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Remanufactured fuel injectors good or not?

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Remanufactured fuel injectors good or not?

After a long battle to fix my cold stalling in drive mode at stops I broke down and took my car to the dealer and found out my injectors are going bad and are running too lean because they old and gummed up.

I noticed brand new OEM injectors cost a fortune. I started looking on-line and found that has remanufactured OEM GB Manufacturing for $32.79 + a $15.00 core.

Autozone has "new ones" by Gp-Sorensen / Fuel Injector Part Number:



1 YR


Any experience on these. If I'm going to spend the money and time I'm shying away from used one on the org. Also I would need to get OEM Upper and Lower O rings and insulator for each replacement injector correct?

Thanks for your input in advanced!
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Whatchyou say?
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Posted in your other thread .... but I'm here so why not.

I had a couple of bad injectors on an old Nissan Stanza (91) that I had to replace and mine came with the 'O' rings (top and bottom) so ... I dunno. You'd have to check with whoever you get them through. If it were me and I planed on keeping the car, I'd go new as well. Doesn't sound like you're getting rid of the old girl just yet, so good call. 186k is a lot on injectors. hehehehee

^^^^ 'O' Ring kit - looks like you would need it after a little reading.
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I just got back from Autozone. I took a look at the Gp-Sorensen / Fuel Injector they sell for $80.00. They let me look at it out of the package. It's pretty damn good quality! All the O rings come on it even the insulator! If you handed it to someone they could mistake it for a Nissan OEM injector. The connector and plastic parts are molded out of very high quality plastic not like some of the OEM "like" parts that have plastic boogers stuck on the edges from the molding process, which never quite seat correctly onto harnesses.

If I decide to replace my injectors I'm definitely going the Autozone route. I never used to shop at Autozone, but I'm definitely sold now! I also picked up a Napa Gold (Wix) fuel filter seeing as it's never been replaced in 186K. I'll do that tonight.

Definitely Autozone fuel injectors FTW! All the Way!
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