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WHEELS FOR SALE Rules...Read BEFORE Posting!

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Forum Rules & Wheels Faq-read Before Posting!!!!!

This forum is for wheels/tires only. Anything else posted will be closed/deleted..

When selling wheels, post the following if possible:
1. Diameter
2. Width
3. Offset
4. Bolt pattern (I.E: 5 x 114.3)
4. Finish (I.E: silver, chrome, etc.)
5. Condition

When selling tires list a size, tread remaining. Post a picture if possible, it's worth a thousand words.

Useful links:

Discount Tire Direct
Edge Racing
Miata Garage (tire size calculator, etc.)

Maxima Specifications:

Bolt Pattern: 4 x 114.3
Centerbore: (PM me)
Range of offsets: (PM me)

Bolt Pattern: 5 x 114.3


15" x 6.5" 95-99 SE/GLE 40mm
16" x 6.5" 97-99 SE 40mm
16" x 6.5" 00-01 SE/GLE 40mm
16" x 6.5" 00-01 GXE 40mm
17" x 7" 00-03 SE 45mm
17" x 7" 02/03 GLE 40mm
18" x 8" 350Z 30mm


15" x 6.5" 95-99 40mm
16" x 6.5" I30t 45mm
16" x 7" Q45 40mm
16" x 6.5" 00/01 I30 45mm
17" x 7.5" Q45t 30mm
17" x 7" I30t 45mm
17" x 7" I35 40mm
17" x 7" I35 sport 45mm
17" x 7" G35 45mm
17" x 7" G35 sport 45mm
17" x 7.5" 02 Q45 40mm
18" x 7.5" Q45 45mm
18" x 7.5" M45 35mm
18" x 8" G35 coupe 30mm

Centerbore on all 89+ Nissan/Infiniti cars is 66.1mm
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WHEELS FOR SALE Rules...Read BEFORE Posting!

New rules in classified section...

* Must state a selling price. No "PM your offer, I"ll take the highest one" type crap. Ebay is Ebay and we are not that. We do not conduct auctions here. If you want the highest bidder, then go to Ebay. If you set a price and someone offers it, you are ETHICALLY binded to that deal. Your are not breaking any laws by holding out for more, but as a person you are morally wrong.

* No feelers. Either the item is for sale, or it isn't. If it isn't, don't start a thread. If it is, say so.

* You must enter in what it is for sale in the title. If theres Multiple items, then list at least one primary.

* No for sale threads solely to link your ebay auction. People understand how to use ebay. If they want to look on ebay for an auction selling the equipment you are offering for sale, they know how. So don't spam them here. Thsi will cut down alot of useless threads as well as posts asking for more details.

* No offering items for sale while there is atleast one unresolved negative feedback thread about you.

* No post dumping. Absolutely NOONE likes to be dumped on. I will personally enforce this. If you dont like the price, dont buy it. If you think its too high, dont buy it. If you found it elsewhere for less, go buy it. End of story. There is absolutely no need to bring someones product as well as their own esteem down. If you have nothing to contribute. DONT POST ! It doesnt get much simplier.

* If you have multpile items for sale, list them in one thread. There is absolutely no need to play "up my post count" games by making multiple threads.

* If your item(s) do not sell, bump the thread. Do NOT make another thread. You may also want to consider other things such as lowering the price,offering more,etc. This is YOUR discretion though, not what other people suggest.

* Bumping is encouraged, but dont get carried away. You can do it every once in awhile to keep your thread afloat, but dont start doing it every hour. Its just simply annoying and serves no purpose. People are aware that theres more than one page in the classifieds and I think members here are smart enough to know how to go to the next one.

* PLEASE stay on topic. If you want to discuss something, go to the appropriate forum for it.

We have a good friendly type forum here, by following these simple as well as very reasonable rules we can continue to get along well and hopefully have alot of fair transactions.
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Before buying, make sure you're getting the best deal in working with trustworthy people.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENTS! Unless you are dealing with trustworthy sellers on the Good side of the sellers list, do not use Paypal or Western Union to transfer money because if fraud becomes the end result, you will lose your money and you will not get any help from Western Union or Paypal. Some people say they've had good experiences with Paypal but some haven't.

That's all for now but we are looking into ways to make transactions here solid.


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