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Help! I'm new here and have a question....

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Scratch or Paint Pen for Charcoal Maxima?

I've found some generic scratch removal pens online but was wondering if anyone had success with one in particular or if someone found one that actually matches the color of my car. Bought a 2014 with 2 light scratched on the passenger side
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Originally Posted by Drivez2fast View Post
Hopefully someone here has seen it.None of my audio controls are functioning and there is no audio.I was driving and the sound cut out and this has been on the display ever since.I took it to my local Nissan dealer and figured I'd ask. The guy in the service department wouldn't even look at it and said I'd have to schedule a service appointment and pay to have a technician run a diagnostics on it . I'd rather get it replaced than pay just to find out what's wrong with it and still have to pay to get it fixed or replaced. Ideally, it's something that I can fix myself. Has anyone seen or dealt with this?

I had the same issue a few times. Not really sure what fixed it but I know when I replaced my battery and made sure the terminals were properly connected, it did the trick.
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Done a lot a research and am not clear on an answer.
I seen black series headlights on ebay for a 2011 Maxima SV. All the headlights claim "not for use with factory hid". I have xenon lights and am wandering if there is anyone that figured out a solution or are there headlights for xenon setups (and im just not looking hard enough)? Thanks in advance
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New member here. Just picked up a '14 Maxima SV with Sport Package with 34k on the clock.

So far, I'm loving it. Gonna see if it's still under warranty (it is for miles, not sure about years) as it's got two issues. The driver's taillight gets condensation in it and the driver's seat feels like it rocks back under harder acceleration and then forward on braking.

But, it doesn't feel like a loose mount at the floor, it feels like it's the center insert in the seat itself. Very weird.

Another question though, mine has memory seating and was just curious if any of these had the option where the seat goes back and the steering wheel goes up when you turn the car off? Then it would return to the last memory setting when you get in and hit the button. My '13 Optima from a few years ago did this. Was just curious.
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Removing rear seat, non folding down 2012


I installed some Godspeed coilovers and want to adjust the dampener. I sure don't want to remove the suspension if possible and wondering if I can access the top of the coilovers by removing rear seat, if easier.

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Hey guys, new here and don't even own a Maxima yet. Later this week, I'll be test driving a '08 and a '09. I was hoping you guys could tell me what to watch and listen for as far as common problem areas and whether to lean towards the '08 or the '09, barring the obvious being one year newer. Looking for major common problems of course, but also wanting to know about small items that typically fail.
. Both cars have about 90k miles and the '08 is around $9k and the '09 is about $11k. Seem like a decent price for my area (Pittsburgh, PA), or should I continue to shop around?
. Any advice is appreciated! Once I buy one, I'll most likely become a regular here!
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Hi im new on this forum and I have a question, my check engine ligth went on, it gave me the code for the oil temperature sensor P0197, i got the switch from nissan now I need to know were is this swith located, It is the one next to the oil filter?, because that sensor its not the same as the one that i got from nissan, its for a 2009 maxima, hope that you guys can help me with this.


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Hey everyone!

My dad's got a 2009 PJ32 Teana from Japan (manufacture run June 2008).
It has the Bose system in it with the colour screen navigation unit. The nav system recently stopped working.
The animated "NISSAN" lettering shows up, flashes and then disappears off screen. It then loops ad infinitum like that.
We've disconnected the battery to hard reset it to no avail.

It looks like a new nav system will be needed. Nissan has discontinued the part (25915-JN20B or later JN28B) , however and thus this has turned into a bit of a nightmare.
I've searched Yahoo Auctions Japan and I can find pretty much every other variant for the Teanas of that time except for the JN20B/JN28B that my dad needs.

Comparison of the rear of the broken unit and the alternative units I've found online.

Does anyone have any idea what the missing port might be or what it could control? Alternatively, does anyone know how to modify one of the units with the missing port to work with the Teana?
I did find a seller online who seems to have done so but he's charging way more than we can afford to spend on this (about $1000, which would come to a landed cost of $3000 or so locally owing to super high customs duties here). https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Conversion-o...i2hH:rk:2:pf:0 (hope it's ok I've included the link here. Please let me know if not).

Would really appreciate any input I can get here!
Thanks everyone.
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Exclamation Idler & tensioner pulley replacement

hey guys, looking for a DIY how to guide on idler and tensioner pulley replacement for my wifes 2010 maxima. Been squeaking for a while. Time to replace and trade the car in. Ive searched this forum and others, along with google and youtube, and have came up empty handed. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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Hi there,

Brand new member here looking to ask relevant questions before looking to purchase a 7th gen Maxima.

Year: First off does it matter which year I purchase: 2012-2014? I know mileage is important and the lower the better and therefore a balance of year of the vehicle vs low mileage is key, but is there a year youíd recommend?

Key problems: given Iím narrowing in on a 2012-2014 Maxima, what are some of the key issues I should look for in a pre-owned vehicle?

Any other things I should look for? This is the first time Iím purchasing a pre owned vehicle and I love the look of the 7th hen Maxima and am dying to make mods to it!

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Iíve had my 09 max for a few years now, Iíve been through three new plastic intake manifolds. They keep cracking from heating up and cooling down all the time. I was wondering if anyone has found a cast iron or aluminum intake that would fit?
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Originally Posted by 7thgenmax93 View Post
Iíve had my 09 max for a few years now, Iíve been through three new plastic intake manifolds. They keep cracking from heating up and cooling down all the time. I was wondering if anyone has found a cast iron or aluminum intake that would fit?

Never heard of this problem on this site, so since it is so rare I highly doubt there would be any third party manifolds made from different materials out there. Since you have had three failures I would be looking at closely at installation techniques especially the torque specs. If the problem was due to heat/ cycles then it would be everyone's problem.
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Thanks for the response, Iím sure I got the torque right for all three I did it right off prodemand with a calibrated torque wrench, Im not entirely sure itís due to heat issues but I know that most of the heat from the engine is right in that area because I had the paint on my hood actually start to bubble up over a long drive. Around 600 miles. Temp gauge in the car was reading normal but the hood definitely had a hot spot right above where the intake would crack. So I just assumed that would be the issue. Iíve seen what look like older manifolds on 7th gens that didnít look like they were plastic so Iím hoping to find some information
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Does anyone get a simple solution for Bluetooth music in a 2009 Maxima without the tech package? I don't have an ipod connector.
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