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Mycoolg's 5.5 Build (Engine Build, Stance and more)

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Mycoolg's 5.5 Build (Engine Build, Stance and more)

Old 06-04-2015, 10:35 AM
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Mycoolg's 5.5 Build (Engine Build, Stance and more)

Hello all, my name is Anthony. And i just want to start out by saying this thread is gonna be filled with pics, isnt that the point? Its gonna include my 2000 maxima and a little more.

Let me start from the beginning my garage queen is a 2007 Infiniti G35 6MT coupe. I bought it back in 2011 with 54k on it and she was bone stock.

Name:  Picture631.jpg
Views: 1410
Size:  185.4 KB

Here she is in 2014

Name:  375684CC-BD2A-4747-9CF7-FD37AD31B65E_zpsh7q4apf8.jpg
Views: 1453
Size:  200.9 KB
Name:  4F2B9AF9-1912-45D1-A0F7-E58130104327_zpsmrsrqhtq.jpg
Views: 1469
Size:  204.6 KB

One of the main things i take pride in, in my cars is that everything done to them is done in house. Everything on my G i did in my garage. From the polish tucked engine bay, to the coilovers camber arms and other suspension mods. The only thing i dont touch is paint and body work.

Now around summer 2013 I decided I was putting too many miles on the G (it was at almost 90k at the time) I need a daily. So picked up a 2000 auto Grey Luste GXE with 115k, she was a plain jane no sunroof no spoiler, cloth seats, no fogs, no bose, completely stock

Name:  DC75F05B-824F-41DE-ABA5-B3247BBFF4B4-5562-0000037B108CCE38_zpsbc8fc855.jpg
Views: 1447
Size:  400.8 KB
Name:  AD49AA53-E2DD-4FB4-9A68-2D5BE20B6A96-5562-0000037B06E819E4_zps268f293b.jpg
Views: 1412
Size:  416.0 KB

This car was the wheel *****, it had about 10 sets of wheels in the 2 years i had it.

G35 rays, at this point i had also added SE tail lights
Name:  6331C054-CA56-46CD-8302-9E09616E4CA2-5562-0000037B28ECB6CD_zpsdb8574e8.jpg
Views: 1389
Size:  360.0 KB

The first set of 350z Anniversary wheels, when i first got it the hood flew up thats why its got a black hood now, also got some ebay headlights and lip. Also had put on some Ksport springs
Name:  94C2E29C-0F4D-4818-BC30-83FE44590F5C-5562-0000037B5C3FD07A_zpsa81f5905.jpg
Views: 1449
Size:  290.2 KB

2009 Maxima 18s

Name:  D6674201-F714-4C6D-A7BA-444AC9AE010F.png_zpsimmlg8pf.jpeg
Views: 1423
Size:  161.6 KB

Rays GGames 99bs that were for the G
Name:  D46EE42C-CD2A-44A8-A2AD-4B32B1A9C6A1.png_zpskhnbhhzs.jpeg
Views: 1366
Size:  145.7 KB

370z Rays, also traded trunks with a local friend who wanted to go wingless
Name:  9A0C4306-85B3-48B2-BCCA-5E8972E7DB1C.png_zpsbclrbwlc.jpeg
Views: 1423
Size:  109.4 KB

At this point, the stock 14 year old struts were starting to go and get real bouncy. So i decided to cough up some money and bought a set of Megan Track Coilovers. Also got its second set of 350z anniversay wheels which i threw on some new stretch tires and spacers. These would stay with the car.
Name:  FDC2DB0B-5A71-46C4-A341-81E6BD1FD2EE.png_zpsichosppe.jpeg
Views: 1479
Size:  158.3 KB

That got the ball rolling for some big mods, I then swapped in some black leather seats and dyed the roof and pillars all black.

I would pick up a set of 02-03 Headlights, 02-03 side skirts and decided to plastidip the entire car
Name:  F92CE829-F5F2-48CF-8FC3-EB1CE2119B58.png_zpsdbixd3oc.jpeg
Views: 1418
Size:  188.6 KB

To complete the 02-03 conversion, I found the front bumper with a Stillen lip locally
Name:  93581191-A241-41E4-B65B-09395F8E51BE.png_zpsggsn2onn.jpeg
Views: 1333
Size:  164.8 KB
Name:  2570A7A7-4CF9-42DA-901F-24D44C18BC7C.png_zpshjngqywa.jpeg
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Size:  144.1 KB
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Old 06-04-2015, 10:38 AM
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And thats pretty much how she was until i traded it for the 2002 I own now. Here it is, a fully loaded 2002 6spd Pearl White SE with 180k

Name:  D205CFCD-933D-476D-BF55-935FC5AECD5B_zpsux0i7vyh.jpg
Views: 1413
Size:  268.8 KB
Name:  8D7BC16A-72FA-4E77-9068-DA1518F6AC16_zps2aubkl5w.jpg
Views: 1420
Size:  221.2 KB
Name:  4B3E84AD-0E14-43F2-BDAB-4641BDE6E008_zps6c1oolnm.jpg
Views: 1483
Size:  275.1 KB

The car came with HotShot Headers, Ypipe, 2.5in piping and a progress RSB and in the trade is kept my suspension and wheels

Now less than 2 weeks after getting the car, im driving to work and it just doesnt feel right. I get to work get out the car i with still running and all i can hear is KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. The motor had caught a bad rod knock. Just my luck right?

Well it just so happened that me and few other friends all had the next day off, so.....
Name:  BEE41B59-E2C3-4659-B651-E1400AF9D924_zpsvlzkfqlu.jpg
Views: 1344
Size:  202.3 KB

2010 short block with 30k on it
Name:  1FA67AE2-6768-4ACD-9903-BF430F5D65A0_zpswmklfodg.jpg
Views: 1411
Size:  237.8 KB

After some cleaning
Name:  13DD620F-9D5D-4BFF-8C7A-13B3E51ED9B4_zpssdafisgs.jpg
Views: 1418
Size:  257.4 KB

After putting in the new main bearings
Name:  A0E50F0A-E3E2-483B-8799-B4B701569A7D_zpsohxtu14q.jpg
Views: 1386
Size:  221.8 KB

Disassembling the old motor
Name:  142178AB-0829-41C9-B7CD-BCEAA32DC867_zpskre9vees.jpg
Views: 1326
Size:  229.6 KB

Cleaning the heads
Name:  0BAD8BA5-8553-4D1A-8E06-239400AD6976_zpsazvylltc.jpg
Views: 1397
Size:  378.4 KB

Heads rear timing cover, and timing set, waiting to get back the timing cover coolant hard lines and intake manni back from the powder coater
Name:  C1DEFF50-D886-440A-A0DF-6EE077EE9A74_zpshuelivyg.jpg
Views: 1394
Size:  249.7 KB

Name:  C08265E5-F73C-41AB-9E47-39794A2981A1_zpsdflrb6un.jpg
Views: 1379
Size:  156.4 KB

Timing cover, exhaust, oil pan, motor mounts and beam back on
Name:  E4425D70-C1DE-4CAE-91FE-49B8B1D391E6_zpsy71lf5ul.jpg
Views: 1371
Size:  217.1 KB

Attached back the tranny and all the accessories and it was ready to go back in
Name:  176ACACC-76A4-4493-BF2B-D3B197D9B9FC_zps8ih53gnv.jpg
Views: 1368
Size:  237.1 KB

Back in and running! also while the car was sitting i sold the anniversary wheels and picked up a set of SE 17s, tires werent too good though
Name:  9E40DA7E-F757-4461-A9D9-1C14F018C5BE_zpsfubmypgd.jpg
Views: 1403
Size:  251.3 KB

Within 3 days of the car running, i got pulled over for my exhaust, or lack of lol seeing that it was just open after the mid section. So i finished it with some blast pipes
Name:  4DD2DFD5-24EF-406B-B0FD-BF780A2DF257_zpsrl9td6ye.jpg
Views: 1448
Size:  178.4 KB

Pick up a set of Cobra R reps but those wouldnt last too long sadly
Name:  5057062E-9094-41A8-8505-D6CE9A20CDD7_zpsni1yns0e.jpg
Views: 1364
Size:  198.0 KB
Name:  C2D240E4-B0DF-4BAE-A6DF-85802BDFDC72_zpsuwyrza4z.jpg
Views: 1376
Size:  204.8 KB
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Old 06-04-2015, 10:39 AM
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2 days later a Ford F350 decides to bring a whole new meaning to bumper to bumper traffic
Name:  C6B7DE88-2ADD-4C80-8216-AB00F8E2AD64_zps4os9gins.jpg
Views: 1396
Size:  206.0 KB

I drove the car like that for a few weeks dealing with the whole insurance thing. In the mean time the tires on the 17s were going really bad. So i switched it up again. G35 rays this time
Name:  8378E764-1A78-4CE5-BE67-7C97FD215F65_zpsgbf0dk7g.jpg
Views: 1371
Size:  200.8 KB

Finally after insurance worked itself out I found a body shop i trusted to fix the damage, oh and i got her a little present with the extra money
Name:  676E24EE-1388-4AAA-A46B-EFDDF601EBD0_zpsqek64wi6.jpg
Views: 1449
Size:  181.5 KB

What a difference
Name:  859241FB-5F06-470B-BCCF-23054935A831_zpssuggelty.jpg
Views: 1435
Size:  223.8 KB

While the car was in the body shop, I got more goodies and tires mounted on the new wheels
Name:  B200D4A5-3107-4F8C-A2E8-6E93DCC59BD8_zpsdfjuawkx.jpg
Views: 1345
Size:  171.1 KB
Name:  2C437D76-C9B3-4912-9775-8CDD2F5BEAB8_zpsv1joc01i.jpg
Views: 1413
Size:  197.3 KB

Like new again
Name:  D48A4116-8870-4CC2-B14B-3167DB90C851_zps78afelj6.jpg
Views: 1401
Size:  159.9 KB

Wheels mounted
Name:  0338E77F-F62A-49E3-ADB8-70DE81838D90_zpslitnuwvn.jpg
Views: 1419
Size:  286.9 KB
Name:  031A9E4D-2A2C-4F94-AB16-BBB6DED77A6E_zps30fc5ckj.jpg
Views: 1407
Size:  118.3 KB

Also had the Stillen lip from the green car painted
Name:  4CDBB390-F9CB-4997-AC0D-02DDC04E5AAD_zpsooas15q2.jpg
Views: 1445
Size:  173.4 KB

And thats where shes at now. In the next week or so im gonna have a buddy of mine take some professionally photos in downtown Orlando so wait for those!

I plan on redoing the wiring harness with a semi tuck since the harness is started to fall apart and ive still have to run the downstream o2s to the back. Also plan on converting the interior over to black soon. Im not fan of beige in the car now
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Old 06-04-2015, 12:18 PM
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Impressive work buddy...not many can tackle their own engine rebuilds,etc but what an insane amount of money it saves you in a lifetime!

Those guys did some nice body work too. I've always like the Cobra R wheels too...
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Old 06-04-2015, 03:18 PM
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I'm so jealous

White AND 6 speed!?
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Old 06-04-2015, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by niceguy View Post
Impressive work buddy...not many can tackle their own engine rebuilds,etc but what an insane amount of money it saves you in a lifetime!

Those guys did some nice body work too. I've always like the Cobra R wheels too...
Thanks guys,

My father is a Nissan Master Tech, he walked me through most of it

When for alignment today. I really hate how there's no rear adjustment at all

Name:  FEA1CE84-E592-4E7F-8822-E0B95F01A68E_zps6kmcldty.jpg
Views: 1418
Size:  193.3 KB

Buddy caught me rolling home
Name:  38A43B4B-9B30-40BD-B559-5377A15E6571_zpsznx3j67e.jpg
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Size:  191.3 KB
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Old 06-05-2015, 07:15 AM
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Very clean. Love what you've done with the car.
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Old 06-05-2015, 02:19 PM
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Hey, it's chris, sold the rear AE lip to you! Love how the car is coming out!!! Never knew you had so much done to it! def one of my fav stance 5.5's around now. G looks awesome too
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Old 06-10-2015, 12:33 PM
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finally got to see the wheels.. !! lol
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Old 06-11-2015, 04:02 AM
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Nicely done and very unique.
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Old 06-11-2015, 05:59 AM
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Both cars look awesome, man. Super jealous you got a white 5.5 that's 6MT too.
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Old 06-11-2015, 09:12 PM
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Love the wheels. They are very simple and clean!
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Old 06-27-2015, 07:42 PM
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Clean build.. What lip kit is that if you don't mind me asking.
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Old 06-27-2015, 08:01 PM
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What type of wheels are on the car, they are very clean and what size?.

That build, that maxima is incredible!
Great work!
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Old 07-16-2015, 12:17 PM
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That's awesome you did the engine build yourself, props for that! But I don't think I'll ever think the stanced/stretched thing looks good. Function over form any day for me.
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Old 09-15-2015, 09:36 PM
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Hello, I've really been slacking on updating this, but here we go!

So since the motor when back in, I always had plans of redoing the main engine hardness since it was starting to fall apart. Well then a local maxima buddy finally gave me the push to do it

Name:  6CEF26A3-303F-4521-A883-5980FC488A67_zpsn22ktizp.jpg
Views: 1394
Size:  249.6 KB

Name:  B045E26B-2DC6-430E-B2C4-C513DC9647EB_zpsgpnfm3q7.jpg
Views: 1476
Size:  220.5 KB

Name:  A11C0605-28AD-46DE-A1F4-615039AFE428_zpswocy1cni.jpg
Views: 1413
Size:  228.3 KB

Not sure if you can really see but I basically ran all the wires behind the engine and over the top of the tranny

Name:  E029E1B3-AC3B-4700-AD4D-65199FF77A42_zps1lkocz8j.jpg
Views: 1427
Size:  213.6 KB

I'm still gonna try and get the fuse boxes relocated along with the overflow tank (mines falling apart anyway)

I also got fed up the beige seats

Name:  6E1490B5-54FB-4E17-9300-E18AF5C9525B_zpsoizhveld.jpg
Views: 1427
Size:  225.6 KB

Name:  4335D69E-6718-4B22-9379-B645FF269AA6_zpsxulzsbsr.jpg
Views: 1427
Size:  188.6 KB
Name:  4D6910C8-9AD9-4D0B-A131-38CFE05FC308_zpsdmvexcrr.jpg
Views: 1369
Size:  177.3 KB
The seats still aren't done, Ive seen got to do the head rest and I wanna try and do the black dash, carpet, roof etc before the end of the year. But since school started back I really haven't had the time

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Old 09-15-2015, 09:49 PM
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Nice seats. Beige sucks, plain and simple.
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Old 09-15-2015, 09:58 PM
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Thank you everyone for the kind words

Originally Posted by Sik5thGen View Post
Clean build.. What lip kit is that if you don't mind me asking.
Stillen front spoiler, factory 02-03 sides and AE rear (thanks Chris lol)

Originally Posted by 95Maxi View Post
What type of wheels are on the car, they are very clean and what size?.

That build, that maxima is incredible!
Great work!
They're Varrstoen MK1s 18x9.5/10.5. I bought them back in March when varrstoens first released their MK series. Since then, I've seen 2 other 5thgens on them but all 3 of us are running different specs which I think is pretty cool

Originally Posted by 95maxrider View Post
That's awesome you did the engine build yourself, props for that! But I don't think I'll ever think the stanced/stretched thing looks good. Function over form any day for me.
To each their own. Sometimes I do really hate it myself (especially when I gotta change my axles every 1-2 months). But regardless I still enjoy driving my car. To me that's what makes this hobby of modifying cars fun and interesting because it allows everyone to express their own individuality

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Old 03-07-2016, 04:56 AM
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beautiful car man. Just one question tho, How did you do the red leather interior?
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