Supercharged/Turbocharged The increase in air/fuel pressure above atmospheric pressure in the intake system caused by the action of a supercharger or turbocharger attached to an engine.
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List of boosted maxima's and DYNO results

Old 12-07-2004, 07:18 AM
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Post boosted dyno results here

List of all boosted Maximas

just a list of all the names.....please inform me in this thread if I didnt put your name on, name misspelled, or wrong info. I dont have much information on 3rd/2nd/1st gens....please let me know if I missed aybody. If you wish to be added, please contact a forum moderator.


5th Gen

Jer, Tanman, D_man_2kmax, THE NEW CLIMAX, jhans114, maxxboost00, Deac, PcGuru2k, LatinMax, [maxi-overdose], nvmymax2, max'n out, RBa, smokedford, My 4DSC, 20thdriven, lowmaxima, Daniel Chen, Woo Cho, a33, [email protected], ToYLeT902, HNDA ETR, mhadford, dadiesel, blubyu2k2, Nismotech1, brunoma, chris'smax, secondtonone317

4th gen

dashingMax, Delio, chunger, ptatohed, ogredave, Vapor SMX, Tubbed'65, na95gle, wizzamax, Stephen Max, BenBlanco218, SighMax, jdmmax, Blackcat, ejj, SteveChicagoSC, DrewSupercharged, Jose, IanSw, 97blackv1, robocop199, ereet, Lyt97SC, BL97SC, VBXMaxima, maximus75, ZTYMax, GoldenGlory, nymgayjay, Mehran, SkiMax, Vic, Furbiss112, screaminfast, Sleeper, Coolkids, VolkracingMaxima, I30Krab, JJW95SC, DavidL7, brodaiga, s1rch, 96bstdSE, Maximus_95, KMax2988, CBass69187, Requin6, Maximarider, Crewchief_264, Slimer, vortechpower, SlamdMax98, JustMaxin96, maximagtr420, matty, cardana24, C max, The Wizard, mtrai760


5th gen

Pmp-8a, h2kFrosty, Deac, 20th maxstyle, pimpjuice, mooseq30

4th gen

dafro, turbo97se, Turbo95max, Sx7r, tilleys, Uncle Max, bags533, on_alert, qnpark, Redmax, MaxgtrBlue, Jay25, Mardigrasmax, Shadow, seximagtr, Morfues17, Nealoc187, t70max95, Maxinprogress, JeEvE, kzoosho, Streetzlegend, Kevlo911, XeroX, The Wizard

3rd gen

Max O/D, 4signs, mtcookson, MaXtUneD, silverlinekenne, juilo, boosted maxima, maxmaxima91

2nd gen

Over 400whp club

Mardigras Max - 428.1whp
Meximax - 426 whp
Deac - 402 whp, 398 wtq
Accordingtou - 413.5 whp, 321.8 wtq

Over 300whp club

jhan114 - 356.0whp
SteveChicagoSC - 324.6whp
confused - 322.0whp
Stephen Max - 369whp
Latinmax - 346 whp
The Wizard - 381whp
JeEvE - 358whp/318wtq
Ptatohed - 322.76 whp/307.82wtq
mooseq30 - 335 whp
secondtonone317 - 369.4 whp/331 wtq
kzoosho - 304 whp/ 310 wtq
Flava_24/7 - 377 whp/ 338 wtq
dead2fall - 349 wph, 310 wtq
rroderiques77 - 380 whp, 380 wtq

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Old 12-07-2004, 07:23 AM
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274 tq - 348 hp at 12 psi; supercharged 1995 SE 5 speed

Use this thread to post dyno information and graphs. Boosted cars only! This thread will be moderated and will be pruned of any posts that are not strictly dyno information.

List torque, horsepower, boost level, type of forced induction (SC or TC), year and trim of your car and what type transmission.

Also list all pertinent mods you have done to get to your power level. Do not list stuff like headlight bulbs, body and interior mods, etc.

V1 blower with 3" pulley
CAI and custom 3" intake piping
Pathfinder throttle body

Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Weapon R adjustable fpr
Cartech fmu
370 cc/min injectors
JWT ecu

Cattman headers
2.5" test pipe
Apexi WS catback

Fidanza flywheel
Stock 97-99 SE 5-spoke wheels
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Old 12-08-2004, 08:46 AM
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4th Gear Run

1997gxe 5spd, 85k miles

Stillen V2 SC on V1 Bracket
2.87" Pulley (13PSI)
Warpspeed 3" Y-pipe
Custom 3" B-Pipe
Magnaflow 3" Exhaust
300zx Injectors.
18" 5Zigen FN01R-C Rims

Max power= 339.4 @ 6400rpm
Max torque= 285.0 @ 6200rpm
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Old 12-08-2004, 09:54 AM
VG Ridah's Biatch Hoe
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1997 SE 5spd 140k miles 4th gear pull

10 PSI
T3/T4 Turbo 60 trim
2 1/2 inch Downpipe
3inch cat back
Hi flow cat

400cc injectors
walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
Stock FPR
FMU with 4:1 disk

Fidenza flywheel
18 inch toxxin rims

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Old 12-09-2004, 09:44 AM
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1997 GXE Auto @ 7psi
Wastegate Spring regulated boost

T3/T04S(60-1) Turbo
U-Turn style feed pipe
2.5" Downpipe
3" Exhaust w/ Test Pipe
Factory Intake Manifold
Greddy E-Manage
Walboro Fuel Pump
BEGI Fuel Pressure Riser
370cc Injectors
VB Mod
Aux Tranny Cooler
19" ADR GT Sports
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Old 12-14-2004, 10:26 AM
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Jay25: 349HP/338Lbs of torque 98 GXE, 5 spd, 9.7PSI turbo

PFI T4/TO4E SS, BB Turbo
9.7 PSI
Tial wastegate 38mm
3inch piping from the downpipe all the way back
Warpspeed performance 3 inch exhaust system w/ Magnaflow exhaust pan
Profec E01 boost controller
Greddy Emanage
Greddy injector harness
Walbro Fuel pump
370 cc injectors using stock FP
Vortech FMU w/4.1 disc
Spearco intercooler
Stock MAF w/CAI

ACT clutch: street disc and modified pressure plate
fidenza flywheel
quiafe ATB diff
18x8.5 SSR Comp wheels (16lbs) 245/40 18 tires (27lbs a piece)

Link to Jay25's dyno:

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Old 12-14-2004, 10:32 AM
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hlh0501 (Hal): 476.9 hp - 501 tq - 1995 SE manual

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Old 12-16-2004, 05:55 AM
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1998, M/T,V2 S/C, 3.125 pulley, CAI, 370cc injectors, 4:1 FMU disc, AEM FPR, SAFC-II, Pathfinder TB with port matched intake (USIM), Cattman Y, Greddy SP w/ straight pipe

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Old 01-06-2005, 03:41 PM
Fastest Fantasy Maxima Evar
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Link to turbo97SE's PFI kit with "custom ported" GT35R:

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Old 03-03-2005, 08:27 AM
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Dyno after removing MEVI and putting in 00VI

V1 blower with 3" pulley
CAI and custom 3" intake piping
Pathfinder throttle body

Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Weapon R adjustable fpr
Cartech fmu
370 cc/min injectors
JWT ecu

Cattman headers
2.5" test pipe
Apexi WS catback

Fidanza flywheel
Stock 97-99 SE 5-spoke wheels
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Old 03-20-2005, 08:04 AM
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96 I30t VLSD 5spd
Garret T4/TO4E 46 trim @ 5psi
3" down pipe and 3" test pipe to 2.5" Greddy SP cat-back
Stock injectors
Vortech FMU

Clutchnet #10 Fiber-Carbon disk
Clutchnet Pressure Plate
Fidanza flywheel
Redline Heavy Duty Shock Proof Gear Oil

T4/O4E 46 trim @ 9.3 psi
3" cut out on 3" down pipe
DeatschWerks 550cc injectors

ClutchNet 6 puck sprung hub
ClutchNet Pressure Plate
Fidanza FlywheelRedline Heavy Duty Shock Proof Gear Oil
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Old 03-22-2005, 03:18 PM
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298.6 hp 251.2 torque

2.87 pulley '
stock tranny
stock injectors
no afc
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Old 03-30-2005, 05:36 AM
the tits
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Don't have the graph, but year and mods listed below.

332whp 262tq SAE

96 SE 5 Speed

-V1 Blower 10.5-11psi leaking oil
-Oversized pancake filter
-3.12 pulley
-Blitz BOV
-JWT SC ECU 7000rpm
-ported TB approx 68mm
-A32 MAF (maxed out at 5500)
-full 3" WSP Exhaust into Dynomax Super Turbo

new setup will be dynoed once I get the new motor in. I plan to stay with a stock 3.0 for now, and will be doing a built 3.5 shortblock in due time. New setup will list as followed.

-Vortech T-trim blower
-looking for a 3" pulley (anyone?)
-supadave 612cc injectors
-NX wet jetted for 35 shot
-Greddy Emanage
-JWT ECU 615cc, Z32 MAF, 7200rpm
-Z32 MAF
-Cattman headers (once available)
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Old 04-01-2005, 10:48 AM
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295 tq - 369 hp at 14 psi; supercharged 1995 SE 5 speed

SAE correction, 3" vs 2.87" pullies:


V1 blower with 2.87" pulley
CAI and custom 3" intake piping
Pathfinder throttle body

Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
Weapon R adjustable fpr
Cartech fmu
370 cc/min injectors
JWT ecu

Cattman headers
2.5" test pipe
Apexi WS catback

Fidanza flywheel
Stock 97-99 SE 5-spoke wheels
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Old 09-14-2005, 04:27 PM
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91 SE 5 Speed. Full custom kit. To4B
271 whp 276 wtq at 10 psi.

Pics of my Setup
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Old 05-24-2006, 09:02 AM
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dyno results 2-26-06

Damn! I forgot all about this sticky! Here's my dyno results.

1999 SC Maxima
V2 blower/V2 bracket
3.25 pulley
Cattman y-pipe
Cattman fastcat
Cattman catback
Exedy Stage II carbon clutch
Fidanza flywheel
Custom 3" charge pipe
Custom CAI (K&N filter capable of flowing 900cfm)
[stock injectors]

319 HP
284 TQ
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Old 07-15-2006, 10:43 AM
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Dyno Graph for my 96 5-speed

V1 blower with 3" pulley
Pathfinder throttle body
MEVI ported to match the PF TB
370 cc/min injectors
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
JWT ecu
Budget Y Pipe
2.5" test pipe
Greaddy SP1 catback
Stillen flywheel
Exedy Stage 1

The JWT ecu is leaning out on top,looks like if i fixed my fuel problem I could squeeze out a bit more HP on the top end.
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Old 09-18-2006, 02:29 PM
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Car: 2000 Maxima custom auto

My set up is.
-V2, 2.6 pulley
-FMIC (30 X 12 X 4) (W X H X D) not including end caps
-2 stage water/alch injection
-510 injectors
-3" headers
-2.75" cat-back to the factory muffler
-3" cutout after the headers (set at 8-9 psi)
-eManage (secondary injector harness)
-NRH tranny 2900 stall converter

346.95 HP, 285.14 .TQ SAE, about 89.19 F outside on 92 octane pump gas

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Old 01-08-2007, 01:26 PM
SC Overspinning Swapper!!
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426 hp @ 6000 & 387 ft-lb @ 5300

1996 GXE: VQ35 swapped, SC boosted (13psi)

- VQ35 Swap (no CVVT), VQ30 timing equipment, ARP rod bolts
- Custom ported/polished Z33 intake, 5/16" MD Isothermal Spacer
- '01 Pathfinder Throttle body on custom adapter
- NGK Iridium, 1 step colder, gapped to .036”

Forced Induction
- Vortech V2 (custom polish), Matty’s V1 SC Plate, 2.62" pulley
- FMIC: Bar/Plate (29*12*3), 3” IN/OUT
- 3.5” CAI with KN filter (custom),
- 3" Aluminum piping from SC to Throttle Body
- Blitz BOV and Greddy Catch Can

- 2001 AE 5-speed VLSD, Raxle Axles
- Fidanza lightweight Flywheel w/ ACT clutch

- RC Injectors 550cc on returnless rail
- Walbro 255 lph in-tank pump with 4th fuel return system
- Aeromotive Universal AFPR & Vortech FMU (4:1)

- Custom 2.5” True dual
- Custom/severely modified Hotshot headers
- Flowmaster 3” Header Ball Flange, 3” collector , 2.5” pipe
- 2.5” Magnaflow X-pipe with 2.5” Magnaflow Resonators

- J&S Safeguard w/ knock monitor
- Apexi SAFC
- Innovate XD-16 Wideband A/F
- Z32 MAF
- Stock VQ30 ECU

Best of 3 runs:

426 hp @ 6000
387 ft-lb @ 5300

436 hp @ 6000
398 ft-lb @ 5300

Video 1: Front of car

Video 2: Driver’s side view. Excuse the dyno operator’s commentary. He was dumbfounded as to why I had a blow off valve on a supercharged engine. This particular dyno run shows a lean condition early on, but it has since been fixed. I was targeting a 13:1 A/F at the 1-2 psi range and slowly decreasing to 11:1 at redline.

Video 3: Exhaust sound inside car Some of you wanted to hear what my exhaust sounds like inside the car. This vid on the dyno was taken inside inside the car, 3 of 4 doors open, and zoomed in on boost gauge.

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Old 01-20-2007, 02:24 PM
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1997 3.0

Turbonetics 104e 60-1 hifi .58 turbine (t4)
2.5" feed, 3" downpipe, 3" exhaust (made by me)
440cc Injectors
Greddy emanage blue
z32 mafs
Zeitronix zt-2 wideband
Greddy Bov
Weapon-r fpr
Walbro 255
Exedy clutch

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Old 02-27-2007, 01:02 PM
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96 max with fresh 2001 engine, 10 psi on full t04 , custom piping and intercooler, custom tuning.

393 whp torque should be around 385 -390 ft lbs ( you can see the torque on a run with lowere boost, then the rpm signal on the dyno started missing. but car on turbo has always made about the same or more torque than hp.)

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Old 03-22-2007, 10:07 PM
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This is my dyno
2.5 inch exhaust
T3/T4 to4e turbo @3.63psi wastegate limited
Enjoy: 270whp 260wlb/feet

The Blue run is in 3rd pulling Red is 4th and green is 3rd but he started pulling from 900rpm to try and get more torque, it was the last run and my car was getting hot by than so it only made 260whp!

Just upped my boost to 9psi with new cartech fmu i can put more boost and my better numbers now!!
I did 333.5 whp and 320.5 lb/feet
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Old 09-19-2007, 07:38 PM
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01 VQ30DE-K Motor
Deatschwerks 550cc Injectors
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Sard FPR
Garret/Precision Turbo GT40 82mm, .68 A/R
Tial 50mm BOV
Tial 38mm Wastegate
Custom SS 2.5" Turbo Feedpipe/ 3" Downpipe
Custom fabbed 2.5" Downpipe-Back Exhaust
3" DMH Performance Cut-Out
Custom 32x8x3" FMIC/2.5" Aluminum Charge Piping
Clutchnet 6-Puck clutch
Quaife LSD in stock 5spd
Apexi S-AFC
Innovate Motorsports LC-1 w/ gauge Wideband

Dyno: 4th gear pull, 8lbs, open cutout, pump gas
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Old 03-07-2008, 08:36 AM
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Dyno results 2-10-08

Vortech Supercharger
2.62 pulley
Vortech BOV
550cc Deatchwerks injectors
T-rex auxiliary fuel pump
PWR water to air aftercooler system
Cattman Gen III headers (ceramic coated inside and out)
Test pipe
Cattman catback
Fidanza FW
Greddy EU
Innovate Motorsports LC-1 wideband w/XD-16 gauge
1 step colder plugs

381HP/323TQ at 12psi

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Old 03-08-2008, 10:49 PM
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Ptatohed's dyno results, 03-02-08, 322.76 HP and 307.82 TQ

Total (power) mods and variables are as follows:

Unless I say otherwise below, I have all OEM parts and the “stock” parts that come with the Stillen SC kit (yes this means: stock injectors, stock MAF, standard Vortech FMU with 8:1 disc, Bosch bypass valve, stock fuel pump, etc.)
One-step colder NGK platinum plugs gapped to 0.037”
91 Octane fuel
13.7 lb 17” rims
12.5 lb 12.2” front rotors (stock are 15lb ea.)
Cattman cat-back
LSS test pipe (just for dyno and track days)
Warpspeed Fed Spec aluminum Y-Pipe
Fed Spec. left bank manifold (I did a CA spec --> Fed Spec left exhaust bank manifold conversion which eliminated the huge left bank pre-cat. I installed a Cattman O2 simulator for the two downstream O2 sensors)
Vortech V2 supercharger, freshly re-built
2.87” Vortech SC pulley (10 PSI on the dyno (although I hit 12 PSI on the streets??))
Custom intake piping
A 5”d x 8”l PWR water to air aftercooler (barrel design) with a Bosch water pump, a Jackson Racing front-mount heat exchanger, and a Vortech ice chest/water reservoir.
Thermal insulation to protect the underside of the intake tubing from the exhaust manifold/engine heat.
4th gen. Variable Intake set at 5200 RPMs
Freshly rebuilt I30t VLSD automatic transmission (with Hayden #403 cooler)
Perma-Cool oil cooler (not sure if that results in a power increase or not, but, just in case)
Oh, and my I30 fuzzy A, B and C pillars (good for at least 10 HP )

Thread in the SC forum regarding the dyno.

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Old 07-17-2008, 08:05 AM
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Dyno results 7-12-08

304whp/[email protected]
Turbonetics 60-1
DW 550cc injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Q45 maf
2.5 inch downpipe,3 inch catback
Front mount intercooler with 2.5 inch piping
Mevi ( not working for dyno)

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^ first run
^ second and third run......third run with the electric cutout open which had no effect on the numbers
369.4whp 330tq

2000 SE 5 Speed

-V2 Blower
-2.87 pulley
-Blitz BOV
-Stock ECU with VAFCII untuned
-pathy TB
-stock DEK injectors
-3in MAF housing
-meth/water injection
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finished this back in April. just getting around to posting

-1996 SE 3.5 Supercharged
-5spd trans w/ ACT 6 puck sprung HD pressure plate
-stock 4th gen flywheel
-VQ35 with 3.0 timing components
-stock 3.5 injectors
-Vortech V2 blower w/ 3.6" pulley(6psi)
-Blitz BOV
-Z32 MAF
-Walbro 255lph high pressure fuel pump
-Aromotive Fuel pressure regulator converting 3.5 rail to return style
-Super AFC tuned
316whp 297wtq

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2k Nissan Maxima SE, 5spd., Supercharged 385 whp, 319.4 Tq., on Dynapack chassis Dynamometer (3-26-08)

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1998 GXSE maxima

V2 S/C 3.33 pulley(9psi)
DE-K swap
clutchmasters stage 3 kevlar/carbon
ebay headers
stillen catback
budget y-pipe
OEM cat
stock dek injectors
vortech FMU with aux pump
blitz/greddy BOVs
dynoed on a dynojet

next mod is to get the emange ultimate so i can extend the revs to 7100rpm, then i will be over 300whp, and i will be installing my testpipe, car still running a bit rich, but that will all be taken care of soon. 300whp here i come!!!

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V1 w/3.12 pulley

Y-pipe w/damaged flex section

Stock catback, usim, etc. 5-speed

Massive K&N right on the blower sticking into the wheel-well and 1/2" out of the fender.


Sorry for no graphs, a/f's was in the mid 11's but dipped to around 10.2 in the midrange

306hp 279tq, uncorrected on a DJ
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Old 07-23-2009, 06:45 PM
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1997 Maxima SE

270.1 HP

Drivetrain Modifications:
  • Vortech V1 Supercharger with 3.33" pulley on Matty's V1 plate
  • Middle Eastern Variable Intake (MEVI)
  • Custom 3" Charge Pipe with Blitz BOV
  • Sard adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Cartech Fuel Management Unit
  • Walbro 255lph high pressure fuel pump
  • Greddy Emanage Blue Piggyback ECU with Injector harness
  • NGK One-Step-Colder Spark Plugs
  • Cattman Y-Pipe
  • Cattman Cat-back exhaust
  • Megan Racing Test Pipe
  • Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
  • Custom 6-puck Carbon/Ceramic clutch
  • Oil Cooler by JAY25 (see this thread for photos of install)
  • AEM UEGO A/F and digital boost gauges
  • Custom Cold Air intake

All modifications were performed by Jaime (JAY25) while I was in Iraq. He did a fantastic job of the install, and treated the car as if it was his own. He went above and beyond at every corner, kept me abreast of the car's progess, and handled my incessant questions beautifully. JAY25 had also installed 370cc purple top injectors and a Z32 MAF, but both of these parts turned out to be defective (2 of the injectors were stuck open, and all will be receiving a trip to Deatchwerks), and he dutifully troubleshot everything to bring it to perfect working working order. The injectors will be installed in the future, along with a slightly smaller pulley.

The car was tuned by Carma Performance in Nashville. For those in Kentucky and Tennessee, Brad at Carma is extremely knowledgeable and comes highly recommended. The Dyno Dynamics equipment he uses is incredible, although it reads notoriously low. The green line is the untuned first run with the MEVI engagement set at 4900 rpm. It was changed to 5400 rpm, which removed the dip in power.

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1996 5-speed
Vortech V2 Si 2.87 Pulley
Vortech Mondo BOV
Delta Fin Intercooler
NWP Phenolic Spacers
Pathfinder Throttlebody
Greddy Emanage Ultimate
Deatschwerks 555cc injectors
Walbo 255 fuel pump
Cattman Headers
Straight pipe with QTEC electric cutout
Greddy SP1 Catback

377hp 338tq
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2001 Nissan Maxima

*stock VQ30DE-K w/ stock auto trans
*Vortech V2 S-trim w/ V1 plate
*3.125in. Pulley / 11psi
*2.75"id charge piping
*Blitz DD BOV
*Pathfinder TB w/ bore matched IM TB opening
*LIM swirl valve delete
*NGK 1step colder plugs
*OBX 8:1 FMU
*Walbro Fuel Pump
*OBX Exhaust Headers w/ 5.5 cat.
*2.5" Megan OE-RS Exhaust System
*Apexi NEO
*Autometer Boost Gauge

**Dyno'd and tuned to 301whp.**

Mods soon to follow for spring 2010:
5spd conversion
Exedy Stage 2 clutch
Fidanza Flywheel
Water/Meth injec. kit
Greddy EU

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first run non tuned and slipping clutch

turbo charged 98 maxima
19 psi
j30 5spd. trans.
wiseco pistons
pauter rods
370 inject.
ballanced crank
garrett ballbearing turbo t3/t4
Z32 Maf

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Originally Posted by 2maxximum View Post
first run non tuned and slipping clutch

Mods on car? Specs on turbo?
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2000 SE: VQ35 swapped, Turbo

- VQ35 Swap, VQ30 timing equipment,
- Custom ported/polished Murano intake, Thermal spacer
- Q45 90mm throttle body
- 1 step colder plugs

Forced Induction
- Precision Sc6262
- Bar and plate intercooler
- 2.5" IC piping
- Tial 50mm BOV
- Tial 38mm Wastegate

- 2007 Altima SE-R 6-speed VLSD, Raxle Axles
- Custom Flywheel w/ ACT clutch

- RC Injectors 550cc with fuel return
- Walbro 255 lph in-line pump
- Fuel lab in-line fuel filter
- Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
- 10 gallon aluminum fuel cell

- Custom 3" mandrel bent
- Long tube headers
- Megan racing 3" muffler

- Auotmeter boost gauge and oil pressure gauge
- greddy profec b spec II boost controller
- Innovate LC-1 Wideband
- Custom aluminum 3" I.D MAF housing
- Greddy Ultimate
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SFR stage 2 turbo system
T-4 60-1 Turbonetics Turbocharger
Synapse wastegate
Synapse BOV
Spearco intercooler
Walbro 255 fuel pump
440cc injectors
Stainless steel 3” custom exhaust with resonator
Magnaflow muffler with 4” tip
Ceramic coated SSIM portmatched to LIM
NWP Engineering intake manifold spacers
NWP Engineering Block-off plate
Unorthodox UDP
Split Second FTC
Greddy Profec-B Spec II electronic boost controller
Innovate LC-1 dual channel wideband

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add me to the 300+ club ... FOR NOW!!!
9psi ... 349whp 310tq
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Tach and Afr were not hooked up
95 nissan maxima 5 spd @ 15psi
Jwt ecu 16* timing
3.0 de
Dek lower, mevi upper (tied open) with pftb
Ngk bkr6e plugs
550cc inj's
Z32 maf
Hks bov
Tial 38mm wastegate
T4 t61 .84ar turbo @15psi
3" intercooler piping
3" exhaust
Fidanza flywheel
Clutchnet 6 puck sprung disk with 3x pressure plate
255/50/16 Dr's on z32 n/a wheels
No power steering
No ac
dyno vid

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