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Popping Noise During Acceleration

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Popping Noise During Acceleration

I wanted to share my story for other '16 Nissan owners just in case anyone else was running into similar issues.

I purchased my '16 Maxima SV about 3 weeks ago. Within the first few hours of ownership, I noticed a slight popping noise coming from under the car whenever I accelerated from a stop or was slowing down to a stop. I described the noise as a tennis ball hitting underneath the car.

I took it back into the dealership and asked the salesman to ride along so that he could hear the noise for himself. The salesman heard the noise and immediately told me that it wasn't a big deal and that it must be the struts were just breaking themselves in...

I drove it for another week and the noise seemingly got worse. I was scheduled to get my windows tinted at the Nissan dealership (had the dealer throw it in for free with the purchase of the car ) so while I was there I had a mechanic ride with me. He was pretty confused by the noise and didn't want me driving the car until they were able to figure out what it was. They set me up with a rental and I was on my way.

Three days later they called and said that they had identified and fixed the problem. It was a loose motor mount. The car drives perfectly fine now, but again, I just wanted to put this out there in case other drivers were experiencing the same thing. Don't want anyone else having to go 3 days without their baby!

TL;DR - Popping noise coming from under the car during starting and stopping. Loose motor mount found and fixed.
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This post saved me!
Had a similar sound on my SR, just went in for the passenger seat recall, and mentioned this also.
Showed them a print out of your post for a good starting point.
Within no time they found "Lower subframe bolt broken. Remounted and adjusted subframe"

Now I haven't been recreating Dukes of Hazzard jump scenes or anything, so I have no idea how it would have broken. assuming it was a large bolt, which I would have thought if it was attaching the subframe of the car.
They did not specify where it was, although I should have asked.
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