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New here and it shows.

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Anyone know where to find the info on the parts number for the EMC?
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Ok,went to Nissan yesterday and took my ECM to see about getting it flashed.The parts guy was very nice and helpful,but couldn't find anything thats still available through Nissan.
He actually had to find a CD he had made for himself to even find the part for my Max.
Anyway turns out the EMC has been discontented through Nissan.
He did tell me the numbers stamped on the case didn't mean anything as far as ordering a ECM,said he had to look for it using the vin-and model #.
He said they have a very good teck guy there with experience analyzing problems with the older models and he thought if I brought it there ,installed on the running car he could even re-flash the ECM.
He said there were over 30 diff manufacturers for the 94 se max.
He printed out all the #ers and my model,part and vin for me and I took it to o-rillies to see what they showed.Seems they only had one part number for the 94 and he couldn't even say if it was for thee se,or ve models.
Plan to take it to the dealer for the analyzing.Said the cost was $125.At this point thats not much more considering the thousands I've spent on the car over the last 25-18 years trying to resolve this problem.
Just wish some of you experts could go with me to ask the right questions and understand the answers.
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2 VE's are better than one!
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I really don't think I would bother wasting big money trying to buy an ECU from a parts store or even dealership or anything like that. All you need is a VE auto ECU. There's a bunch of different part numbers for it but there's almost no chance there's much - if any - functional difference between them. Just grab a used one from a JY or a member here, or there were some on eBay last I remember. Again you just need to make sure it's a VE auto. Hell a VE 5 speed ECU might work for all I know too, as the auto ECU's work fine in the manuals. The auto transmission has its own separate "brain" box.

I would really be interested to see what the dealer says after they look at it. I've never taken any of mine to the dealer because I just assume I'll waste a bunch of money for them to tell me it needs new coil packs or MAF or some other part I'd already replaced/tested.
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