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ECU Programming

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ECU Programming

Anyone know where I can go to get an ECU programmed. I want to turn off the rear O2 sensors.
I installed a new Y-pipe, and started getting codes. I suspected the one remaining cat is on its way out.
So I installed an O2 extender. No luck. So I figured I might as well hollow out the front cat and trick the O2 sensors by simulating a good signal.
. Cant get that to work either. So, I want the ECU reprogrammed.
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has to be an 02 or newer or like 95 or 97 and older. if it's a 99 to 01 you are required by moral ethical code to go F your self cause everyone hates the 3.0s :P

EDIT: binary tuning is THE GUY that made tuning even possible on 5th gens.
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Originally Posted by cdoublejj View Post
has to be an 02 or newer or like 95 or 97 and older. if it's a 99 to 01 you are required by moral ethical code to go F your self cause everyone hates the 3.0s :P

EDIT: binary tuning is THE GUY that made tuning even possible on 5th gens.
How come everywhere I go, "THE GUY" that you and everyone else are referring to, always gets 100% credit for the open source tuning we have now. The real guy, who actually made it possible to dump and flash these roms by creating a custom kernel called NISkern, and the the actual program called NISprog, and then blessed us by releasing it open source, never gets credit. Here, facebook and elsewhere. He goes by the name fenugrec. Now I dont want to take away any of the credit by "THE GUY" at binary tuning (I wont mention his user name here out of respect. He can chime in if he wants). He has definitely contributed a ton of work and has helped many and deserves credit. However, the person who actually made it possible and never gets mentioned is fenugrec. He is still around and still develops. One could assume that maybe they are the same person but, I find it strange that the same person would have conversations with himself using two different names on a public forum. Possible, but odd and unlikely.

Here is the old crowdsupply page by fenugrec to help fund the project:

Now I am not familiar with the details, but these ecu's have been cracked before by other people and then picked up by large tuning companies(UPRev) and were forced to cease or not release their work. With that being said, fenugrec could have possibly made decent money marketing his hard work, but instead made it open source for everyone, for what I see as a small incentive from people who participated in the crowdsupply page.

Sorry about the rant, but im tired of seeing this person not getting credit and wonder why "THE GUY" doesn't correct anyone either.

Want to learn this yourself or have something to contribute? Check this out:

Dont have time or just dont care to learn? Try "THE GUY' at binary tuning on FB or Darren at NISformance or UHR Tuning also on FB. All three of these people use the free, open source program, created by fenugrec. Yes, you will pay for it, but you are paying for a service from someone who actually knows what they are doing. ECU tuning is not easy for everyone and it takes time and knowledge to do it right. Well worth the money if you cant or wont do it yourself.

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