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Maxima Crapped Itself

Old 02-10-2019, 09:25 AM
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Maxima Crapped Itself

First time Maxima owner, 1996 Maxima GXE V6. Bought it as is for $700. with 250,515 miles.
Ran it down the street OK. Didn't sound steller but was decent. Idle was fine, acceleration, etc, fine, wasn't missing or sputtering. Sucker took off and did well.
But went later to drive it home and it seemed like everything just went out. It stalled on the runway. Had to run it like a clutch almost. One foot on the gas, one on the brake just to get it out of gear. Not one check engine light. In park, when you rev it, you have to tickle it just to get a decent idle sound. Otherwise it sounds like everything under the sun is wrong.
Next day, it's back to "good." Only code that comes up is a knock sensor. Whatever idiot had it before never heard of "tune-up." replaced the fuel filter which was completely clogged. Guy that I bought it from replaced the plugs (I seriously doubt her replaced them all - especially that back plug). He said they were burnt.
Ran it down to put gas in, ran it back. Maybe 5 - 10 minutes running time. Did great! Thought that fixed it. Turned it off, started again just fine, tested it down the street, 2 minutes later it shut off. Again having to drive it like a clutch just to get it back to the shop.
Parts shop says he'd bet it's the knock sensor. Suggested I take off battery cables, connect them to reset the computer, that may get me the 5 - 7 miles home. He said if it died again on the way I may need to repeat the process.
He further suggested replacing the knock sensor.

Insight? Suggestions? Advice?
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Old 02-10-2019, 12:42 PM
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It is NOT the knock sensor. The car will run OK with a bad one. Not optimal, but won't cause your symtoms.

It sounds like it's having problems with either a vacuum leak somewhere, or the idle air control valve needs to be cleaned out.
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Old 02-10-2019, 01:02 PM
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I remember that behavior when the MAF failed.
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Originally Posted by CS_AR View Post
I remember that behavior when the MAF failed.
Can't be just a $5.00 part can it? lol
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Originally Posted by AD-6SkyRaider View Post
Can't be just a $5.00 part can it? lol
Dude ... you bought a 4th generation Nissan Maxima.

There are no $5.00 parts.

Want $5.00 parts? You shoulda bought a 23 year old General Motors product.
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Yeah it was just a joke
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GM being cheap is a myth. They have cars that cost $1000 to replace the alternator
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Get your parts at a wrecking yard. Its a cheap way to fix things. Clean your MAF or get one at a junkyard. Only use NGK spark plugs.
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This sounds like it is most likely multiple things needing attention.

I'd look into the MAF like CS_AR mentioned, but add the IACV and Throttle Body cleaning or replacement if necessary as well! And agree that a NEW set of NGK plugs be installed.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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Any chance the engine compartment was recently pressure washed?

Many a MAF and Knock sensor have been ruined by a pressure washer. Those are two items that you do not allow to get wet.
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That sounds like a faulty MAF sensor which is a common thing to mess up on NIssan's in general.
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