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So your window switchs are not working......

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So your window switchs are not working......

As with any ageing car things stop working and such but lucky for us 80s Nissan owners most of the switch's can be cleaned easy, my drivers window decided it didn't want to go up again so it was switch cleaning time.....

you will need:
small flat head
medium/large philips
gentle hands
finer grit sand paper
a few drinks

First pull switch out of door, there is the one screw in the arm where you grab to close the door, a little cover is over it, take a small screw driver and pop the plug out, a bigger Philips head screw driver to get the screw out under it, slid the arm rest back, from there you can pop the switch panel out, undo the plug on the back side.

Have a work area ready you about to get into the small stuff, first you need to take the cover off the switch box by removing the 3 screws that hold them together then the fun begins

you need to take the back cover off, what I found works the best is take the small screw driver and put just off the edge of the tab that holds it in, trying to pry right where the tab is will break the thinner part where the tab slides in, wedge the tip of the screw driver between the parts and gently pry up, start on one end get the tab out of the slot do the middle then the other end, once you get that far the cover will come out easy just be sure that the row of pins for the plug don't try to come with.

Next you need to do the same thing for the switch board a little more fun since it's farther down but the tabs are a bit smaller, you are going to want the switches down as you pull it out since there are small parts that will fall out, once you have it out if you flip it over you will see all the contacts

At this point have a drink because the hard part is over and you deserve it if you haven't broken any 30 year old plastic.

Now it's time to clean, as you can see the light spot on the contact, thats where it's still conducting electricity (not the one that was the issue)

My preferred method is to take some sand paper kind of on the finer side, take a small strip about a 1/4 wide, fold it in half, put it between contacts, push the contacts together, don't need to use a whole bunch of force just enough so they are both touching the sand paper, and pull the sand paper out.

and boom it's clean, since you have it apart might as well do them all and not just the one that wasn't working. Blow dust off, put back together, install back in the car, I would say go for a drive but you have been drinking so just roll up your window that wouldn't go up and go back in a have a few more drinks
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Drivers window not working

Good advise, I did all mine. Then the drivers window quit working again. This time it was the window relay located inside the drivers door.
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