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old member returning with a new question about MT

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old member returning with a new question about MT

Hi everyone:

I posted this question in the Fourth Generation Forum before I realized there was a Fluids and Lubricants forum. My apoliges for the duplicate question. I did read the sticky on the topic. Here is what I posted on the other forum.............

I used to post here years and years ago and am pleased to see the site is still in operation. I can't believe Daniel B. Martin is still around too! He helped me out with several questions years and years ago.

I am the original owner of a 95 Maxima SE with MT. The car is in near mint condition with only 63k miles since I have always had a short commute. When I recently looked at new cars, I have a greater appreciation for the fit and finish of this old car that is probably only worth 3-4k but would cost 20k+ for an equivalent replacement!

Now to my question. I would like to have the MT fluid changed by my mechanic at my favorite Nissan dealership, I am a bit bewildered by the choices and it seems the only choice at the dealership is Quaker State (I think) and I don't know if it is synthetic or not.

I have researched this topic a bit and understand first of all it is very important to use the GL4 gear oil specified for our cars and not GL5.

My questions are:
1. should I use a synthetic transmission oil or try to find a mineral oil (since I'm fairly sure a mineral oil was the factory fill in our cars).
2. my FSM specifies 80-90W oil but all I have found is 75-90, does it matter?
3. I have found Amsoil, Redline and Pennzoil, all offering synthetic 75-90 in GL4. Are any of these brands favored by the board? I'm inclined to go with Pennzoil since they have been around for a long time but Amsoil and Redline are only available from select stores or internet sites although I must say I was impressed with the articles I found on Redline about synchronizer considerations, etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice as to which MT oil I should choose.

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I have a 95 SE, MT, with less than 103,000 one-owner miles on it. I am currently running Castrol GL4 75W-90 synthetic gear oil. I live in British Columbia. I used the Castrol in 2009 when I had my transmission rebuilt and it has been there ever since.

I had the dreaded leaky differential problem and just added gear oil for 3 or 4 years when I developed the leak. At that time I used various GL4 75W or 80W gear oils, including Quaker State. I finally got the leak dealt with when I had a CV boot tear on me.

I would be inclined to go with Amsoil if I were you. I couldn't readily get it at that time.

Are you experiencing any leakage from your transmission seal?. As far as I know all 95 and I believe 96 Maxima's with manual transmissions experienced leakage at about your mileage. That is when mine started and it was long off warranty. The problem is from the shimming of one or both differential carrier bearings at the factory. The problem leads to excessive play and "spalling" of the bearings. Read the write-up on motorvate.ca.

You will experience this problem if you haven't already. I ended up getting the large and small differential carrier bearings and all seals replaced as well as new CV boots. Given the tranny was out I got a new clutch kit thrown in, even though I had 50% left on the OEM clutch.

Just a heads up. I am not trying to be a fear monger, but you will have this problem in due course.

You will also require a 4-wheel alignment.

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Hi Bobo: I was reviewing your message here.

First of all, I was at my Nissan dealership and found out they actually sell Nissan brand GL4, but I believe it was 75-85. Would this be inadequate to use since it does not have the higher 90 rating?

Also, I had never heard of this leaking differential problem. I tried to read about it on motorvate.ca but website was not found. Can you direct me to the discussion on this issue? My MT has been leak free (except for a leaky position sensor switch which I had replaced).

many thanks
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