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removing starter 2001 Maxima gxe

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removing starter 2001 Maxima gxe


The starter has failed in our 2001 Maxima. I confirmed that voltage gets to the solenoid, and then to the starter, but it will not turn except intermittently.

I'm trying to remove the starter now to replace it (with an OEM remanufactured one) but having problems.

I removed the air duct, but not the engine harness protector - not sure how to do that - or that it is necessary.

I disconnected the wires from the battery & starter.

I removed the short bolt on the front side of the starter using a socket head with extender and universal joint. It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

But am having trouble with the longer bolt at the rear of the starter.

I have a 17 mm socket on it - with extensions (like 5"), and the ratchet comes in near where the wiring harness is.

I can't seem to get enough torque to loosen the bolt (the rachet wants to twist out rather than turn). It's pretty tight in there, too. I only have enough room for a click or two on my ratchet.

Are there any tricks to removing this bolt?

Any help on proper wrenching technique or suggestings would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

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try using a 1.2 inch ratchet with a long extension & swivel.

that bolt is tightened really tight from the factory
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Did mine, '01 SE but no different from your GXE, whithout much trouble. I used a 12" extension with a swivel joint to get at it. Also had to use a breaker bar (piece of pipe over the rachet handle) to get some additional leverage. Awkward to finally remove the bolt but doable. There's a very good write up with pictures in the DIY sticky...follow them, they work!
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^^^Ya I did it similar. That rear bolt is quite long, has a lot of threads to it, ha. If I remember correctly I used a pair of 3" extensions and a deep socket along with a 6-8" pipe over the ratchet for torque.
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Strangely, I did the starter on my dads' 2k.. I do not remember coming across any problems.. Just remove piping, etc... R&R.

Wish I could remember how I did it exactly..
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I used an 18" breaker bar. I ended up bending my breaker bar while trying to loosen that long bolt.
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sorry to resurrect an old thread but i just got an 01 maxima and 2 days later the starter started going out! so i just got done replacing it, took me about an hour thanks to this thread. so thanks!
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