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HowTo's: 4th Generation Maxima

4th Generation Maxima (1995-1999) Visit the 4th Generation forum to ask specific questions or find out more about the 4th Generation Maxima.

HowTo's: 4th Generation Maxima

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HowTo's: 4th Generation Maxima

4th Generation HowTo Sticky



*** Note: To search this thread, use the "Search This Thread" box in the upper right corner. You can also press CTRL + F on your keyboard to open a search box from your web browser. ***

*** Note: It seems like Motorvate.ca is down and the content has been removed. There will be many broken links linking to that site. If you have links for me to replace them with, great, if not...sorry but I can't help in this case. ***

*** Note: If a link is broken, try plugging it into this site first: Link ***


HowTo: Read Your VIN# - Link



HowTo: Change Auto/Digital Climate Control LED's - Link

HowTo: Change Hazard/Rear Defroster LED's - Link

HowTo: Change Ignition Switch - Link - Refer To Posts #45 and #46

HowTo: Always Illuminated Clock - Link

HowTo: Change Instrument Cluster Bulbs - Link

HowTo: Change Manual Climate Control LED's - Link

HowTo: Change The Clock Color - Link

HowTo: Change Window Switch LED's - Link 1 | Link 2 (Rear Switches)

HowTo: Install 2000-2003 Maxima/I35 Seats - Link

HowTo: Install Autometer Gauges - Link

HowTo: Install I30 Auto Dim Rear View Mirror - Link

HowTo: Install Indiglo Gauges - Link

HowTo: Leather Boot Install - Link

HowTo: Maintain/Service Sunroof - Link

HowTo: Make LED Dome Light - Link

HowTo: Make LED Needles - Link

HowTo: Paint Center Console Parts - Link

HowTo: Remove Door Panels - Link

HowTo: Remove Gauge Needles - Link - Steps #8-10

HowTo: Remove Rear Speakers - Link

HowTo: Remove Speedometer - Link

HowTo: Stop Center Panel Squeeks - Link

HowTo: Add AMB (ambient temp) button to 98/99 Climate Control - Link



HowTo: Change Head Light Bulb - Link

HowTo: Convert 95-96 (Front/Rear) to 97-99 (Front/Rear)
HowTo: Create Rear Fog Light - Link

HowTo: Debadge Your Trunk - Link - Post #15

HowTo: Installing A 2001 Mitsubishi Galant Spoiler - Link

HowTo: Install An Ionic Dymanic Body Kit - Link

HowTo: Install LED Strip For Rear License Plate - Link - Bottom of Post #5

HowTo: Make A 95-96 Mesh Grille - Link

HowTo: Make A 97-99 Mesh Grille - Link

HowTo: Make A Flip-Flop Trunk - Link

HowTo: Make All-Red Tail Lights - Link

HowTo: Make Anniversary Edition (AE) Head Lights - Link 1 | Link 2

HowTo: Make Skyline Tail Lights - Link

HowTo: Paint Rims - Link

HowTo: Polish Your Rims - Link

HowTo: Remove And Install Exterior Door Handles - Link

HowTo: Remove Fog Light (95-96) - Link

HowTo: Remove Fog Light (97-99 - Same As 95-96 But Requires Two Bolts To Be Removed) - Link

HowTo: Retrofit HID's Into Stock Housing Without Projectors - Link

HowTo: Retrofit HID Projectors Into The Stock Housing - Link

HowTo: Rewire Bumper Lenses - Link

HowTo: Rewire Bumper Side Marker To Blink - Link

HowTo: Rewire Fog Lights To Work Independently - Link 1 | Link 2

HowTo: Smoke Corner/Signal Lights - Link

HowTo: Tint Tail Lights - Link 1 | Link 2

HowTo: License Plate Light Bracket - Link



HowTo: Add AUX Input to Stock Bose Headunits - Link

HowTo: Convert Headlights from 9004 to 9007 Bulb Type - Link

HowTo: Create Your Own Angel Eyes - Link

HowTo: Disassemble/Fix Display/Troubleshooting of 95-96 Bose Head Units - Link

HowTo: Enable Low Fluid Washer Light - Link

HowTo: Install An Air Horn - Link

HowTo: Install Glass/Shock Sensor to Stock Alarm - Link

HowTo: Install Strobe Lights In Clearance or Bumper Lights - Link

HowTo: Make Clearance Lights Bright (95-96) - Link

HowTo: Make Cruise Control Always Ready - Link - Link2

HowTo: Make Sunroof One-Touch Open - Link

HowTo: Make Tails Red/Clear - Link

HowTo: Make Wipers Variable Intermittent - Link

HowTo: Make Your Alarm Beep - Link

HowTo: Replace Ignition Switch - Link

HowTo: Setup Home Link - Link

HowTo: Replace Window Regulator - Link


Engine, Exhaust, Intakes, Suspension/Handling and Brakes


HowTo: Change Clutch Slave Cylinder Hose - Link

HowTo: Change The Thermostat - Link

HowTo: Change Your Alternator - Link | Part 2

HowTo: Change Your Coolant - Link

HowTo: Change Your Oil - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

HowTo: Change Your Spark Plugs - Link

HowTo: Clean Throttle Body (TB) - Link

HowTo: Clean the EGR Tube - Link

HowTo: Clean The Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF), TB, Idle Air Control valve (IACV), and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) - Link

HowTo: Do 60K Nissan Service - Link

HowTo: Install 00-01 Variable Intake Manifold (00VI) - Link

HowTo: Install Knock Sensor - Link 1 | Link 2

HowTo: Install Middle Eastern Variable Intake (MEVI) - Link

HowTo: Install Stillen Supercharger - Link

HowTo: Install Under Drive Pulley (UDP) - Link

HowTo: Install Y-Pipe - Link

HowTo: Re-Grease Starter - Link - Link2

HowTo: Remove Top Speed Limiter - Link

HowTo: Remove Upper Intake Manifold (UIM) - Link

HowTo: Repair Radiator Core Support - Link 1 | Link 2
Bonus Material
HowTo: Replace/Install Fuel Injector - Link

HowTo: Replace Drive Belts - Link

HowTo: Replace Fuel Pump - Link

HowTo: Replace Fuel Filter - Link

HowTo: Replace Water Pump - Link

HowTo: Rewire Fan For Manual Use - Link

HowTo: Seafoam Your Car - Link

HowTo: Troubleshoot Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) - Link

HowTo: Wrinkle Paint Valve Cover - Link

HowTo: Remove oil pans (upper and lowe) - Link


HowTo: Install B-Pipe - Link

HowTo: Install Warpspeed Y-Pipe Link


HowTo: Create Hacked Airbox Intake - Link

HowTo: Install Pathfinder Throttle Body - Link

HowTo: Install Place Racing Cold Air Intake (CAI) - Link

HowTo: Make/Install Short Ram Intake - Link

Suspension and Handling

HowTo: Change Shocks/Struts - Link 1 | Link 2

HowTo: Fix Front Strut Bearing - Link

HowTo: Install An ADDCO Rear Strut Bar (RSB) - Link

HowTo: Install Front and Rear Strut Bars - Link

HowTo: Install Koni Front Inserts - Link or Link

HowTo: Install Koni Suspension - Link

HowTo: Measure Your Tires - Link

HowTo: Replace Wheel Bearing - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

HowTo: Replace Lower Control Arm bushings - Link


HowTo: Bed In Brakes - Link

HowTo: Change Front Brakes - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

HowTo: Fix Parking Brake - Link

HowTo: Install Brake Speed Bleeders - Link

HowTo: Install Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Link 1 | Link 2

HowTo: Paint Your Brake Calipers - Link


Transmission and Drivetrain

HowTo: Convert From Auto to 5 Speed - Link

HowTo: Fix CV Joints - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

HowTo: Install A Short Throw Shifter (STS) - Link

HowTo: Install Transmission Cooler - Link

HowTo: Install Valve Body - Link

HowTo: Remove/Rebuild Your Manual Transmission - Link 1 | Link 2

HowTo: Replace/Change Your Clutch - Link

HowTo: Replace Power Steering Fluid - Link

HowTo: Replace Steering Rack - Link

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