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tail light fuse blows?? help

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tail light fuse blows?? help

ok, i changed my girls tails light bulbs and now when i go to turn on the lights, right as i hit the brake, it blows the fuse. please help me. is it the bulb isnt sitting right or what? please help me out here, she needs her maxima. thanks
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There are a number of things that could cause that problem. You could have the bulbs shoved into the sockets wrong, or you could have used the wrong bulbs, or there could be some other problem, like a bad ground connection.
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that was my problem. the bulb was loose in the socket (didn't illuminate the high-wattage [brake] filament so i tapped the bulb and it came on... well apparently that melted the contacts into each other enough to short the WHOLE system, sending 25A into a 15A fuse so it kept blowing. Instantaneously. I removed the bulb, drove home with just 5 working brakelights (haha JUST 5... i see a ton of people who are stupid and don't have but 1 working light. retards) and put in a spare i already had from my extra set of tails. Worked fine since.
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I had the same problem, melted contacts i had spare tails on a part car so i just replaced the whole assembly... problem solved
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One of the right brake bulb sockets melted inside and was causing all types of problems.
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This seems to be a common prob, mine did the same except it didn't get to the point of blowing fuses. I went to the JY and most of the circuit boards I found were the same.
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