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90 VE5 - 35k on engine, 100k on chassis

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90 VE5 - 35k on engine, 100k on chassis

The time has come to let her go to someone who will appreciate her. Iíve had (4) 3rd gens over the last 14 years (and one parts car), but this was always the baby which I thought Iíd keep forever, sigh. Iíll be moving to the east coast in a few months and wonít be able to take her with me.

We are the original owners. My mom bought the car in 1990 and I inherited it in 2003. It had around 70k when I took it on. In 2006, the timing slipped (only had 98k) and after lots of research and help from my 5th gen buddy mrp3rs0n, we swapped in a JDM VE engine with 35k (bought for $650 from CNS Motors here in LA) and also did a 5spd tranny swap. This entailed us swapping the entire wiring harness from a 92 SE.

From 2008-2011, it was mainly a weekend car which I would take out for joy rides; I put less than 4k miles on the car over this time. In 2012, I started a new job and over the last five years sheís been in my driveway and Iíve basically only started her up occasionally to keep the fluids moving, etc. The chassis has 102k on it, the JDM engine had ~35k when I bought it and I put less than 4k on it.

Hereís what else she has on her right now:

- ST Sway Bars
- WSP Y Pipe
- H&R Springs (yes, theyíre legendary!)
- KYB GR2 Struts
- 97-99 SE wheels
- Nitto tires

- It does have a salvage title from the damage to the right rear.
- It has not been registered since 2013, so depending on where you live, youíll have to figure this out.

In addition to the car, Iíll basically be throwing in all of my 3rd gen stuff, which will include the following plus whatever else I find in my garage.

- Wade headlight covers
- Right rear quarter panel from my parts car if you want to cut it off and weld, rather than just punching it out.
- Stock wheels
- Parts needed for 5spd swap minus the tranny (was planning on doing another one but never did it)
- VE5 ECU (car currently has a VE auto ECU)
- A few bottles of Redline MT90

I wonít be interested in parting out the car since I donít have the time with my expected move coming up. I'm asking $1400.

The 3rd gen family has been a wonderful family to be a part of and I can sincerely say it shaped my knowledge of cars forever.

(All pics are current, taken in March, 2017)

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Your moving on too eh?
You def stuck it out for a long time.
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