as well and have been nothing but happy with it.
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I just purchased an 05 SE brand new from Premier Nissan of Portland. The sticker on the car was for 34,700...too much. I negotiated down to 23,900. I think I got a hell of a deal on a new car with an aftermarket grill. I'm very pleased.
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performance peddler

Delete 10 char
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I found a great place to order OEM parts online. They have good prices illustrations of most items, and great customer service. I personally think than better then Courtesy , which everyone seams to rave about??? no clue why

And if your not ordering it's a great place to compare prices.
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Old 03-30-2006, 05:11 AM
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Glick Nissan, Westborough, MA

These guys were great to deal with! No questions asked warranty work, including what looks like some addition replacements of FSB bushings which had nothing to do with the repair that it was in for. They did the work quick, always called me to keep up to udate on my repair. Quick and painless...the way it should be done!

NEVERMIND....See the bad experiences post from 6/5/06....F*&K THEM!!!
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New River Nissan, Christiansburg VA

New River Nissan
Christiansburg, VA
(Highly Recommend)

These guys are very courteous. Everytime I go to them, I don't feel I am going to loose an arm and a leg. They call me each time with an estimate before fixing stuff and make good recommendations as to what minor stuff I can ignore instead of wasting $$$ to fix.

I took my car in for a 105K service to get stuff checked and they forgot to call me before actually servicing. They did the wheel alignement, fuel filter change, oil change, spark plugs and some other stuff which came to a whopping total of $380. I told them I did not approve of all the maintainance they performed without calling me first since I just got the alignment done 1000 miles prior and use full syn. oil instead of what they put in. So they took off the charges and gave me two free oil filters and charged me only $45. Now thats great service.

My flatmate who is/was a member of the org used them too. Walmart stripped some of bolts on the wheels mount (during tire rotation) and wally said they would pay for the stuff to get fixed at the dealership. New River Nissan replaced all the bolts on all wheels and some more and charged it all to Wallymart. Great service.
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Good Dealer in Jax, FL?

ok so ima go trade my car in for a maxima 2000-2003. any ideas on good dealers around jax, fl?
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White Plains Nissan Westchester, New York

I'm not going to go into the whole detail of the problem because it will take about 10 pages, but all I can say is that the White Plains Nissan Service Center ROCKS!!!!

They fixed the issue I had with my new 06'Max. They gave me 3 loaner cars while they had my car in for service, they washed my car and got a free set of all season floor mats for my troubles. Car is looking sharp!!!

The management staff was great!!! The service advisor I was dealing was with great too!!! Everyone was very friendly and actually cared about the customer (me). The service manager really went out of his way to get my issues fixed and accommodated my transporation issues while they had my car.

On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best I give them a SOLID 10.

If you're from the area and need service done on your Nissan take it to White Plains Nissan Service Center on East Post Road White Plains. They will not screw you over there.

Job Well done!!!
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my friend owns a dealership in NJ. so if youre in the area he can find almost any car for you (@ auctions) and will give u a pretty good deal, im sure better than any other dealers in the area.
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has anyone had any good or bad experience at hilltop nissan route 10 NJ ????
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Victor Nissan In Chesterfield, MI. Gave me a car without co-signer and when i got the car i had alittle bit of tranny problems NO CEL. so i beat the hell out of it till the code pop and now there replaceing the tranny under warranty.
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Ordered a replacement mirror from Pinnacle Nissan in FL i think (bought on the internet) and it shipped right away. Great service!
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Courtesy Nissan in Richardson Texas is the best dealer I've ever dealt with.
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Avondale Nissan in AZ seems to have the best service here in the Phoenix area... Several good experiences with them, highly recommended.
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anyone here live in west palm beach FL? if so u no of any good dealerships?
thx in advance =)
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I go to Wayzata Nissan in MN and they seem to have a lot of Master Techs that know the answers for all the issues I have had with my Maxi!!
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