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Been absent for some time, seeing as my maxima has been gone for a year, just wondering how many of you guys have had issues with the VIAS plate screws coming loose?

I found a video on youtube of a guy who had the same problem, Not sure what his situation was, but he said he found a chunk of metal in his engine, which 99% likely was the vias screw. In the QR25/R50 Pathfinders they end up like chunks of metal after they get beat up and bounced around lol.

Anyways, if you've read this far you've probably determined that my Dads 02 Maxima with 70K miles on it has eaten a vias screw in the #2 cylinder. Completely out of no where, one day my dad was driving it, noticed it had started a little funny the day before but thought nothing of it, went to the gas station, turned it off and bam, starts it up and it was rattling like crazy! No oil burning or cat issues prior, plenum has only been off once to do spark plugs but aside from that nothing has ever been touched internally.

Anyways the run time is less than a minute so im going to see if i can save the engine. Already have the timing covers and all accesories off, tomorrow the head will come off.

On a good note, I have access to a set of brand new Nismo VQ35 cams for the VQ35. Kinda seems like a loss cause but i can get them for a smoking deal and ill have all the stuff off anyways. Unless anyone on here is interested in them.

Ill post up some pictures of the damage, hopefully its not too bad, it may just need a piston which i have access to several fwd VQ35 motors i can pillage for parts.
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No problem with mine but took it off and put the NWP Block Off Plate!!
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PM me price & info on the cams...
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price on cams??
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