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2017 Nissan Maxima Issues

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2017 Nissan Maxima Issues

Hello, I am having several issues with my 2017 Nissan Maxima right now and was checking to see if someone could provide some possible solutions to the problems.
1. I am having an issue with the CVT when driving. It will occasionally get stuck in one gear when getting up to a certain speed and it is difficult to accelerate. When this happens, there is a slow increase up in speed but the RPMs are not moving.
2. My brake/tail lights are staying on after turning off the ignition and locking the car. I sometimes have to start the car again turn off the lights then lock it again to get the brake/tail lights to turn off.
3. There is a problem with the accessory mode. This does not happen all the time but when it does- I turn the ignition off, then press the start button to try to turn on the accessory mode, but the car will just automatically start instead going into accessory. Normally the only way the car will start is if you press the brake pedal first then push the start button.

Seems like I have some sort of electrical/computer issue with the car right now. I have taken my car to 2 different Nissan dealerships but both of them have not been able to identify the problems.

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Your cvt does not have gears. It appears to be operating as designed.

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Could be item 2 and item 3 are related. Your brake lights are staying on because the brake pedal is not fully releasing on occasion. Therefor since the brake pedal is not fully releasing on occasion, when you try to use acc position the car sees the brake pedal as depressed enough and the car starts.

Next time you see the brake lights on after you shut off the engine and lock the door, get back in and try to start the car by not pressing on the brake. If it starts problem solved.
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Originally Posted by Mason Hatcher View Post
Your cvt does not have gears. It appears to be operating as designed.
He said, "it is difficult to accelerate" when this happens. Is yours acting like this too? Mine does not.
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Item 1 sounds like my car sometimes. I do a lot of commuting in slower, constant speeds so I'm light on the gas and don't floor it. When this happens, I press the gas but not enough for the computer to register I need a lot of power. So I keep pressing the pedal further to the floor, but never enough for the car to think I need power. It must think I'm in economy driving mode, so it slowly accelerates. To get out of this mode, I have to suddenly press the pedal much harder and not try a gradual press on the pedal. I've experienced this before with other CVTs.
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Hey kyastanley

regarding the acceleration, that doesn't sound normal to me. However I do know that the car "learns" from your driving behavior. Mine used to have an issue where it was sluggish in the mid acceleration range, so I would always have to give it more gas. Somehow it learned that it needed more power in the mid range and has adjusted to be much more responsive now. If it doesn't resolve itself in a month or so, I guess try a different mechanic
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