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Moment of victory for my i30 radio repair

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Moment of victory for my i30 radio repair

Hey all,
So I have been having issues with my I30's radio for almost a year now. As you all probably know the BOSE/Clarion units can be unreliable and finicky, but I finally fixed it for good this morning and it sounds awesome. Here are all the trial and error things I did.
First I replaced the stock radio with another stock and the new one failed to work. this made me buy a new Kenwood radio (I forget the model) but that had its own issues due to the Bose speakers being 1olm, so it never sounded good. I returned that and kept my stock radio in the car. (it had a broken tape drive and CDs skipped).
Then I found another Bose unit from the junkyard, this one was out of a 97 Q45 and it had a bad display, but I knew the old radio's display worked so I swapped them. This worked! However, the issue now was that only the back speakers worked and the fronts were far too quiet. I don't know too much about audio, but I suspected that the front ones were maybe worn out or blown, I found some Bose speakers from a junkyard I30 and those too did the same thing. I had no idea what was going on until about 3 months later I looked into the issue deeper. I remembered that with the original stereo the audio played through all the speakers. So I began to troubleshoot and I found out it was something to do with the faceplates on the Bose unit. I swapped it again with another junkyard one and now the front speakers worked but the backs didn't. This is when I knew the face plates were the issue. I went today to source another Bose faceplate and found one out of a trashed 97 I30. After the install, the radio worked! All the speakers sound balanced and the tape deck and CD player work every time. I couldn't be more pleased when I heard all the speakers work. I found it interesting that the faceplates were the issue. I tried three different ones; maybe the solder joints were pad so the connections to the main board were not making good contact, who knows.

Now my 1997 I30's audio sounds great, after so many disassemblies of the radio I can finally call it on this repair for my car. The only thing left is to fix the antenna.

Well, guys and gals I hope all is well and keep driving those A32 Nissans/Infinitis. \
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I'm glad you got you radio problems worked out. There is a learning curve involved with everything.

When you were swapping face plates, I cringed. What you weren't aware of is that the internal design of the Clarion radios change almost yearly, making part swapping a very questionable task. You found this out.

Another thing is when you tried to put in a non-Bose radio. In order to do this and have it power the speakers correctly, you need to use a line level adaptor such as the PAC Roem NIS-1 so you don't over-drive the 1 ohm Bose speakers.
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I found that out very quickly with the faceplates, I was using the same year faceplates but it didn't matter.

When I installed the Kenwood I bought all the correct adapters and things but I didn't like the sound. It worked but it was just not good enough. I also like the stock look with the Clarion radio, but that is just preference.

If this faceplate radio combo dies anytime soon I will be ripping out everything and installing new speakers and wires with a new head unit, but I don't want to spend that kind of money yet, as I am a student and money is tight.

Anyway thanks for the reply.
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