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The Great Brake Pad And Rotors Thread.

Old 01-11-2010, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Kevin319 View Post
From what I heard, Autozone's Duralast "Gold" line will do just fine for daily driving with good stopping power
Originally Posted by Matt93SE View Post
Wagner Thermo Quiets are fine for a DD car. I wouldn't do any mountain runs on them or anything, but they'll get you around town and haul you down from a 'spirited run'...
Originally Posted by mandyfig View Post
Heard about this too. As well as Advance Auto's Wearever Gold.
Originally Posted by CMax03 View Post
The Only line of brake pads from Autozone I would install are the Friction Performance pads they're world class....
Thanks all, I eventually got the best pads Pep Boys had(Wagner Thermo Quiets)and the cheapest rotors they had(Thanks to this thread) Hmm mountain runs... I think I actually allready put them through one.
Also forgot to mention this was in regards to the REAR brakes. I have 6th Gen Hawks HPS up front. and when the time comes, I will get replacements of them via online.
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Old 02-20-2010, 07:36 AM
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Hawk HPS rear pads

About to do brakes all around (including 6th gen calipers) with Centric rotors & Hawk HPS pads. The rear pads seem to have two part #/thicknesses. Can someone confirm which is correct?

HB370F.559 Disc Brake Pad; HPS Performance Street w/0.559 Thickness; Rear;


HB378F.626 Disc Brake Pad; HPS Performance Street w/0.626 Thickness; Rear;

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Originally Posted by rcjunkie View Post
I checked Amazon.com for pricing and got part number BDR25642 for the front and BR25542 for the rear.

Also, I am going with the Hawk HPS front and rear pads based on numerous recommendations.

HB268F.665 Front
HB378F.626 Rear
Bump 'cause these are all the correct part numbers for 02-03. You'd think I'd be able to find those numbers in one search, but it took a good fifteen minutes to confirm them. Amazon and TireRack weren't lining up for some reason (TireRack was correct).

Why'd Brembo stop making the 6th gen rotors?
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What are your recommendations for a middle-of-the-road semi-metallic brake pad?
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Ugh. We can't put the brakes on for you. There are MANY good pads to choose from, obviously.
Last bit of advice:
1. Get a set that comes with new shims.
2. Pick out 3-4 pads that look good to you and within your price range. Then google that pad for reviews.
3. Make up your own mind.

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Old 12-31-2013, 01:53 AM
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I have similar experience. I have been using Raybestos Quiet Stops in combination with Brembo blanks and (both F +R) and my observations are:
a) Excellent braking, equal/better than OEM,
b) No dust - much superior to OEM,
c) Like OEM/other, will develop brake shudder a while. I assume this is because of deposits because after I wash the car (or just water/hose the rotors/pads) the shudder is GREATLY reduced ... I now use this "Squeak Stop" from O'Reilly's and that helps even more.

I'll be replacing my brakes within a year or so. Brembo blanks more than doubled in price since I bought them back in 2005/2006, so I am considering alternatives.

Any experience with PowerStop (rotors + ceramic scorched pads) kit ?? RockAuto sells the entire kit for $135 (for all 4 wheels) and the parts are guaranteed for 3 yrs/36k miles when installed together. That's quite tempting, I wish I could talk to somebody who uses them.

Appreciate your feedback and comments!
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Old 12-31-2013, 02:19 AM
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I have heard many good things about powerstops. I have installed a set on a 05 Nissan Altima (not my car). They seemed to stop nice when I drove the car.

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Old 12-31-2013, 02:24 AM
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What about noise - are they quiet?
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Originally Posted by maxiiiboy View Post
What about noise - are they quiet?
No noise at the time I drove it.
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I have that powerstop combination on my 02 on both front and rear. I have had them for 6 months now. The car stops well and there is no brake noise.

However, if I slam the brakes on the highway a few times, eventually I hear a shaking noise noise when braking. The steering wheel doesn't shake so I'm guessing its the rear rotors.. I do have to be really hard on the brakes to get it to do that so its not really an issue. It happens very rarely...

But hey I can get them replaced for another 2.5 years. The price is pretty good too..
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I installed Powerstop F/R X-drilled and slotted rotors, Extreme Powerstop Matrix Pads about 2 months ago, utilizing the 6th Gen 12.6" rotor/pad setup and the brake are performing beyond expectation! I'm really not a ceramic pad lover but the Powerstop Extreme Matrix pads consist of Carbon fiber and Ceramic, which have impressed me with it's braking consistency and power!
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Can someone provide me with the part number for the rear Hawk HPS pads for an 01?

I ordered the wrong ones. The listing said '01 Maxima, but I didn't notice the build date.

On Hawk's website, they don't list any rear pads for the '01. I think it might be HB378F.626, but their site only says they are for '02+.
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Brake pads and rotors

Originally Posted by irish44j View Post
other mods: Please DO NOT sticky...n00bs don't read the stickies! I'm going to bump this thread often (if needed) to keep it on top.

Post all discussion of brake pads and rotors in this thread. Stop posting new threads every 2 days asking which pads or rotors are the best (all of you!)

Here, I'll start:

What are the best replacement rotors?

- Most people prefer Brembo blanks as OEM replacements. OEM rotors are just fine too. Other options are frozen rotors and iRotors, though nobody has conclusively proven that they are any better.

What rotors won't warp?

- Most rotors do not "warp." Most rotors get uneven pad material transfer/buildup due to using crappy OEM or cheapo pads. Use a good quality pad and you will drastically reduce the chances of this happening.

- To avoid "actual" rotor warping, make sure to:
1. bed pads properly
2. seat rotor on hub properly
3. torque lug nuts to spec - NO IMPACT GUNS

What are the best pads out there?

- In my opinion, Hawk HPS are the best for street driving and light track duty because:
1. low dust
2. quiet
3. good heat ratings
4. no/minimal pad material transfer onto rotors
5. good initial bite, cold or warm
6. little to no fade

DO NOT BUY OEM PADS or "OEM REPLACEMENTS" or other cheapo pads from your local Autozone or Pep Boys.

Should I get slotted or drilled rotors?

Only if you want them for looks. They DO NOT help your braking AT ALL. A few comments:
1. slotted is superior to drilled in terms of pad and rotor life
2. both will wear your pads quickly
3. both "can" cause noise when braking (though not always)
4. both can still "warp" due to pad material transfer
5. drilled are more likely to develop hairline cracks after time.

In my opinion, blanks are the best choice out there.

carry on....
I believe in brembo being the best manufacturer of brake parts but I've used others in the past and that have been close to the superior quality of brembo. Here are a couple links to websites carrying other brake manufacturers to look at.

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