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Front end "pop" noise

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Front end "pop" noise

I have a noise coming from my front-end under a variety of conditions. I've read some of the posts and TSBs regarding the cracked strut isolator and the creaking rubbing noise, but it doesn't seem to be the same as what I'm hearing. Can anyone confirm if this is the same noise / condition they are experiencing? Have you resolved it?

The noise is a quick "pop" sound. It seems to come from both the front of the car, from both left and right sides depending on which way I'm turning. The noise comes fairly consistently under the following combination of conditions:
  • Car is stopped
  • Turn wheels to make a turn, and accelerate.
  • As soon as I accelerate the "pop" comes from the side of the car I'm turning toward.
  • More consistent when turning up an incline or hill.
  • Has also happened when moving at slow speed, making turn and hitting a bump (like rolling over a curb when entering my driveway.

The common factor seems to be a shift of vehicle weight.

It's not a huge deal, but I only have a couple thousand miles left on the warranty and I'd like to get it addressed before I hit the 36K mark.
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This noise sounds similar to a strut going bad. Have you had any of the TSB's performed on your vehicle since you have owned it? The two main ones would be the strut isolators (as you mentioned) and the TSB for the tube on the upper part of the coil spring. I'd definitely take it to your dealer and get them to investigate as this could be a safety hazard.
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Correct, I've had the exact same noise, I've just called it a knock/creak type sound rather than a pop but it happens under all the conditions you describe so it a pretty good guess its the same thing. There is a TSB on this for front suspension noise where they put a insulator around the coils to keep the sound from happen, wax and clean the assembly as well. Had it performed yesterday and SO FAR no noise anymore. Hopefully that would take care of it. Bring your Max in and get the TSB performed. Might qualify for the front strut isolator recall as well so check into that as well.
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Had the same noise with my front end. Took it to an independant shop and they found the sway bar on both wheels were bad. When I go over a large hump its a huge Clunk. So have them check the sway bars on both wheels.

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I had a similar issue. I had all tie rod ends replaced under warranty, w/ alignment.
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Car's going in on the 30th to check the suspension noise, as well as a few other niggles.
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Got the car back last week from checking my suspension issues.

The dealer said they could not duplicate the knock / pop sound, so they couldn't effect any fix. A bit disappointed, because they spent three days on a previous occasion chasing down a squeak that turned out to be a cross-threaded bolt. They did drive the car for a good distance as told by the service manager and the odometer.

The only reason I can think of why it wasn't found is that the noise seems to be much more noticeable when the weather is hot, and it's cooled off a bit.

Other items it was in for:
  1. Chattering when the sun roof opens: fixed with some lube.
  2. Loose / sticking steering wheel "Enter" button: not sticking when checked, so not fixed.
  3. Rocking seat (again): Dealer couldn't duplicate the rocking, so not addressed.
  4. Peeling exhaust tip paint: Fixed. Dealer replaced the entire right side rear exhaust section, including muffler. Really surprised at this one.
  5. Scratching sound when the driver's window is raised: Window regulator replaced, but the sound returned after 3 days.

Overall, not the optimal result. I was on a business trip for the week so my wife picked up the car and I couldn't show the issues to the service guys the issues.
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When mine was making front suspension noises I took it to nissan and they couldn't duplicate noise as I know you must drive it for sometimes as much as 30-45 minutes for the noise to start.Weather does not affect it,it's the parts warming up that does it.So before every visit I would drive it till I heard the noise then I'd go to nissan and take the service manager for a drive(look for a parking lot with speed bumps and crawl slowly over it,noise should happen on the down side) and if you hear it so does he and you won't get this can't reproduce BS!!!There is a tsb to fix this so just have them do it and your noise will be gone.
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