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Wheel bearing replacement require alignment?

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Wheel bearing replacement require alignment?

When replacing a front wheel bearing, you have to pull off the hub to have the bearing pressed out and the new one pressed in. And to remove the hub, you have to remove the two bolts that connect to the strut. Now removing these two bolts will knock the alignment out, correct?

I just called a shop to get a quote on a front wheel bearing replacement and I asked does the price include an alignment and the guy told me it doesn't require an alignment. I said if you remove the two bolt on the strut that it will knock out the alignment. And the guy said those two bolts don't affect the alignment and that he has been doing this for 15 years, blah blah blah. Now this place was a Goodyear which works on every make and model so I'm assuming he was mistaken.
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Usually yes. Camber can easily get messed up on a job like this. While you have the spindle off...might want to check the ball joint and any control arm bushing that might need replacement.
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I know when I got my ball bearing replaced I def had to get a alignment...
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Well its never a "BAD" idea to get an alignment after steering/suspension has been r&r'd however ,I have replaced probably hundreds of wheel bearings and/or ball joints and no need for alignment. this isnt just from assuming either.Way back in the day(haha) we experimented with this at the shop I worked at. I think all in all we checked about 10 or so after such a repair and it was never out of spec (we also checked befor hand) and a couple of times it didnt even change at all. Of course we always mark things so we can put them back so I am sure that helps!
Of course it is important to remember a change in any one of the 3 major components of alignment(camber ,caster ,and toe) effects the othe two.
All of this is maybe too much info(sorry) but what I am saying is ...
It doesnt hurt to get an alignment ,but its not needed if done properly.
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wen I had my struts changed, I thought my steering would be out of whack but it wasnt
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better to be safe than sorry!
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